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Episode 86 - 10/24/66

In the foyer, Liz asks David if he knows where Vicki is. Roger walks in and asks what's going on. Liz explains that she's missing.

Vicki pounds on the door calling for David.

David suggested maybe Vicki left, and Liz notes that Vicki's purse is still in her room. Roger asks if David has seen her since they were all last together. David says maybe a ghost took her. Liz sends him to bed, and as he goes upstairs, he says they'll never find Vicki. Roger asks about Carolyn, and Liz says she left upset about Joe.

Burke and Carolyn arrive at his room in the hotel. He offers her a drink, and when he asks for her ID, she says there are other ways to prove her age. They toast, 'to us.' Burke turns on the radio to find some music for them to listen to.

Roger finds David with his crystal ball. David says he wants to find out who killed Bill Malloy. Roger suggests he ask his crystal ball where Vicki is. He speaks to it and says he can't see. Roger then suggests that David ask himself where Vicki is.

Vicki hears a creaking sound and calls for David.

Burke tells Carolyn of carnivale in Rio. He then kisses her hand. Burke takes his shoes off and puts his feet up on the coffee table. Carolyn asks if he's ever been in love, and he says, "Once."

Roger says he wishes he knew what David knew and wasn't telling him. Liz comes downstairs with a key in her hand. She asks where he got it, as she found it on his desk. She says it opens the door to the locked area of the house. Roger was surprised to hear this. David apologizes to his aunt, and she says if he says he didn't use it, she believes him. When she goes upstairs, Roger asks him to look inside his crystal ball again, and see if he believes David.

Burke tells Carolyn a tale of a beautiful maiden who swam away from him. Carolyn gets up to leave and says it's the best night of her life. Burke offers to drive her home, and she declines, saying she's a very good swimmer. Burke gives her a kiss, and with that she leaves. After she's gone, Burke says she had better be a good swimmer, as she's soon to be caught in a whirlpool with the only way out being down.

Roger fixes himself a drink, and toasts Vicki, wherever she is.

Vicki throws something at the window and breaks it. She then slides a piece of paper under the door, pokes the key out of the lock with a hairpin, and attempts to pull the key under the door. Her attempt to get the key fails.

Our thoughts

John: Welcome to 'No ghost Mondays' on Dark Shadows. Is it just me, or has Vicki gotten over Friday's Bill Malloy sighting a little too quickly. And where's the seaweed?

Christine: You didn't really expect Bill Malloy to still be hanging out with Vicki in the locked room, did you? I also felt like she got over the ghost, but she's alone, so who is she going to talk to about it? She probably thought she dreamed it. Although I am also impatient for more ghostly appearances, I thought today's episode offered some interesting tidbits. I was wondering if David really intended to leave Vicki in the room to die and that was confirmed. Carolyn gets her first kiss from debonair Burke Devlin and we find out he is using her in his plot for revenge against the Collins family. Roger knows David had something to do with Vicki's disappearance and seems pleased about it, as it removes the possibility she could tell anyone about the pen she found at Lookout Point.

John: That voice on the radio in Burke's room sure sounded familiar. I was waiting for him to call out the airdates of the episode again.

Christine: Or that "Dark Shadows is a Dan Curtis Production." It seemed that the station was being changed before Burke started turning the knob. Fortunately he found the sappy romantic music he needed to get Carolyn all warmed up. I wonder why he would risk contributing to her underage drinking since she obviously doesn't need any alcoholic inducement to be putty in his hands. Better hope Liz doesn't sniff her breath when she gets home.

John: Since when was the key still in the lock to the room Vicki was trapped in? She sure came up with that plan quickly, of course failing at the last minute. I guess we'll have to wait a few more days for her to get rescued...

Christine: Maybe the ghost of Bill Malloy put the key there. There's a lot of junk in that room and the door is over 50 years old. She could probably find something to break through that door pretty easily, but it would not be very interesting if she escaped so soon. We'll have to wait until Friday. If we wait long enough, maybe Bill Malloy will turn up again and ask why she didn't listen to him when he told her to get out.

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