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Episode 41 - 8/22/66

Roger calls Sam to find out what happened between he and Bill Malloy. Sam sets the phone down to get a drink while Roger continues to rant. Sam then hangs up on Roger, and tears up all his sketches of Burke.

Elizabeth finds Roger in the drawing room. He tells her he interrupted Carolyn's meeting with Devlin. He then mentions how he spent his inheritance. Liz explains that she bought the shares he sold publicly to ensure control of the company stayed within the family. Roger brings up her husband Paul, but she refuses to discuss him.

Maggie comes home to find her father with his torn up Burke Devlin sketch. He asks her why she didn't let him run away when he has the chance. She says not to worry, they'll lick them yet. After another outburst, Sam leaves, and Maggie calls Roger Collins. Vicki answers, tells Roger, and he hangs up the phone without speaking to Maggie.

As he's leaving for the office. Liz asks Roger to look for Carolyn in town. He says he'll be too busy in the office. Roger leaves and Liz asks Vicki if she knew where Carolyn was. Liz is concerned she's off with Burke Devlin. Vicki goes to tutor David, and Liz calls Joe looking for Carolyn. Joe explains that he hasn't talked to Carolyn all day. She asks him to come see her when he gets a chance, and Joe agrees.

Sam returns for another drink to find Maggie still at home. She says she tried to call Roger Collins to find out what's bothering her Dad. Sam flips out, and says Maggie may have literally signed his death warrant.

Roger shows up at the Evans' place and bangs on the door. Sam goes for a drink and Roger takes it from him. He asks what Sam told Bill Malloy. Sam says he doesn't remember. Sam explains he almost raised his hand to his daughter, and Roger says that maybe he should have. Roger leaves with a warning that he won't let Sam's weakness bring him down.

Vicki tells Liz she's going to walk into town. Liz' never leaving the house comes up and is quickly dismissed. She asks Vicki to look for Carolyn, and after she leaves, she tries to call Ned Calder again.

There's a knock at the door, and Liz opens it to find Sam Evans.

Our thoughts

John: I don't know what's more surprising; how much Sam drinks in this episode, or the fact that Roger doesn't drink at all in this episode.

Christine: Did you notice how Liz flinched when Roger refers to Paul Stoddard as a "departed husband." I believe it's the first we heard the absent hubby referred to by name. It's a wonder we haven't heard more about him by now.

John: I know Sam gets frustrated with Maggie, but I'm beginning to wonder about their relationship. If he's that close to hitting Maggie when he gets drunk, there's no way I'm believing he hasn't done that before.

Christine: Could that be what happened to Maggie's mom? Sam's a jerk. He tells his daughter to go back to her job in her "fancy restaurant" and leave him in peace. Sam mustn't get out much if the diner is his idea of a fancy restaurant.

John: It's fancy compared to the Blue Whale. Roger 'Scarface' Collins is on a tear this episode. Nice to get some more backstory, and confirmation that he's not only blown his inheritance, but that Liz bought the shares in the company that he sold. That certainly won't help Burke's attempts to buy out the Collins family.

Christine: Roger is also a jerk. No wonder he and Sam hate each other so much--they're too much alike. Did you notice the Alternate Closing Theme in today's episode? It's got a little more bass note or something to it.

That really is a nasty scar. It seems to be sliding down his face.

The Scar in Episode 39 was a bit higher on his forehead.

Good News Everybody! Isaac Collins has finally returned to his original location.

We must caution viewers not to drink whenever Sam Evans drinks.

Does he ever run out of whiskey?

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