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Episode 18 - 7/20/66

Vicki tosses and turns in bed as the windows rattle in the night. There is a knock at her door, as Roger asks to speak to her. She says she's not dressed, and he asks her to meet him in the drawing room.

David is still lurking downstairs and follows Roger into the drawing room. David says he's sorry, and Roger asks if he's sorry because he survived. He asks why his father wants to speak with Vicki, suggesting that she knows who did it. David then says maybe he's not sorry at all.

David comes to see Vicki. He says he tried to apologize, and Roger sent him to bed. He denies being involved, and Vicki tells him no one suspects him. David asks what Vicki is going to tell him about the accident, and she confirms she doesn't know anything about it. David then asks what will happen if they find the person responsible, and Vicki says they'll put him in jail.

In the drawing room, Roger says he knows who tampered with his car, but proving it is something else. He asks Vicki to describe exactly what she saw. She tells him that Devlin had a wrench in his hand.

Meanwhile, David plays with a car in his bedroom, and then stomps on it.

Roger flips out about the wrench. He asks if there's anything else Vicki hasn't mentioned. Roger asks if Burke's hands were dirty. He then calls the hotel, but Burke isn't there. Roger tells Vicki to get dressed, as they're going to the hotel to confront him.

In his room, David takes the part removed from the car and goes to Vicki's door. When she opens it he runs back into his room. He asks if his father is going to call the police. She said he might, and this clearly troubles David.

Roger and Vicki leave, and David tucks the car part back into his drawer.

Our thoughts

John: Can they not afford to get working closures on the windows in this house? It seems like they're constantly banging in every room.

Christine: The house is almost 150 years old. It was made to have shutters and windows that bang for the proper gothic effect.

John: I like how David all but admitted to his father that he was responsible, and Roger didn't catch on. And then to Vicki. And no one is hearing the kid!

Christine: David was right. Nobody listens to him. No wonder he talks to ghosts.

John: I half expected this episode to end with Roger and Vicki opening the door to find Carolyn and Devlin standing there. We'll see where and when the next confrontation happens.

Christine: We only have three characters present for today's episode. What is taking Carolyn so long to get home? In case you missed a few episodes and are unaware of the connection to the part David has been secreting away, today's episode will gladly catch you up.

Bill Malloy's drawing of the part removed from Roger's car that caused the brakes to fail.

The bleeder valve David keeps trying to conceal in Vicki's room.

Getting more mileage out of Bill Malloy's technical sketch.

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