Friday, August 5, 2016

Episode 30 - 8/5/66

As a storm settles in, Vicki closes up windows throughout the house. While in the drawing room, the doors close on their own and can't be opened, right as the power goes out. Lightning flashes and a silhouette is seen in the now open doorway. Vicki calls out, but no one answers, and the shadow disappears.

On her way back upstairs, she hears a door shut. Roger enters. Roger says the shadow must have been him. Roger isn't worried about David's whereabouts. He mentions how he knew where David was, and that his son had tried to break into Burke Devlin's room. Vicki tells Roger she found the valve in David's room, which is why he ran away. Roger denies that David could be responsible.

Burke pockets the valve as David comes out from the bathroom. David says Burke is really nice. As they're about to leave, David reaches for the valve under the cushion and realizes that it's gone.

In the car on the way to Collinwood, David pleads with Burke to bring him back to the hotel, as he says he forgot something there. 

In her room, Vicki walks Roger through the story of finding the valve, and its subsequent disappearance, along with David. Upon hearing the details, Roger finds the story easier to believe than Liz. There's a knock at the door downstairs, and Burke enters with David.

Roger takes David into the drawing room and confronts him with Vicki's accusations. David denies everything. He then claims Vicki tried to kill Roger. Roger than brings Vicki into the room. David continues to call her a liar.

Burke enters the room, pulls the valve out of his pocket, and asks, "Is this what you're looking for?"

Our thoughts

John: It looked like we were going to get a full-on spooky episode. Lights out, doors slamming shut, strange noises... and then everything is back to normal. As abnormal as that is.

Christine: More gothic teasing. I suppose that could have been Roger's silhouette. It would be like him to stay silent when Vicki called out to him just to freak her out a little.

John: The way these Collins folks manage to lie, I'm actually surprised that Roger was so quick to believe Vicki's story. Who would have guessed that Roger would have been the most level-headed about his son's actions. Of course, he also lumps David and Burke together as his two least favorite people.

Christine: The way he talks about his son is pretty awful. He admits he never liked the boy and never pretended to. It's clear to see why David is so messed up.

John: I'm starting to get the rhythm of the show down. Story elements coalesce in weekly beats. If this week had a name, it would be, "The Valve." Can't wait to see where the Roger/Burke relationship goes from here.

Christine: I think next week's theme will be "The Bandage." Why is it Roger was able to remove his sling before he could take that bandage off his head? How long are we going to have to look at that? This is the 9th appearance of the Bandage since Episode 17.

Roger at the brandy bottle again. Is that a portrait of John Wayne behind him?

Today's players.

You are in big trouble, mister!

Roger: "When a boy tries to kill his own father, there's no help for him. No help at all."

Consider this subscription cancelled!

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