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Episode 40 - 8/19/66

Bill excuses himself for barging in on Sam and Roger. Roger makes up a story, telling Bill that he was talking to Sam about painting his portrait. Bill suggests that he thought they might be arguing about Burke. Bill asks for another cup of coffee, and while Sam gets that, Roger leaves. Bill then tells Sam he came because of Burke.

Burke calls Carolyn, who feigns surprise that he called. He explains he has her ring. They arrange to meet in the restaurant before Burke leaves for Bangor.

Bill and Sam discuss Burke. Finished with his second cup of coffee, Bill then asks for a stiff drink.

From the payphone in the restaurant, Burke confirms with Bronson that he'll see him in Bangor shortly. When he hangs up, he runs into Roger. Burke asks about Roger and Sam, and Roger explains that they hardly know each other, and that he's looking in to buying a piece of Sam's art. Roger sees Burke has Carolyn's ring. He takes it, telling Burke he'll save Carolyn a trip. Roger tells Burke to stay away from his family.

Roger arrives home and catches Carolyn before she leaves to meet Burke. He gives her the ring. She tells Roger that she likes Burke. Roger asks her not to see him. Carolyn leaves, saying she doesn't know if she can help Roger, but she's going to try.

Carolyn arrives at the restaurant and asks Burke about the ring. He plays along like he lost it, and then opens her purse and pulls it out. When Burke leaves to prepare for his trip to Bangor, Carolyn calls Vicki and asks her to tell Liz she might miss dinner due to a big date.

Back at the Evans' place Bill fixes Sam a drink. Bill works to keep Sam drunk and awake, and tries to find out why Roger Collins is afraid. Sam says he's the only thing standing between Roger Collins and a prison sentence, before passing out. Roger throws a blanket over Sam and leaves.

Our thoughts

John: Bill's enthusiasm for Sam's coffee is straight out of Twin Peaks!

Christine: That good, strong coffee really seems to rev him up today. That's very crafty of him to get old rummy Sam's tongue loosened up.

John: So Carolyn got her wish by getting Burke to call, then is initially foiled by her uncle, and then Burke disappoints her again. She doesn't show any signs of giving up. Let's see if she hops in her car and follows Burke all the way to Bangor.

Christine: Burke cleverly tried to get out of seeing Carolyn by showing off her ring in front of Roger, yet he is astute enough to know that it still wouldn't stop Carolyn from coming out to meet with him. Will he be shrewd enough to use her schoolgirl crush in his revenge against the Collins family?

John: As fate would have it, the week ends with Sam all but spilling the beans about he, Roger and Burke. Clearly Sam did exactly what Roger feared he would do, only to Bill instead of Burke. Soon we'll see if Bill is really ready to do anything to protect Liz.

Sam draws a kinder, gentler Burke. Where's the chiseled jaw?

Roger: "Have you any feeling for me?"  Carolyn: "You know I do."

On her way to Bangor?

Sam dribbles quite a bit of whiskey. Enjoy the following range of drunken faces from Sam Evans.

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  1. Considering how many times it's used on the show, I wonder how often an actor or actress nearly broke up during the phrase "to Bangor." (I know that phrase has been used as a joke on British sitcoms, referring to Bangor in Wales.)