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Dark Shadows Episode 248 - 6/7/67

Sam tells Burke that he saw Maggie right outside his window. He says he couldn't have imagined it.

Maggie wanders through the mist at Eagle Hill Cemetery. Barnabas appears and she comes to him. He clutches her throat.

Sam starts to head out, and Burke tells him the sheriff will be there any minute. The sheriff arrives and tells Sam they've got a bunch of men searching for Maggie. Same describes what he saw, and the sheriff asks Burke if he saw Maggie. He says he didn't, but he believes Sam did. The sheriff asks how she looked, and Sam says she had a pale, ghostly pallor. The sheriff asked if she was wearing the gown from the hospital, and Sam describes her as wearing a long, white gown. The sheriff then asks if Sam had been drinking before he saw her.

Barnabas leads Maggie into the Collins family crypt. He opens the secret panel and she tries to run away. He grabs her and says that since she tried to leave him, she has to be punished. He reiterates that she is Josette, and she will be the bride of Barnabas Collins through all eternity. He says she looks lovely in the moonlight, making it very difficult for him to punish her. He says he won't punish her tonight, but if she ever tries to leave him again... He goes to close the secret door, and she pulls out the pipe. He asks her what she has and she screams. He says that he must punish her, and takes her into the secret room in the crypt.

Maggie wakes to find herself lying in an open coffin. She screams as Barnabas closes her in the coffin.

The next morning, Willie arrives to let Maggie out of the coffin. He calls her Josette and says that he's come for her. He leads her out of the crypt. He tells her not to be afraid, as Barnabas will be gone for a while.

Willie leads Maggie back to her room. She hysterically describes how Barnabas closed her into a coffin. Willie tells her that running away was a bad mistake. He says she just has to be Josette Collins, and she says she's not. Willie brings her the music box and opens it. She seems to find it soothing.

The sheriff returns to the Evans' house, and tells Sam they haven't found anything. He asks if they checked the cemetery. The sheriff says they thought they had a lead by Eagle Hill, but it was just a large dog. Sam thinks the sheriff believes he imagined seeing Maggie. Sam asks Burke if he thinks he did. Sam resigns himself to the fact that it must have been his imagination.

Maggie sits up from bed and opens the music box. As the music plays, she repeatedly says she's Josette Collins. She sits down in front of the mirror, smells her perfume, and begins to brush her hair. She touches the mirror and says that she's Maggie Evans. She screams for help.

Our thoughts

John: I guess the only way out of this bad dream has Maggie completely forgetting the events of her kidnapping... or dying in the process.

Christine: Or she could destroy Barnabas, though I guess we know that's not going to happen.

John: Nice POV shot of Barnabas closing the coffin on Maggie. Oddly enough, she doesn't seem too traumatized when Willie gets her the next morning.

Christine: She seemed to have a delayed reaction. How is it she avoided suffocating after being closed up in the coffin all night? I was under the impression that she was not undead yet.

John: It's not completely clear what triggers Maggie to lapse in and out of the Josette fantasy, but it doesn't look good for Barnabas.

Christine: It seemed the trauma of being locked up in the coffin only made her fight harder to resist the suggestion that she's Josette.

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