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Episode 196 - 3/27/67

Liz says Jason is the last person she expected to see. She introduces Carolyn to Jason as someone she used to know. Liz asks him what he's doing there, and he says surely she should know. He asks if she received his letter from Tierra del Fuego, and says you never know what happens to mail in places like that. He references the last time he was in Collinwood 18 years ago. She sends Carolyn away and asks her to tell Mrs. Johnson to prepare coffee.

Jason tells her she's exactly as he remembers her. He says he was passing through town and wanted to say hello. She's sure he wants something. He says he wants nothing, and shortly he'll be leaving, unless she wants him to leave immediately. She reluctantly tells him that's not necessary. He says he'll be gone before she knows it, and it might be 18 years before she sees him again, if ever. He says the events of 18 years ago have had a lot to do with how he's spent the rest of his time, and he'd like to forget about it. She says she agrees with that. She asks where he's staying, and he says he's hoping for an invitation from her to stay in Collinwood. She says she can't ask him to stay, and he corrects her, saying she can and will.

Vicki finds Carolyn and asks why the drawing room is closed. She says her mother is meeting with an old friend, Jason McGuire. Vicki says she met him at the coffee shop. She says he was asking all kinds of questions about the family, including Carolyn's father.

Liz says he can't force his way into the house. He says the events of 18 years ago are what they base the future on. He says they were allies, not enemies, and they owe each other. He suggests that turning him away is not the wisest thing she can do. She asks how long he'll stay. He says to tell the others he's there for a brief stay. Liz paces back and forth, and he tells her to think of him as someone she'd like to have as a house guest. She says she'll have a room prepared. He says he won't settle for one on the main floor, like a servant. He wants a room on the second floor, with an ocean view. He asks if they dress for dinner, and she suggests he could eat in his room. He explains that he likes dinner company.

Roger enters, and Liz introduces him to Jason. Jason says it's good to see him again. Though Roger doesn't remember, Jason says they met 18 years ago. Roger offers him a drink, and he says he'll take one later. Liz explains that she invited Jason to stay at Collinwood. Jason goes to collect he gear, and Roger asks what's going on. She says Jason was a friend of Paul's. Roger says he's amazed she would invite a friend of Paul's to stay in the house. He asks if he's seen Paul, or brought a message from him. He continues to question Liz, but she remains evasive. He says if Jason is a friend of Paul's, he's probably as bad as Paul—or worse! He asks how long he'll be staying, and she says his stay will be brief, but nothing more specific.

Carolyn enters and says she wanted to say goodbye to Jason. As Vicki walks in, Liz says she's invited him to stay over. Carolyn is surprised, and says she seemed shocked to see him. Liz barks that she won't have her motives cross examined. Vicki reminds her not to get excited. Roger and Carolyn leave, and Vicki asks her if there's anything she can do, and suggests that Liz get some rest. She tells Vicki that she'll need her support, and asks her to promise once again that she won't reveal what she saw in the basement.

Jason makes a call from a pay phone, and tells the recipient that everything is going beautifully.

Our thoughts

John: I do love the way Jason McGuire chews up the scenery and all the other characters, too. He should make for a strong presence at Collinwood. Looking forward to seeing what develops in his relationship with Liz.

Christine: He's sure to liven things up at Collinwood. I look forward to seeing what develops in his relationship with Roger.

John: Roger eases up rather quickly on the thought of there being another house guest in Collinwood. He wasn't this comfortable when Mrs. Johnson came aboard!

Christine: I think he's in shock. He's probably trying to figure out if Liz had an affair with Jason eighteen years ago, causing hubby Paul to leave.

John: Maybe if Liz didn't keep bringing it up, Vicki might actually forget that she saw her in the basement in the middle of the night...

Christine: She obviously wants to talk to somebody about her basement issues and may be testing Vicki to see if she can keep whatever damnable secret she hides down there.

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