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Episode 13 - 7/13/66

Roger walks into the drawing room and ignores Burke's welcome. Elizabeth implores Roger to at least listen to him. Roger thinks Devlin believes he's responsible for his going to prison. Burke says 10 years ago a man was killed, and I went to prison. Roger interjects, because you were guilty! Elizabeth says a jury found him guilty, and Devlin adds that it was due to Roger's testimony.

Vicki goes to see Matthew. She asks him about connections to Bangor. He asks if Mrs. Stoddard knows she came to see him, and she lies and says yes. He says Devlin was tried for manslaughter and put away, and suggests she stop asking questions about it. She tells him about the money she received postmarked from Bangor. She explains she wants to find out who she is, and who sent the money. Matthew reiterates that the Devlin trial was the only family connection to Bangor.

Roger sends Elizabeth to get some tea, in order to be alone with Devlin. Once she's gone, he asks Devlin for the truth. Roger threatens Devlin, who laughs at him. Burke then asks about Roger's wife. He adds that he and Roger's wife used to be quite close, and that she and Roger got married right after Burke went to prison.

Matthew indicated that Mr. Collins and his wife lived in Augusta after the trial. He only came back to the house last month.

Burke asks what led him to come home from Augusta. Devlin suggests forgetting the past, and asks Roger to meet him at the Blue Whale in a few hours to discuss a business proposition.

Matthew describes almost getting killed driving down from the house. He says you need strong nerves and good brakes to live in Collinwood. The phone rings and it's Elizabeth requesting firewood. He says he's just chatting with Mrs. Winters, and realizes that Vicki lied. He sends her away.

On her way back to the house, Vicki sees Burke next to Roger's car. He drops a wrench, saying he found it on the front seat.

Roger tells Elizabeth he's going to be careful until Devlin is gone.

Elizabeth meets Vicki in the foyer, and describes how Matthew can be quite violent if he feels problems are being created for Elizabeth. Vicki asks if Roger is planning to use his car tonight, but doesn't explain why.

Our thoughts

John: The confrontation! The setup! Will Roger die in a crash of his tampered fastback Mustang? Will Vicki say something before it's too late? All in all, it was a tad underwhelming. Burke is certainly doing a good job convincing folks that he doesn't have an axe to grind, but we finally get a glimpse that all but ensures us that it is in fact an act.

Christine: I think it's clear where Roger got his courage in this episode. With all the fear and trepidation he had prior to this encounter with Burke, he does not seem intimidated after pouring himself a few drinks from his favorite brandy bottle, and goes so far as to warn Burke not to do anything to harm the family.

John: Vicki seems to be pushing her luck with Mrs. Stoddard, but is given a pass this time out. Probably because Liz is so preoccupied with Devlin.

Christine: Matthew is kind of a scary guy. Just as he begins to act friendly to Vicki, giving her tea and home baked muffins, he angrily turns on her when he finds out she deceived him. He should have realized she was lying when she looked to the side after he asked her if Mrs. Stoddard knew she was at his cottage. Why does Matthew claim that Roger moving back into Collinwood a month ago is the worst thing to ever happen to the house?

John: Recapping what we know, 10 years ago Burke killed someone, and was convicted in a trial set in Bangor, in part due to Roger's testimony. After Devlin was sent away for 10 years, Roger shacked up with his former squeeze, and they lived in Augusta until last month, when Roger and David returned to Collinwood, without Devlin's ex-girlfriend (Roger's wife) in tow. This is all very interesting, but when are we going to find out just who Devlin killed?

Christine: Not only did Roger marry the girl Burke was very fond of, he did it the day after Burke was convicted. Yeah, I'm sure Burke is willing to let bygones be bygones after that.

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