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Dark Shadows Episode 1022 5/26/70

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Maggie dreams of the seance. Quentin gets up and puts his hands around Angelique's throat. Someone shouts, "murder," and Maggie wakes up yelling that, "she was your wife, Quentin!" Quentin rushes in and asks her what's wrong. She realizes that she had a bad dream. He asks her what it was about, and she says she'd just as soon forget it. He asks her if she wants him to stay, and she tells him that she'll be fine. He leaves, and she wonders how she could think he could harm anyone. She's sure he could never do a thing like that.

Angelique goes through her books, selecting The Seventh Level of Witchcraft, and starts flipping through it. When she hears someone coming, she puts it back. Maggie comes down and asks what she's doing. Angelexis says she couldn't sleep, and Maggie admits the same. Maggie points out the table where the seance was held, and described the events of that night. Angelexis says she talks as if she were there. Maggie says he couldn't have killed her, and Angelexis agrees. Maggie asks why Quentin attacked Angelique that night. Angelexis says that a voice said something about Bruno, and it nearly drove him mad. She reiterates that Quentin loved Angelique far too much to have killed her, and then apologizes to Maggie for saying so. Maggie says she shouldn't apologize for telling the truth.

Quentin goes through the mail when Angelexis walks in. He complains that Elizabeth sent out invitations to a costume ball against his express wishes. Angelexis says she helped her with them, as Elizabeth thought it was the perfect time for Maggie to meet all his friends. He storms out, saying a party now is absurd. Angelique smiles.

Cyrus tries to convince Maggie that Angelique was not murdered. He takes her hand and tells her he wishes there was more that he could do.

She thanks him, and says she believes him. She thanks him again. He gets right in her face and asks her to come back if she needs anything. She asks him if something's wrong, because of the way he's looking at her. He says no, and attributes it to his being absent minded.

She leaves, and he realizes she left behind her gloves. He rubs them against his face in a truly creepy fashion for a really long time.

Buffie comes to see Cyrus. She says she knows that he knows where Yaeger is, but he won't tell her. She asks what kind of work Yaeger did for Cyrus. He says that whatever arrangement he has with Yaeger is between the two of them. She says that Yaeger lives while Cyrus works. She tries to convince him that he doesn't need Yaeger, if he was willing to let himself go. He tells her, no thanks.

She asks if he'd say no thanks to the owner of the gloves on his desk. She picks them up and he grabs them out of her hand, explaining that they're Mrs. Collins' gloves. She says she knew her when she was growing up in Collinsport, and she always knew she was someone special.

She says when she looks in the mirror before going to bed, she probably doesn't hate herself. She tells Cyrus that Yaeger tried to make her into a lady. She gives Cyrus the necklace Yaeger had given her.

Maggie is in the drawing room reading The Seventh Level of Witchcraft when Quentin comes in looking for Elizabeth. He says she's probably hiding from him, and mentions the costume ball. Maggie asks about it and he says nevermind. He takes the book from her and tells her to ignore and forget the subject. She asks how she can, based on all that has happened. He tells her he wants the obsession with the occult ended, and he walks out on her.

There's a knock the front door, and Maggie answers it. It's Cyrus. He returns her gloves, saying she left them. She thanks him for his thoughtfulness. He explains that he can't stay, and she thanks him again.

Cyrus returns to his lab and opens up his safe. He's conflicted, thinking that Maggie is his best friend's wife... He thinks that Yaeger achieved nothing with Buffie, but Maggie... There are no limits for Yaeger. Nothing stands in his way. He opens the safe and takes a swig of his potion.

The phone rings at Collinwood, and Maggie answers. She asks who it is, and the man on the other end of the line suggests that he knows about two seances at Collinwood. She says they are no longer of any interest to her. He tells her that she can meet him at the docks at 6pm, and hangs up the phone.

Buffie walks up as John Yaeger hangs up the pay phone on the docks. He thanks her for returning the necklace. He says it wasn't cheap or vulgar enough for her. She storms off, and he laughs.

Maggie shows up on the docks, and Yaeger explains that he's the man who called her. He tells her that he's her friend, and says he finds her inescapably charming. She starts to leave and he adds that her husband was seen choking his wife during the first seance. He also says that he's doing her a big favor giving her this information, and asks her to do him a favor, too. He grabs her and places his hand over her mouth. She struggles but cannot get away from him.

Our thoughts

John: So they couldn't afford to pay the standard "hand-in" to sit in on the seance this morning? I was quite amused that they literally brought in dummies to sit across from Angelique and Quentin!

Christine: It looks like those dummies have broken the circle! You must admit, a séance with mannequins is ultimately more frightening. Parallel Collinwood has just as thorough an occult library as they have in original time. I hope we learn more about this interesting text.

John: Is it just me, or does Cyrus have a bit of a Clark Kent awkward nerdiness about him? Particularly when he's around Maggie! Of course it's strange that he's suddenly lusting after Maggie. Has he forgotten all about Sabrina due to her days off?

Christine: He is certainly exhibiting very strange behavior, and it is odd that he is now fixated on Maggie, after making an attempt to visit Buffie late the other night.

John: Every time a new, sleazy character is introduced, I assume they won't top the last sleazy character, but you have to give John Yaeger credit. He came in sleazy, and it doesn't look like he'll give up the throne before the show is over.

Christine: No. Just...no. The orgasmic expression was bad enough, but when the tongue came out, it was simply too horrifying.

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