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Episode 126 - 12/19/66

Matthew tells Vicki that the ghosts want her dead. They want a third girl to die. He says he figured out a way to kill her that will make them happy. He ties her to the chair. Matthew says he has to obey the widows, and leaves the secret room. Tied to the chair, Vicki pleads with for someone to help her.

Burke asks David why he called him to Collinwood. Roger tells Burke he's surprised he believes David's nonsense. David asks Burke to promise he won't get sent to jail. Burke tells him they don't put little boys in jail. Roger says he'll be punished, and David asks Burke to promise he won't be punished. Burke tells Roger to shut up, and promises David. David tells David he saw the ghost of Bill Malloy, and it said he needed to help Miss Winters. Burke asks how, and David says he knows she's with Matthew.

In his cottage, Matthew approaches an axe.

Vicki continues screaming, and in the old house, Josette's ghost steps down from the portrait.

Matthew sharpens the axe on a stone wheel.

The ghost of Josette appears before Vicki and tells her not to cry. She tells Vicki not to be afraid, and walks through the wall.

Burke asks David how he knows Vicki is with Matthew. Burke pleads with David to tell him where to find Vicki. He explains he was helping Matthew. He thought Matthew was innocent. He said he was bringing him food and helping him hide in the old house. Burke says he searched the old house. David says there's a secret in the old house that only he and Matthew know about.

Matthew brings the axe into the old house. He makes his way to the secret room, and approaches Vicki with an axe. Vicki tells him she just saw the ghost of Josette Collins.

David tells Roger and Burke there's a secret room. He tells Burke how to open the secret door. Burke asks Roger for a gun. Roger initially thinks it's a waste of time, but decides to get two guns and go with Burke.

Matthew asked what the ghost wanted. Vicki tells him that the ghosts don't want her harmed. And if he does harm her, they'll haunt him forever.

Roger and Burke load the shotguns. Burke tells Roger he won't shoot him, even though he's thought about it. They leave David behind and head out to the old house.

Matthew tells Vicki he thinks she's lying. He says the ghosts want her dead, and so does he. He raises the axe, and as Vicki screams, the ghosts call out to Matthew. He asks Vicki if she heard the voices. She says she did not, and he still thinks she's lying, He raises the axe again, and the voices return. He goes out of the secret room to look for the source of the voices. Bill Malloy's ghost appears, singing drunken sailor. Matthew swings the axe through him. Four additional ghosts appear, asking for Matthew's life. He wildly swings the axe through them. They approach him, arms outstretched.

In the secret room, Vicki hears Matthew scream. She then hears Burke's voice. He opens the secret door to find Vicki tied to a chair. Burke cuts her loose and they escort her out. She says Matthew is nearby with an axe.

They find Matthew sitting in a chair. Roger approaches him and when he touches him, he falls out of the chair.  They leave the old house, with Matthew's dead body sprawled out on the carpet.

Our thoughts

John: At last, Vicki is rescued. We'll see if David escapes the punishment that he still so richly deserves.

Christine: Finally! More importantly, will romance blossom between Burke and Vicki? Will Carolyn be sharpening the ax next?

John: The ultimate ghost party, and on a Monday! We get Josette Collins! Bill Malloy's singing ghost! And four widows... do we know who they all are? It didn't appear that Josette was among the ghosts who did in Matthew.

Christine: Christmas comes early to Collinwood. That was pretty awesome for a Monday episode. An ax murder was threatened and Dan Curtis went full bore on the ghosts! I was confused to see Maggie Evans listed in the credits, but apparently Kathryn Leigh Scott was responsible for the voice of Josette Collins.

John: While I don't think this is the case, Matthew could have just played possum and escaped after they left his presumably dead body behind.

Christine: Matthew is surely dead and his ghost will not get to roam the Old House with the rest. With his death comes the rise of supernatural events in Collinsport.

From our announcer, Bob Lloyd today: "He's talking. Do you hear me? Do want me to slate it again, or what?" At episode's end he says, "On behalf of our sponsors, we would like to wish you a very happy holiday season."

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  1. Mondays were often the big days on soap operas. Friday was the cliffhanger and the excitement leading up to it, but Monday was the payoff and wrap up.

    I started re-watching these about 4 1/2 months ago. I found your page a couple months later. I still haven't caught up, but am getting close. I think I'm in the 140s somewhere.