Friday, July 15, 2016

Episode 15 - 7/15/66

Roger enters the drawing room looking for his car keys and finds David sitting in the dark. David asks if he's planning to send him away, and Roger says all he wants is his keys. He asks David if he's seen them, and David says he won't let him (send him away).

Vicki asks if Roger can do a favor for her if he's going into town - getting some magazines for David. Roger says he won't have time. She lets Roger know she saw that his keys were already in his car. After Roger leaves the drawing room, Vicki tells Elizabeth she saw Burke Devlin near the car before he left.

Roger and Elizabeth discuss his plans to meet with Burke. Roger is starting to believe that perhaps Devlin is on the level.

In Vicki's room, David finds out his father won't be getting him the magazines Vicki promised. David says his father is a liar, a very terrible man that he hates, and that he hopes he dies. He doesn't want to be sent away. He says everyone but his mother and Aunt Elizabeth hate him. He doesn't even believe that Vicki likes him. Vicki tells him a story about a girl in the foundling home who had no friends, and how it was her own doing. David doesn't get the very obvious parallels to his own behavior.

Liz sends Roger off with advice not to give Devlin any information. In the foyer, David asks if he has to take the car this night. He also asks if his father really means to send him away, and Roger leaves without answering.

Liz answers a call from Devlin, and lets him know that Roger is on his way to meet him. Elizabeth asks Vicki to sit with her for a few minutes. She asks Vicki why David is so tense tonight.

Roger gets into his Mustang for the drive down the hill. David watches from the window, and declares, "He's going to die mother. He's going to die." Next we see Roger's car go off the road.

The phone rings in the foyer. David approaches it but does not answer it. Liz does, and gets the news that Roger was in a car accident. The camera pans to David as the episode ends.

Our thoughts

John: Interesting twist. While we don't know if Devlin had done anything to Roger's car, we can safely assume David had. It's not clear what he did, but it explains why he was so dirty when Liz found him a few episodes back. One thing seems certain: Devlin will no doubt be blamed for the accident.

Christine: I guess Elizabeth forgot to mention to Roger that Vicki saw Burke by Roger's car while she was trying to convince him to stay away from Burke.

John: Vicki continues to make headway with David, though he still gives us the impression that he's going to be a pretty nasty kid for some time to come. I am surprised Vicki didn't ask about his mother when she came up in conversation.

Christine: David is definitely channeling Billy Mumy from the Twilight Zone episode, "It's a Good Life." He'll be making 3 headed gophers next. It's real good that he's tampering with cars. Real good. We all love that boy David. I hope the firearms and sharp knives at Collinwood are kept safely out of the darling boy's reach.

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  1. Yes, it does now appear that Burke Devlin may have "innocently" picked up the wrench he was holding in the garage when Victoria Winters found him beside Roger's car. Perhaps David left the wrench there.
    Is Roger dying - catastrophically injured in the car crash? It's a Friday!