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Episode 181 - 3/6/67

Carolyn and Vicki sit in the drawing room, lamenting the fact that the house is empty save for them. Carolyn wonders why they haven't heard from Guthrie and the others. Vicki says she hears someone approaching the door. There's a loud knock at the front door, and they approach the door, frightened.

They call out, and Dr. Guthrie answers. Guthrie describes how just as Frank arrived to stop them, Josette stepped in and opened the coffin. They confirmed it was empty. Vicki suggests like the morgue in Phoenix, and Joe confirms like the grave of Laura Murdoch Radcliffe, which was also empty. Joe shows them the records they borrowed from the caretaker with the missing article. Joe is going to research the particular paper in the library. Carolyn asks what the empty graves mean, and Guthrie says they'll know soon. Vicki asks how she can help, and he says he may ask for another seance, and he also suggests that they do whatever they can to keep David away from his mother.

Carolyn checks in on a sleeping David, who wakes calling for his mother. He asks what Carolyn is doing in his room. She tries to explain that she's concerned about him. He says Mrs. Winters and his mother will take care of him, and that he doesn't need her. She explains that when people grow up they can change. He says she's not so grown up, she just thinks she is, and she agrees with him, She also suggests that perhaps she's the spoiled monster, She gives him a kiss on the head, and he asks if she's okay. He wonders if something bad has happened, since she's being so nice to him. She tells him that everything is fine, and he should go back to sleep.

At the library, Joe searches old newspaper records.

Vicki and David go over his schoolwork, and review a paper about a fictional sister. Vicki asks where he got the idea from. He says Carolyn might be different if she had a brother.

Joe calls Collinwood looking for Dr. Guthrie. He found the newspaper, and says she'll be surprised by what he found.

David is sitting by the fire with his schoolwork, and suddenly sees his face above the flames. He calls for help, and runs out of the room and into the hands of Dr. Guthrie. Vicki comes downstairs and asks what he saw. David says he saw himself in the fire.

Joe shares a copy of the newspaper he found with Guthrie when Vicki comes down and asks the doctor to come upstairs to see David. She tells Joe that David saw himself in the fire, and Joe says it's a vision of the past. Guthrie tells her that the article describes Laura Murdoch Radcliffe dying in a fire, and also of her son, named David, who died in her arms.

Our thoughts

John: Joe sure treats 100 year-old newspapers with little respect. He flips through the bound volumes in the library like he's paging through a phone book.

Christine: David and Carolyn are warming to each other. How long before these two are back to normal and irritated with each other again?

John: Wouldn't it have been more effective if David saw himself in the flames in agony? The face we saw looked bored, not terrified...

Christine: I think it's more frightening that his face in the fire appears very calm about burning alive. It suggests that he is in the flames willingly.

John: Laura's history becomes more clear. Another son named David? I wonder who his father was. And what role does the son play in the legend of the phoenix?

Christine: Speaking of fathers...I wonder if the issue of David's paternity will ever be resolved.

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