Thursday, December 8, 2016

Episode 119 - 12/8/66

Joe and Burke wander around the grounds in search for Vicki.

Carolyn comes downstairs and sees Vicki's suitcase in the foyer. She looks for her mother in the drawing room, but Liz is standing outside. She comes back in, and Carolyn asks if they've found Vicki. Liz tells Carolyn that Vicki is in danger if Matthew is around. Carolyn says that Burke will find her. Liz tells Carolyn that Burke is ultimately going to hurt her. Liz also says that Burke is too old for Carolyn. Carolyn tells her mother that Burke Devlin will bestow the title of woman on her.

Liz paces in the drawing room.

Roger pulls up to the house. He comes in, and Liz asks if he's seen Vicki. He says he has not, and he has no interest where she is. Liz says she's missing. Roger says he won't go out looking for her. Carolyn tells her uncle she spent a wonderful evening with Burke Devlin. Roger questions her judgement, which she says makes her a Collins. Roger tries to convince her what a bad person Burke Devlin is. Liz asks Carolyn if Burke told her he took over the Logansport Enterprises. Carolyn had not, but says her mother wasn't too upset to see him tonight to help in the search for Vicki. Roger is aghast to hear that Burke was in the house.

Before they get back to the house, Joe tells Burke he has something to say. He says he was an idiot for punching him. He apologizes, and says Carolyn wants something other than him. Burke says he admires him for saying that.

Roger takes a drink while Carolyn plays chopsticks on the piano. Joe and Burke indicate they haven't found Vicki. Roger asks what he's holding, and takes the gun from Burke. He also gets Joe's gun and unloads both. Roger calls them foolish for wasting their time searching for Vicki. Burke faces off with him, and Roger reloads one of the guns. Carolyn goes upstairs to bed, saying goodnight to Burke, and saying nothing to Joe.

In the foyer, Joe asks to speak to Carolyn. She continues to treat him rudely, and he gives up. She goes upstairs and he returns to the drawing room.

Liz asks if Burke can think of anywhere else Vicki might be. He and Joe make plans to pick up the search after he changes clothes. Roger is surprised by Burke's concern for Vicki. And he tells Roger he's not impressed by Roger's lack of concern. They have a brief altercation, and after Burke leaves, Roger grabs his gun; only to be stopped by Liz.

Our thoughts

John: While I understand Roger is not pleased to see Burke in Collinwood, it's amazing how he speaks of Vicki. He's not endearing himself to anyone else in the house, and Burke almost laid him out before the episode was over.

Christine: He must be holding a grudge against her for accusing him of trying to murder her.

John: Once again, Joe tries to be the bigger man, only to be mistreated by Carolyn yet again. Maybe things will start looking up for young Haskell.

Christine: Joe told Carolyn she doesn't need to worry about handling him anymore. Do you think he means it this time?

John: Roger immediately reloaded one of the guns after unloading them. He better hope the sheriff doesn't find him brandishing a gun around Burke. Of course, Liz shut things down pretty quickly when he made a move for the door with gun in hand.

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