Monday, August 1, 2016

Episode 26 - 8/1/66

David comes out the door of the closed wing of the house holding Vicki's letter. Vicki confronts him about tampering with his father's car. She shows him the valve she found in his room. He denies it. he tries to wrestle it away from her. She locks it in a drawer so he can't get it.

Roger shows up at the police station. He's angry that Burke Devlin has not yet been arrested.

Vicki has locked herself in her room with David outside.

The sheriff explains that there's not enough evidence to charge Burke with a crime yet. Roger threatens to see to the sheriff being ousted when next up for re-election, but the sheriff stands his ground. Roger suggests that he at least search Devlin's room for the valve.

David runs downstairs and tells his aunt that Vicki tried to hurt him. Vicki enters the drawing room and asks to speak to Elizabeth in private.

The sheriff gets a search warrant for Devlin's apartment. Roger wants to join him on the search.

David listens outside the door as Vicki tells Liz what happened. Before she can tell her what she found, the phone rings. It's Roger. Liz says that the sheriff is going to search Burke Devlin's room for the valve. Vicki says he won't find it because she has it. Liz refuses to believe it, and when she goes up to Vicki's room to see it, it's gone.


Our thoughts

John: Compulsive lying seems to run in the Collins family. Elizabeth, Roger, David... Maybe Carolyn was adopted.

Christine: Give her time. I'm sure she'll demonstrate her prowess for mendacity soon. That little devil David is quite vicious. Vicki is right to be fearful of him. He may try to do her in next.

John: I do like how the sheriff stands up to Roger's bullying and threats.

Christine: He's pretty awesome. Just don't put mustard on his ham on rye.

John: I thought we were going to have to wait longer before Vicki would get the words out about finding the valve in David's room. So I was not surprised that once she did, the valve wouldn't be in the drawer anymore...

Christine: Could she not have also locked the door to her room? I wonder if David will manage to plant that valve in Burke's room before Sheriff Carter shows up with his search warrant or if he'll just toss it off the cliff at Widow's Hill. Incidentally, there is still no sign of the portrait of Isaac Collins. I only point this out because portraits in Dark Shadows are important. We'll continue to keep watch.

We won't forget you, Isaac Collins.


  1. Here's where I start imagining Victoria Winters lured into a room in the unused wing of the house and locked away by David. Just a prediction. I think this was done to somebody later in the series but these pre-Barnabus episodes are totally new to me.

  2. As most of my Dark Shadows history is from the Barnabas era, the only thing that occasionally spoils the show for me is knowing that certain characters survive whatever events are currently going on in Collinsport.