Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Episode 22 - 7/26/66

Burke Devlin shows up at the Evans home looking for Sam. Maggie asks if his visit has to do with Roger Collins' accident. He tells her it was no accident—someone tampered with the brakes on his car. Maggie says her dad has been upset since... and trails off.

Sam shows up at the diner and runs into Roger. Roger asks him to stay away. Sam asks if Devlin had anything to do with the accident. He says the two of them are tied together, and he needs to know what happened. Roger tells Sam that he's going to see that Burke is back behind bars. Roger says only the two of them really know what happened 10 years ago.

Burke tells Maggie that he and Sam used to be good friends. He says he wrote to Sam from prison, but Sam never answered. He also says he can't imagine Sam doing anything that would make Burke hate him. Sam begins to get stern with Maggie about sharing personal info about him with Burke. Burke then offers Sam $1000 to paint a portrait of him. He wants one just like the ones up at the Collins house.

Carolyn sees her uncle for the first time since the accident. He takes off the sling and gives it to his 'kitten'. She asks if he's going to have Burke Devlin arrested. He says not only arrested, but indicted and thrown in jail. Carolyn feels responsible if Burke tampered with the car. Roger says it doesn't matter whether he's guilty or not. Carolyn gets upset, and then Roger backpedals and says he's only after justice.

Burke sits for Sam so he can complete his initial sketches. Sam asks how he's going to have time to sit for a portrait if he's leaving so soon, and Burke explains there has been a change of plans.

Our thoughts

John: WHAT HAPPENED 10 YEARS AGO! I'll bet its something that would make Burke hate Sam...

Christine: Sam is sure acting that way, isn't he? He really went off on Maggie when he should have been trying to play it cool in front of Burke. I wonder what happened to Maggie's mom.

John: It's funny how when Burke asks if he can get a portrait done, the music stops cold.

Christine: Yes, that was odd the way it cut out. You know what else is strange? The portrait of Isaac Collins has been moved. It used to hang to the left of the window in the drawing room (at least since Episode 3) and now it is hanging over the phone. I want to know why.

John: Is it just me, or does Roger get a better kiss from Carolyn than Joe has thus far? Amazing that Burke has yet to experience that first hand.

Christine: Ew. Here are some screen grabs from today's episode to wash that image of Roger and Carolyn from your mind. Back to the mysterious case of the wandering portrait.

Isaac Collins, who Roger is said to resemble.
Isaac's new location today.
Isaac's location in Episode 17.
Burke admires the portrait of Maggie's mother.
Bestowing the "Badge of Honor."
It's just an innocent peck on the cheek from Uncle Roger

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