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Episode 132 - 12/27/66

David tells his aunt that he's sure he saw his mother, and she explains it was only a dream. After she leaves him, he gets up and looks out the window. He calls out, asking if anyone is out there.

Roger, Liz, Vicki and David have breakfast. David asks to go play, and his aunt tells him to finish his lessons first. He and Vicki go upstairs. Liz says it was a strange coincidence that David had a dream about his mother the night she showed up at Collinwood. Roger suggests that Liz doesn't want David to see his mother, as she wants to take her place in his life. She denies it, but he says she wants the heir apparent under her wing. Liz thinks Laura's not capable of caring for David. Roger asks if she seemed unbalanced when they saw her last night, and Liz agrees she does not. She claims that Roger wants to unload his son. She says she'll fight to keep David in Collinwood.

Upstairs, David works on his math lessons. He asks Vicki why she doesn't hate him. She says that she doesn't, because he told Burke Devlin where to find her. David says he thinks she's nicer than he did when she first came to Collinwood. He asks her if she wants her mother to come back, and she says yes. He says he's not sure if he wants his mother to come back.

Roger asks what Liz will do when Laura returns to see David. She says she's worried about the effect it will have on David.

David tells Vicki he had a scary dream last night. He says he doesn't feel well because he didn't sleep much last night. She tells him to lie down for a while, and they can resume his lessons later. She tucks him into his bed to rest, and as soon as she's gone, he's up and at the window. He calls to his mother.

Liz works on paperwork while Roger brings in firewood. He brings up how Liz never liked Laura, and considered a gold-digger. He says her own mate was not exactly ideal. Roger suggests that they tell David his mother is in town, so that he can prepare. Vicki comes down and says she's concerned about David. Roger asks Vicki to bring David down. He tells Vicki his wife is back in town and wants to see David. She goes to get him.

David continues calling to his mother from his bedroom window. Vicki walks in on him. She asks if he was talking to someone and he denies it. He asks to go out and play. She says his father and aunt want to talk to him. She sends him down, and closes his bedroom window.

Liz tells Roger she'll tell David since he's tactless sometime. David comes down and she asks how he's feeling. David says he knows that his mother is here. He says he's known since last night when he saw her in his dreams. He then asks if he can go upstairs, and they let him. Roger says he must have overheard them talking about her. Liz says he described where she sat, and what she was wearing. Roger dismisses it.

David is back at his window, calling to his mother.

Our thoughts

John: We finally get to see our first sit-down family meal at Collinwood! And Roger is dressed down for the first time in 132 episodes. And despite that, they managed to keep Mrs. Johnson off the payroll for this episode.

Christine: Roger attempts to assert his fatherly authority by telling David to eat his runny eggs. Could it be he's ready to accept David as his own?

John: I'll bet Roger misses Matthew now that he's got to lug firewood around. Mrs. Johnson is a tough old broad. I wonder if she would have done it had she been in today's episode.

Christine: I wonder how long before Liz hires another groundskeeper.

John: I love how Liz so casually describes Roger as tactless, and he doesn't even flinch!

Christine: Remember the first time we saw David talking to his mother out the window? It was back in Episode 15 right before Roger's car accident when he says, "He's going to die, mother. He's going to die." It seems he's had a longstanding psychic connection with his mother.


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