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Episode 192 - 3/21/67

Vicki tells David he's all right as they look back at the burning fishing shack. She tells him not to look at it. Burke finds them. He asks if Laura's still in there. Vicki explains that she disappeared, and then tells David they're going home.

Liz tells Carolyn she needs to go home. Carolyn asks her to rest. Liz says she visited Laura at the cottage. She remembers getting out of bed, and someone being in her room. It was a shrouded form. She thought it might have been Carolyn or Vicki, and Carolyn asks if it was Laura. She says it was, but in some other form. She tried to resist her, but didn't have the strength. Carolyn tells her mother that Laura has left Collinwood, and will never come back. Liz asks if she left with David, and Carolyn tells her David did not go with her. She asks if Dr. Guthrie examined the house. Carolyn said yes. She asks about the old house, and then the closed off portion of the house, and then the basement. Carolyn doesn't understand why she's asking. Liz says she needs to go home tonight to see that David's alright.

Vicki puts David to bed, and tells her to call if he needs anything. He asks her if the fishing shack burnt down, because all of his fishing gear was in there. He wonders how the fire started. He then asks if his mother is gone, and why he didn't go with her. She says he decided to stay in Collinwood. He asks if his mother was mad that he didn't go with her, and she says no, she wanted him to be where he was happy. He tells her he's glad he stayed.

Burke asks if David remembers anything, and Vicki says she hopes things stay erased from his mind. Roger comes home and asks what's going on. He heard there was a fire. Vicki tells him it was the fishing shack, and tells Burke she'd like to talk to Roger alone. She says it's Laura, and Roger asks if she's back. He appears frightened, and Vicki explains she was in the shack when it burned. He said he put her on the bus and saw her leave. Vicki explains she was there. He asks if she could have helped Laura, and Vicki says no one could have. She said that a fire was what she wanted, and that she got David out just in time. Roger reacts strongly to that. He says that Laura wanted to burn David, and asks if she saved him. Vicki says he's upstairs asleep, having forgotten everything that happened. Roger says he should have stayed with him, and heads upstairs. The phone rings, and Carolyn shares the news that her mother is better.

Carolyn says she doesn't know why, and Vicki says she thinks she does. She explains that Laura Collins burned to death, but David is alright. Carolyn asks Vicki if they can stop being afraid, and Vicki says she hopes so. Liz says she's got to get home to Collinwood.

Roger checks in on David, who wakes up. He asks his father if he heard about the fishing shack. Roger tells him to get some sleep. David says he lost his fishing junk, including a pole Matthew helped him make. Roger tells him not to worry about anything.

Burke returns to the house saying Joe was monitoring the burning shack. Vicki asks if there were any remains, and Burke says just ash. Vicki reminds him of the Phoenix story. He dismisses that as a tale she told a child, and says that Joe found a locket in the ashes. Vicki tells him that it's the same locket that was found in the remains of the woman in Phoenix. Burke seems unwilling to believe it.

Our thoughts

John: I wonder if the plan ever actually involved putting out the fire in the cottage fireplace as a means of stopping Laura. Of course, if she had the lantern with her, she didn't need (nor would it have made sense for there to be) a fire burning in the cottage after she had already left.

Christine: I was disappointed that it didn't occur to the parapsychologist to douse it, since he realized it was a source of power for her. Unfortunately, it led to his doom. It may not have stopped her, but it surely would have weakened her.

John: Roger almost takes advantage of a bonding moment with David, but can't bring himself to say he was checking to see that his son was okay.

Christine: It may take time to warm the cold heart of Roger Collins. It seemed he was about to say he loved the little guy, but just couldn't get the unfamiliar words out. David seems devoid of the demonic presence that may have possessed him when he was trying to murder his father and Vicki Winters. He was all sweetness and light today. Back in Episode 15, he watched as his father drove off in the car he tampered with, saying, "He's going to die, mother." Could she have been controlling him from the beginning?

John: Has Burke forgotten the events of the past few weeks? Vicki is clear that Laura was in fact the Phoenix. What other explanation could there be for all of the strange phenomenon that they all experienced?

The countdown to the arrival of Barnabas has begun! 

In just 18 episodes, he will be awakened...

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