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Episode 35 - 8/12/66

The phone rings in Collinwood, and after Carolyn takes it in the drawing room, David sneaks down and listens in on the handset in the foyer.

Joe tells Carolyn he interrupted at party at Burke's. Vicki was there to have dinner with him. After she gets off the phone, Carolyn finds David in the foyer, next to the phone she left off the hook. There's a brief tussle, and then David comes in to tell her he didn't listen in on her call. David probes about his father's whereabouts. Then he tells her that he hates Vicki. David says Carolyn likes Burke Devlin, and she's upset that Vicki is having dinner with him. She finally yells at him to leave.

Sam Evans runs into Joe in the restaurant while looking for Maggie. He says he's going up to see Burke Devlin.

Burke lets Sam in. He says he's been expecting Sam, and even ordered him a steak. He then says a lady walked out on him. Sam asks if it was Carolyn Stoddard. Sam says he's there about the portrait, then asks if the sheriff is going to place Burke under arrest. Sam says he doesn't think he can do Burke's portrait. Burke explains that he's been cleared of his involvement in the accident, and asks why Sam won't do the portrait. Sam asks for a drink.

Vicki arrives back at Collinwood and is met by Carolyn, who's noticeably upset. Vicki says she's starved, and Carolyn says, "Didn't Burke feed you well?" Vicki asks if Carolyn is upset she met with Burke. Carolyn says she's not jealous, but it's clear to Vicki she is. Vicki calls her an idiot. She explains how Burke might be able to help her find out about her past.

Sam downs a drink. Burke asks why Sam won't take his $1000 to paint the portrait. He asks if Roger Collins is pressuring him. He tells him he'll pay $1500, and Sam agrees to do it.

Joe is still in the restaurant when Sam comes down. Maggie is still nowhere to be seen. Sam tells Joe he should marry Carolyn and take her away.

Carolyn asks to talk to Vicki, and apologizes for her behavior. Carolyn says it's not going to be fun for Vicki in Collinwood, but she doesn't want her to leave.

Vicki calls Burke at the hotel. He's not there, and she doesn't leave a message. She opens the door to find David, who says, "You're going to be sorry you ever came here," before running upstairs.

Our thoughts

John: Carolyn's not in the mood to tell Joe she loves him? Ouch!

Christine: When is Joe going to get the message?

John: Hey! The Sam Evans I know from the future has arrived! Have we seen the last of drunk Sam Evans #1?

Christine: You have seen the last of Sam Evans #1 unless you've seen episodes of The Fugitive, Bonanza, Cannon and other popular TV shows in the 60s and 70s, where Mark Allen also appeared. New Sam will be permanent Sam Evans, and for those of us who started viewing Dark Shadows with episode 210, he's the only Sam Evans we have ever known, so it is nice to finally see him join the show. He's having quite an animated start today.

John: It didn't take long for David to get back to his own tricks. When Carolyn asks why he isn't locked up, he says his Aunt opened the door. Unfortunately, his proclamation at the end of the episode doesn't carry much weight, as I'm sure Vicki's heard him say that before.

Christine: David is not looking well in this episode.

Did they not feed him while he was locked in his room?

Carolyn says David is a "real solid 14 karat monster."

I know I look different, but I really am Sam Evans.

 A jilted Burke trying to stuff down two steak dinners.

Carolyn throws a tantrum over Vicki and Burke spending time alone in his hotel room.

Look out Burke Devlin. New Sam will rival you in emotive expressions.

David Ford (Sam) and Nancy Barrett (Carolyn) were married from 1967-1969.

Look at the wall behind Vicki to note that the portrait of Isaac Collins has once again gone missing. He was last seen in this spot in Episode 32. The strange case of the wandering portrait gets more mysterious all the time. It is difficult to understand why drunkard Jeremiah hangs in a revered place over the mantle while the founder of Collinsport is routinely shifted around the room. Have they no respect for their roots?

Episode 32, when we last saw Isaac Collins. Where could he possibly be now?

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