Friday, October 7, 2016

Episode 75 - 10/7/66

Matthew is walking along Widow's Hill when he finds Roger looking out over the ocean. Roger is still elated over the coroner's report.

Vicki is about to go for a walk when Carolyn asks to talk to her in the drawing room. Vicki says she doesn't want to argue, and Carolyn says that was her previous incarnation. Carolyn tells her that Bill's death was ruled accidental. She asks if Carolyn thinks it will satisfy Burke.

Roger tells Matthew that he doesn't care if Burke is satisfied. He also says if Burke gives them trouble, Matthew can take care of them. Matthew asks Roger if the Sheriff will cause problems if he thinks the coroner was wrong. If he thinks Roger lied to him.

Carolyn loans Vicki a scarf for her walk. She tells Carolyn that she doesn't think Burke will be satisfied with the coroner's decision. Matthew arrives as Vicki leaves. He asks for Liz, as he wants to tell her how pleased he is with the coroner's decision.

Vicki runs into Roger on Widow's Hill. He throws a rock into the sea symbolizing Burke Devlin. Vicki asks for directions at Lookout Point. He asks why she wants to go there, as that's where Bill Malloy may have died. He points her in the right direction and then heads back to the house. Vicki tells him Carolyn is looking for him.

Carolyn gives Roger a hug and a kiss when he arrives home. She then jokingly asks him about having stolen a valuable piece of property from Burke Devlin.

Vicki walks along the beach, and reaches down to pick something up.

Carolyn reminds Roger he took a pen to return to Burke the night Bill died. She said she saw Burke today, and he said that Roger didn't have the pen with him. Carolyn wants to be sure Burke gets it back. Carolyn asks Roger where the pen could be if he went straight from the house to the meeting.

Vicki finds a pen in the seaweed on the beach.

Carolyn asks Matthew to keep his eyes out for a silver pen. Roger is scrambling around the drawing room looking for it, and is upset that she told Matthew. As he's about to go outside, Matthew says Burke is coming up the drive. Roger asks Matthew to get Liz. There's a loud knock at the door.

Our thoughts

John: Holy smokes! They didn't waste any time bringing the pen back into the picture. Once again, Vicki holds the smoking gun that can implicate someone in the Collins clan. How is Roger going to get out of this?

Christine: Plan A--Destroy or hide the evidence. Plan B--Have Liz get him out of it.

John: When Roger threw the 'Burke' rock over the cliff into the water below, Vicki gave him a look that almost seemed to say, not the first time you've thrown someone into the water from up here?

Christine: He's pretty cavalier about suggesting to Matthew that he invite Burke out to admire the view and give him a push. You would think he would not talk that way if he were guilty. He does look quite upset about the missing pen and seemed to have remembered where he might find it right before Burke showed up and ruined his happy day.

John: The big question for Monday - will Vicki make it back to the house safely, and if so, will she tell anyone about the pen she found?

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