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Dark Shadows Episode 1006 5/4/70

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Angelique finds the lever to open the secret vault. Inside is a wide-eyed skeleton! Angelique takes a candelabra and brings it into the vault, but the candles are blown out. She tells Dameon to watch closely as she re-lights the candles. As she lights the seventh, he appears before her. She tells him she gave him every opportunity to leave her alone, but he refused. He says she got Bruno and Trask to do it for her. She says Bruno loved her the way she wanted to be loved. Dameon says that no man loved her like he did. She tells him to keep looking into her eyes. She says she understands he wants revenge, but he can't upset her plans. He says he won't rest until Quentin knows the truth about her. She says she summoned him, and she can send him away. He tells her the candles have no power over him. She tells him to try to move, to snuff the candles out. He realizes that he can't move.

She says the seventh candle made him appear, and when it's snuffed out he'll return to his tomb, never to be seen again. He begs her not to. She says goodbye and snuffs out the candle. Dameon disappears, leaving just his skeleton behind. Angelique laughs, says Quentin will be hers again, and nothing can stop her.

At the Eagle, Yaeger bothers Buffie at work. She tells him she has to make a living. He says he'll just stand there and watch her. He says he hopes she's not going around saying nasty things about him, like she did with Cyrus.

A stranger arrives and introduces himself to Yaeger as Larry Chase—Chris Collins' partner. He adds that Chris is Cyrus' lawyer. Yeager tells Buffie to get Chase a drink, and Chase says he doesn't drink while doing business. Chase says he wants to know why Cyrus is putting so much money in his name. He says it was partial payment for services rendered relating to his experiments, but he doesn't believe it. Yaeger asks how someone could blackmail Cyrus. No one could dig up dirt on him, mocking him as a vegetable—a cloistered bore. Chase tells Yaeger that he's not only arrogant and disgusting, he's a model of ingratitude. Yaeger says he just speaks the truth. Chase says he's going to see Cyrus tonight, and will tell him what Yaeger thinks of him. Yaeger adds that he doesn't think he'll see Cyrus tonight. He invites Chase to try to convince Cyrus to change his mind. Chase tears up the documents he brought Yaeger to sign. Yaeger tells him there will be trouble if he ever gets in his way again.

As he leaves, Gladstone arrives. Chase goes to the bar and orders a scotch. He asks Buffie if she's interested in Yaeger, and what she knows about him. She says she doesn't really know him at all. He asks if she's just afraid to talk about him, and bids her goodnight. After he leaves, Gladstone picks up the torn document off of Chase's table and slips it into his jacket.

Yaeger returns to the lab. He removes the potion from the safe. While he doesn't want to be Cyrus again, he knows he has to bring the lawyer in line. He takes a swig and grimaces, and reverts to Cyrus.

Cyrus is working in the lab when there's a knock at the door. He goes upstairs and lets Buffie in. She asks why he told Yaeger the awful things about her. He says he didn't tell Yaeger anything awful. She asks why he didn't just tell him the truth, and he claims he did, but that Yaeger is jealous. He offers to talk to him, and she says if he does, he's liable to beat her up again. Cyrus is shocked to hear it. He says he didn't know Yeager could get that angry. There's another knock on the door and he rushes her out the back door. She doesn't notice Gladstone in the shadows.

Chase tells Cyrus that he's appalled at what he's doing. Cyrus asks if he got his signature for the bank account, and Chase says he did, and then he ripped it up. He asks why Cyrus needs Yaeger. Cyrus reiterates that he wants the bank account opened in Yaeger's name, and he also wants him to change his will so that everything goes to Yaeger in the event of his death or disappearance. Chase asks why, and Cyrus says he has his reasons. Chase says he's not just his attorney, he's his friend. Cyrus implores him to make the requested changes as soon as possible.

Buffie is fiixing her hair when there's a knock on her door. It's Gladstone. He tells her he saw her at the Eagle. He says he wants to ask her a few questions, and she invites him in. He asks her about her relationship with Cyrus. She accuses him of being a spy for Yaeger. He explains that she's a closer friend to Yaeger than he is. She tells him he should go. He notices the painting behind her, and asks her where she got it. She says a gentleman friend. He asks if it was Cyrus, and she says that it's not any of his business, but she got it from Yaeger. He's surprised, and bids her goodnight as he leaves.

Gladstone comes to see Cyrus at his lab. He points out that Cyrus is always burning the midnight oil. He asks Cyrus about their little secret. Cyrus doesn't understand what he's referring to. He explains that Cyrus led him to the truth that he and John Yaeger are one and the same.

Our thoughts

John: It looks like they gouged the eyes out of our wide-eyed skeleton! Of course, he still looks particularly handsome in the black and white kinescope...

Christine: It's really hard to tell from the kinescope, and we didn't get a very good look at our bony old friend yesterday, but it is pretty creepy to think that Bruno may have gouged out Dameon's eyes either before or after he killed him. It was somewhat amusing to see that Angelexis is powerful enough to freeze a ghost in place, and that a dead thing would be so terrified to be unable to move.

John: I was kind of hoping that Cyrus would be wearing Yaeger's clothes when the lawyer came to see him. It turns out they had other plans for giving away his secret.

Christine: A new lawyer is in town with little explanation for why he's standing in for Chris. After a bit of research, I discovered that Episode 1001 was Don Briscoe's last episode. I wonder how or if they will explain his disappearance.

John: So Gladstone figured everything out thanks to the painting! Not that he was providing a compound that facilitated changing someone's physical being... that appears to have just been a coincidence. Will this trigger Cyrus to do a Hulk-like change into John Yaeger? Can Gladstone possibly survive the night? I guess we'll find out tomorrow!

Christine: I expect nosy old Gladstone is going to want in on the experiment and will try to cut a deal. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Are the actors getting bored, or is this just another day of having fun with the magnifying lens?

Second Down for the Count:
Barnabas was chained in his coffin 24 episodes ago.

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