Thursday, June 15, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 254 - 6/15/67

Carolyn argues with her mother about her current squeeze. Liz says she thinks Buzz should make her flesh crawl, and Carolyn says in no uncertain terms that there's someone else who does that, as her mother knows all too well. Against her mother's wishes, Carolyn leaves.

Liz asks for Vicki's help to control Carolyn. Liz says the only way to stop her would be to call off her engagement to Jason. She says Carolyn is being completely selfish and stupid, and then she takes it back. Vicki says that they all think she's planning to marry Jason against her will. They agree not to talk about it any more, and Vicki leaves Liz and goes to check on David.

Jason and Willie arrive at The Blue Whale. Willie doesn't want to be there, and refuses to accept Jason's drink. Jason describes finding Willie in a bank, and wants to know what he was doing. Willie describes helping Barnabas selling off some jewelry. Jason doesn't believe him, but proceeds to tell Willie of his plans to marry Elizabeth Collins Stoddard. Willie doesn't think she'll marry Jason. Jason says he's wrong, and pushes Willie to get a piece of the action from the jewelry he's selling.

Carolyn and Buzz arrive at The Blue Whale. When she sees Jason and Willie, she says they make her sick to her stomach. Jason explains that they're leaving. They have words, and then she and Buzz find a table. Carolyn dances while Buzz sits at the table. They decide to leave, and bump in to Joe Haskell as he's arriving.

Carolyn sends Buzz outside, and she asks Joe about Maggie. He tells her he doesn't want to talk about it. They get into an argument about Buzz, who Joe says looks about as fun as a bag full of spiders. He changes the conversation to ask about her mother, and they argue about whether she's a spoiled brat. Buzz comes back in and he and Carolyn leave.

Jason talks to Liz about wedding plans, suggesting that the pick a date two weeks out. Carolyn and Buzz stumble in, and Jason tells her he and her mother are getting married in two weeks. Carolyn turns to Buzz and suggests that they get married on the same day. Liz tells her to be serious, but Carolyn pushes the idea on Buzz.

Our thoughts

John: The way he wanders around with his dark glasses, I was starting to wonder if Buzz was blind.

Christine: His future's so bright he has to wear shades. He's right about the Blue Whale being a sewer, though I wonder where he can find treetops to "swing on" in Collinsport.

Evidence that they found treetops to swing on.

John: Carolyn's dance moves were pretty uninspired today. They were playing familiar tunes in The Blue Whale, so perhaps she was too distraught by her interactions with Joe.

Christine: I think that's her drunk shuffle. She hasn't had quite enough booze yet to execute the blotto blitz moves we saw in Episode 252. Check out the patrons in the background in the image above. They appear to be mesmerized by her dancing.

John: So Carolyn turns the table on her mother. Maybe we can plan for a double wedding! Or invite Barnabas and Maggie and make it a triple wedding!

Christine: Buzz didn't actually agree to marry her, but he didn't protest either. A double wedding would be awesome! I envision the banister decorated with ribbons and flowers as Buzz and Carolyn ride his bike up and down the stairs.

Buzz reacts to Carolyn's proposal.

It's going to be one big happy family.

Buzz: "Save it, baby! Blow it all down, there's nothing left for nobody else!"
Carolyn: "For someone stupid, you're pretty smart."


  1. The last comment here reminds me of the semi-comical wedding scene in "Hell's Angels On Wheels."

  2. Buzz is one of my favorite secondary DS characters of all-time!