Thursday, July 7, 2016

Episode 9 - 7/7/66

Bill Malloy arrives at the hotel looking for Burke Devlin. He no sooner gets him on the phone than Devlin hangs up on him.

Bill arrives at Collinwood to speak to Elizabeth, wanting to discuss something more important than her cleaning the teapot she was bringing to the kitchen. After some small talk, she asks if he saw Burke Devlin. He says yes, and Carolyn interrupts them. She asks Bill about Burke, and he mentions she already met him at the Blue Whale after he broke up the fight Joe was in. Carolyn mentions how handsome Burke is. After Carolyn leaves, Bill tells Elizabeth she needs to be sent away (with 'young' Joe Haskell). Bill speaks - metaphorically? - about ghosts. Bill asks if Elizabeth is afraid of Burke Devlin, and she declares that she is not, which impresses him.

Carolyn pops into Vicki's room, and proceeds to tell her about three people that jumped off the cliff at Widows' Hill; Josette and two governesses (just like Vicki). Carolyn was pleasantly surprised to hear that her mother hadn't fired Vicki. She goes on to say how she hates Collinwood, and yet she panics at the thought of marrying Joe and leaving. She then asks Vicki to tell her about Burke Devlin.

Bill tells Liz how dangerous he thinks Devlin is. He thinks Devlin wants to own the Collins fishing fleet cannery and house. They're interrupted by a knock at the door, which Liz goes to answer alone when Bill offers to go with her. She opens the door to find no one there, but walking back through the foyer she notices a broken teacup on the ground (one of her favorites, of course). She blames it on the 9 year-old ghost in the house (David) and laughs off the fact that Bill had her thinking it might have been Burke Devlin at the door.

Upstairs, Carolyn is giddy at the thought of the charming, marvelous Burke Devlin. Vicki goes on to describe him as somewhat frightening. Carolyn's a tad upset that Burke didn't appear to be interested in her. Carolyn tells Vicki that Burke threatened to paddle her last night. Elizabeth calls Carolyn downstairs to talk to Bill.

Bill offers to send Carolyn on a trip with his niece to get her out of Collinsport. She refuses, and says she doesn't need protection.

Next thing we see, Carolyn is in the lobby of the hotel calling Burke Devlin's room, asking if she can come up and meet him.

Our thoughts:

John: Alexandra Moltke tries on a different delivery of, "My name is Victoria Winters" in this episode, reminding us that she was recording that for each and every new episode. I look forward to our first special guest intro! Who and when will it be?

Christine: If you really want to know before we get there, you can find the answer here. We get another clue about what may be making Burke bitter, angry and hungry.  When Liz says, "Burke went to prison because he committed a crime," Bill's response is, "Did he?" The pieces are falling into place.

John: Malloy walks into the hotel, picks up the phone and asks for Devlin's room. If not the front desk, who exactly would be manning a switchboard?

Christine: After Carolyn tells Vicki about the 3 women who jumped off the cliff, she puts on her best spooky voice and relates, "the legend goes, Miss Winters, that the body of a third governess will be found, huddled and broken at the foot of yonder cliff." Should Vicki be worried?

John: After telling Vicki that Burke threatened to paddle her at the Blue Whale, she says, "A man like that is worth a second look?" Um, okay. Whatever turns your crank, Carolyn. Just to keep things straight, she's 'kitten' to Roger and 'princess' to Bill. I'm surprised they didn't call the show Everybody Loves Carolyn.

Christine: Vicki is already taking on the role of big sister. She suspects Carolyn is taking her letter into town as an excuse to meet up with Burke Devlin, so she puts a stamp on it so Carolyn won't have a reason to go to the hotel and do anything foolish. What are the odds that Carolyn will do something foolish?

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  1. As I said before, I've always hated that "turn you over my knee" cliche, so I like John's last remark (even though I don't even hate that cliche because I see any particular kinkiness in it, I "just do").