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Episode 188 - 3/15/67

Vicki points out that the previous incarnation of Laura died 100 years ago today, and she's sure that something will happen to David tonight. Roger says that they will stick to their plan, with Burke taking David away, and that he'll tell Laura she has to leave. Vicki is concerned that Laura might do something to David. Roger leaves to talk to Laura, and Vicki asks Burke to take David now. He says he'll be by in the morning. Vicki says she'll keep an eye on him until she knows he's out of danger.

Roger tells Laura that Dr. Guthrie had been killed in a car crash, and tells her that he knows she doesn't care. Laura says that she's decided to leave Collinwood. She says she'll take a bus to Boston in the morning. Roger offers to drive her. She says that she won't say goodbye to David, she thinks it best that she just go.

Burke tells Vicki to pack David's things, and he'll be by in the morning to pick him up. Roger returns and tells them that before he could say anything, Laura told him that she decided to leave on her own. Burke doesn't believe it, and neither he nor Vicki trusts her. Burke heads out to see her. Roger says he believes Laura regrets the mistakes she's made. Vicki says she doesn't understand why Laura would leave, with David finally so willing to go with her.

Burks barges into the cottage to see Laura. He finds her packing her things. He says a lot of people will be happy to see her go—and he'll be the happiest. He then asks her if she's really leaving. She says she is, and he asks why she's really going. She says the way things have been going are bad for David. She says Burke refuses to believe she could change. She cries, and it seems to get to Burke. He says goodbye to her, and says he's sorry she made the past as awful as it was. He leaves, and she smiles as she sits back down by the fire, where she sees David in his bed.

David is sleeping when Vicki checks in on him. As she leaves the room, she locks his door.

Roger paces in the drawing room. Vicki comes downstairs as Burke returns from visiting the cottage. Burke says he agrees Laura is leaving tomorrow. Vicki doesn't believe that Laura is just going to leave without anything happening to David. Roger suggests she could talk to Laura, and she says words are meaningless. Burke adds that if Laura gets on the bus, then he doesn't need to take David on the fishing trip. Vicki begs him to, regardless. She says she's concerned something will happen tonight, and she'll stay up with David to ensure he's safe.

Laura visits David in his bedroom. She tells him they're leaving tomorrow. David says he's supposed to go fishing with Burke tomorrow. He asks if there's fishing where they're going, and she says yes. He says he'll go with her then. He asks if she'll tell Burke, and she says they can't know he's leaving with her, as his father is planning to send him to boarding school. David says he wishes they could leave right now. She tells him to sneak out of the house at 11:30 tomorrow night. She also tells him to pretend he's sick tomorrow morning.

Vicki enters David's room and finds him still asleep in bed. She sits down beside his bed to watch over him.

Our thoughts

John: Oh Roger, you poor fool. Despite all you know, you don't see Laura manipulating you once again.

John: Oh Burke, you poor fool. Despite all you know, you don't see Laura manipulating you once again.

John: Oh Vicki... well, at least Vicki is not willing to buy Laura's latest lies so easily.

Christine: Just when we thought the tears of the phoenix no longer held any power. Vicki hasn't forgotten that Liz is lying catatonic in a hospital, Guthrie is a crispy corpse in the morgue, and David Radcliffe willingly went to his mother's arms to burn to death.

John: I don't know exactly what Laura's got planned, but it sounds like it will be up to Vicki to thwart her.

Christine: Well, they learned at the last seance that there would be a fire in a little house by the sea, and David is going to meet his momma at the fishing shack. Maybe they're going to have a cookout on the beach. BYOB

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