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Episode 127 - 12/20/66

The episode begins with a recap of yesterday's conclusion. From within the secret room, Vicki hears Matthew screaming. Then she heard Burke Devlin call out, and they find her behind the secret panel. As they're leaving, they seem Matthew's body slumped over in a chair. Roger approaches him and Matthew's dead body falls out of the chair onto the floor.

Liz runs downstairs and calls the sheriff. She tells him to come immediately, as David has told her that Matthew is on the property and he has Vicki in the old house. She explains that Roger and Burke have gone to get her. Mrs. Johnson walks in and suggests that they won't find Vicki alive, when Roger and Burke burst in with Vicki. Burke takes Vicki into the drawing room, and in the foyer Liz asks Roger what happened. He explains how they found Vicki in the old house, and Matthew was there, already dead. They go into the drawing room for a drink.

Roger offers a drink to Vicki and Burke too. Liz explains the sheriff is on the way, and Roger asks how she knew. Liz explains that David told her. Vicki tells them that she saw the ghost of Josette Collins, who told her not to be afraid. Then Matthew came in with the axe to kill her. He suddenly stopped, went into the other room, and then she heard horrible screams. Liz takes Vicki up to her room.

After the women are gone, Roger asks Burke if he believes her incredible story. Burke says Matthew looked like he had been frightened to death. He reminds Roger that Matthew and Vicki were alone in the house.

Liz comes downstairs, where Burke is alone. He explains that the sheriff arrived and has gone with Roger to the old house. Burke asks to go upstairs to tell Vicki goodnight, and Liz allows it. She thanks Burke for what he did for Vicki. She asks how fond of Vicki that Burke is. He says that's a personal question. She asks him not to hurt either of the girls. Burke says that falling for an orphan governess doesn't fit into his scheme of things.

In Vicki's bedroom, Mrs. Johnson tells Vicki that Burke must be very fond of her. He searched all night for her, and then hired special investigators to look for her as well. There's a knock at the door, and it's Burke. Mrs. Johnson lets him in as she leaves. Burke comes in to say goodnight. He asks how she's feeling, and Vicki says she's alright. She asks how she can repay him, and Burke says the fact that she's alive is enough. It means more to him than anything he can think of. She questions him on that and he backs off. He explains that she shouldn't try to understand him; if she did it would be bad for both of them. Before he leaves, he suggests that she leave Collinwood. She says she's safe now that Matthew is gone, and Burke suggests that there's more to the house. Vicki explains how she feels like she's home in Collinwood, and she plans to stay. He tells her to call him if she ever needs anything. After an awkward pause, he starts to leave. He turns and looks at her from the door, and then exits without saying another word.

Roger returns to the house and tells Liz the sheriff and his deputies took Matthew's body to the morgue. He says the coroner will issue a report tomorrow, but they don't expect an inquest. Burke comes downstairs and asks why. Roger says the doctor who examined Matthew, and decided he died of natural causes. A heart attack. Roger says he may have seen something that caused him shock. Liz asked what that might be, and Roger says he doesn't want to know.

Vicki tosses and turns in bed with Liz checks in on her. She offers her some pills to help her sleep. Liz asks if Vicki can ever forgive David, and Vicki says that she just wants to understand him. Vicki is thankful he told Burke where she was. Vicki asks if Liz believed her that she saw the ghost of Josette. Vicki explains that she was not frightened. She felt that Josette might have been watching over her. She tells Liz that the ghost looked more like her than the portrait, and wonders if she might have been related. She asks Liz if anyone other than David has seen a ghost. Liz explains that years ago, her great aunt got lost on the grounds. A man in a fishing boat found her in an area that boats never go, at a time they never do. Liz says that a woman appeared to her great aunt before the fisherman found her, telling her not to worry. Vicki says it must have been Josette, and that she does exist.

Outside the old house, the ghost of Josette walks the grounds.

Our thoughts

John: Yes, Liz, falling for an orphan governess doesn't fit into Burke's scheme of things. Manipulating the daughter/niece of his rivals... well, that might fit just fine.

Christine: It's obvious that Burke has strong feelings for Vicki he does not want to acknowledge because it makes him vulnerable, which is why he retreated after admitting how much she means to him, and why he didn't kiss her goodnight. While his dalliance with Carolyn may appear to serve his plot for revenge, I think it has more to do with trying to distance himself from Vicki.

John: So rather than being scared off by the supernatural events she has experienced, she has a renewed commitment to staying. We may never find out her history, but I expect she'll be a regular fixture in Collinwood for the long haul.

Christine: How could Vicki claim that the ghost of Josette looked like her when her face was obscured? I found that rather odd. Vicki is the spitting image of Betty Hanscombe, who is not a Collins.

John: Raise your hand if you were hoping Carolyn would stumble across Burke exiting Vicki's bedroom in the middle of the night...

Christine: :::hand going up and waving wildly::: 

What's going on in the stairwell?

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