Thursday, October 27, 2016

Episode 89 - 10/27/66

Burke Devlin works at his desk while Blair stands over him. Blair confirms the prices for the properties are fair, and that Burke's bid has been made on one of the Logansport Fishing Industries.

Roger tells Liz Vicki is delusional. He says she's a threat to David. The phone rings and Liz finds out about Burke's offer on the Logansport fishing fleet and cannery. Liz says she'll top the bid, and Roger says they can't compete with Burke's money.

Burke asks how quickly they can close the deal on Logansport. Blair suggests that Burke might be underestimating Liz. Burke gets a call and asks the caller to come up. There's a knock on the door several men enter. Burke introduces them as top men for the Collins fleet. Burke explains that he's purchasing the Logasnport fishing operation. They all start to leave when Burke explains he wants them to work for him. They're loyal to the Collins family. Burke offers to give them more money and a profit sharing deal in the operation.

Roger explains to Liz that Burke has a team, while they are alone. Liz says they have people Burke can never buy. Every one will stick by them.

Burke tells the men that if they don't take his offer, they won't have another chance. The main Collins man, Amos, walks out.

Liz explains that Burke won't find experienced men to run Logansport. Roger suggests Burke will poach their employees. There's a knock at the door, and it's Amos. He brings them up to date on Burke's pitch. Amos said the others stayed when he walked out, listening to Burke's offer and threats. He says Burke offered more money and a cut of profits. They thank Amos and send him on his way.

Burke and Blair discuss the meeting. Burke thinks he convinced three of the men. Though he says he only needs to get one to convince the others to follow suit. Blair cautions Burke that he doesn't think Amos' loyalty can be bought. As he says that, Burke gives Blair a $1000 bonus. The phone rings and it's Liz calling to tell Burke that he won't get away with what he's trying. She threatens to stop his Logansport takeover attempt.

Our thoughts

John: Roger is really laying it on thick to try and get rid of Vicki. Does he really think Liz will believe that Vicki is a threat to David?

Christine: He is desperate to be rid of her. If he's willing to encourage his psychopathic son to commit murder, he will try anything.

John: Shouldn't Liz have offered to compensate Amos for his loyalty? She needs to take a page from the Burke Devlin playbook.

Christine: For men of honor, it's an insult to offer money to buy loyalty which should be earned with trust and respect. As Blair says, he doesn't think his loyalty can be bought at any price. Though once his loyalty is proved, I'd expect she'd come through with a bonus or promotion.

John: Interesting to see some new faces. Question is, will we see them again, and if we do, who will they be working for?

Christine: Answer is, no we won't. Or maybe we will. But probably not. Good old Amos Fitch was played by George Mathews who appeared in many popular TV shows in the 50s and 60s and was also in Gunfight at the O.K. Corral.

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  1. George Mathews also was in an episode of the honeymooners. He played a guy that tried to bully Ralph Kramden.