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Episode 28 - 8/3/66

Burke Devlin bursts into the sheriff's office, upset about his room being searched. The sheriff shares the warrant with Devlin, who asks who was behind it. Burke goes against his prior statement about not holding a grudge against Roger Collins.

Maggie Evans brings David from the lobby into the diner. She makes him a sundae and goes to the payphone, claiming she's calling her father.

Burke is still in the sheriff's office when a call comes in from New York. Burke assumes the call is about him, and the sheriff asks him why he behaves like a guilty man if he's innocent.

David says he's going to leave, and Maggie asks him if he wants to make his own sundae. Roger arrives, and when Maggie greets him, David slips out. Maggie tells Roger that David tried to get into Burke Devlin's room. She then asks Roger about her father. He's upset and she thinks Roger would know why. Burke walks in as Maggie explains that he hired her father to paint his portrait.

Maggie tells Burke that David Collins was the kid who snuck into Burke's room. Burke asked if her father and Roger saw each other while he was away. She said Roger came looking for her dad the night Burke got back into town.

Roger returns to the sheriff's office. The sheriff wants to know what Roger is trying to hide.

Burke finishes his food, and asks Maggie to tell David if she sees him, that he's had enough of the Collins family for one day. After everyone leaves, David exits the telephone booth.

Our thoughts

John: Mitchell Ryan gets pretty amped up this episode. He's losing his cool rapidly.

Christine: Well now that he's a big success with a three room suite at the top of the Collinsport Inn, I guess he's entitled to throw his weight around. It's no surprise Sheriff Carter couldn't find anything in Burke's room when he's having trouble finding the search warrant on his messy desk. He's pretty good at handling Roger and Burke, but could use some help with his organizational skills. 

John: Watch for Roger bouncing outside the hotel front door before Maggie lets David make his own sundae.

Christine: Also watch for David bumping the camera as he beat feet (in the parlance of the time) when his dear old dad shows up. Roger delivers a mystic statement about his son's disappearance saying, "Spells and incantations, Maggie. If he does re-materialize, do me a favor, don't call me again." Once she tells him that sweet little David tried to get into Burke's room, he decides she should call him right away if she sees him, after all.

John: We're left wondering if David still has the valve, or if it has been planted in Burke's room since the sheriff served the warrant. We'll see what tomorrow holds...

Christine: Burke is sure to be on to Sam regarding his involvement with Roger, since Maggie told him the last time the two had contact with each other, prior to Burke's arrival, was at the time of Burke's trial. Sam better stock up on the hooch.

Sheriff Carter searches for a search warrant.

Roger warms up and prematurely waits for his cue outside the diner door.

The many faces of Burke Devlin losing his cool.

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