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Episode 190 - 3/17/67

Mrs. Johnson runs downstairs, calling for David. She's unable to find him anywhere.

Vicki waits on the phone at The Blue Whale. She tells Burke and Joe that she hears Mrs. Johnson calling for David. She says that she never should have left him alone.

Mrs. Johnson goes out on the porch and calls for him. She picks up the phone and tells Vicki he's gone.

Back in The Blue Whale, the handset of the payphone swings like a pendulum.

Vicki and the men arrive at the house and Mrs. Johnson says that she's searched the whole house with no sign of David. Mrs. Johnson says that he does like to play tricks on her, so perhaps he's hiding in the house. She asks if they think Laura took him; she says she couldn't have gotten in to the house. Joe suggests that maybe he planned to meet her. They head out to search the cottage.

David arrives at the boat house, looking for his mother.

Burke and Joe explore the cottage. There's a fire burning in the fireplace, and Burke suggests that the fire wouldn't be burning if Laura wasn't keeping it going. Burke suggests Joe check the greenhouse while he checks the old house.

Vicki decides to phone the bus station to see if they can determine if Laura got off the bus.

Joe calls for David in the woods. Burke finds him and tells him that David's not in the old house. They decide to go to the beach, and then Burke realizes the old fishing shack matches the description of what David said in the seance.

David wanders around the fishing shack waiting for his mother when he hears Burke and Joe calling for him. He hides as they enter. They look around and decide he's not there. Joe thinks he heard something. Burke says it's 11:30, and Joe confirms they only have a half hour left to find him.

Vicki paces through the drawing room. She and Mrs. Johnson are startled when the phone rings. It's the bus station. Laura got on the bus, but never got off. She disappeared between stops.

David calls for his mother to come. She appears behind him, holding a lantern in her hands. He tells her he wants to leave, and she says she doesn't want to run across those looking for him, so they can go in just a few more minutes. She asks if he wants to go away with her, and he says that's why he's here. She says they'll be together always. David says there's no one outside, and they can go. She gives him the lantern to hold, and tells him to look into the flame. He says he sees beautiful colors. He slips into a trance as she tells him to stare deep into the heart of the flame.

Mrs. Johnson goes to make coffee, and Vicki smells Jasmine. She asks Josette what she wants her to see. She says she wants to remember something David says. The little house by the sea is what she wants her to remember.

Laura tells David he'll never be cold again. David says he's sleepy. He asks her to take the lantern. He drops it and a fire starts. Laura tells him to look at the flames and see how beautiful they are. She says he's safe with her.

Vicki says fire... in a little house by the sea. She asks what house. Burke would have found it if it were Laura's cottage. She realizes the fishing shack is where he is.

Laura tells David to stare into her eyes. Surrounded by flames, she tells him to come to her, and they'll be together forever.

Our thoughts

John: Time is running out for David. Do you think he wondered what Joe meant when he said they only had 30 minutes to save him.

Christine: Actually he said they "only have a half hour left to find him," so he may have been thinking they only had 30 minutes to ship him off to that boarding school his mom said they were sending him to.

John: Thankfully Mrs. Johnson left just in time. Josette is apparently too bashful to show up in a crowd, even if someone's life is at stake.

Christine: You think she may have put some effort into materializing and leading her there, rather than making her play 20 ghost questions.

John: Flames have overtaken the fishing cottage. Will Vicki arrive in time to save David from a fiery fate?

Christine: If not, then he should be reborn and we'll see him in later episodes anyway, right? I'm still not understanding how this phoenix reincarnation works. Why is Laura going up in flames again if she just burned up in Phoenix? Also, if David Radcliffe burned in 1867, then what happened to phoenix David? Or is he not really a phoenix and she keeps killing her own kid every hundred years? That's pretty sick.

John: We get a classic flub from Burke this episode. He tells Joe they should stick together, and then corrects himself that they can't stick together.

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