Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Episode 72 - 10/4/66

Carolyn pops into Vicki's room and starts giving her a hard time. Carolyn says Vicki should pack her things and go back to the foundling home. Carolyn saw Burke drop Vicki off. Vicki asks if Carolyn is raving because she was with an enemy of the family, or because she was with Burke. Vicki turns Carolyn's question on her, and asks whose side she's on. Carolyn storms out.

Mrs. Johnson calls Burke from the diner to let her know she's not heard from anyone at Collinwood. She then orders a well done roast beef sandwich with well washed lettuce and fresh mayonnaise. She then starts to tell Maggie about Bill, noting that she needs something to keep her occupied. She says the mayonnaise doesn't smell fresh, and tells Maggie to maker her another sandwich.

On her way out of Collinwood, Carolyn is stopped by her mother. Carolyn is snippy, and lets on that Vicki was with Burke Devlin. Liz storms upstairs and Carolyn interrupts her to ask if she's considered hiring Mrs. Johnson. Liz says she's too busy focusing on firing a governess. After she's gone, Carolyn tries unsuccessfully to reach Burke by phone.

Liz asks why Vicki brought Burke to the house. And why she was with Burke instead of David. Vicki says that Roger said he would tell her she was with him. Liz explains that she pays Miss Winters, and that she discuss it with her before taking a day off. She also asks her not to bring Burke back to the house again.

Mrs. Johnson asks Maggie to join her. Mrs. Johnson bemoans the loss of Bill. Maggie says being a housekeeper for one man for so long is like being married. Mrs. Johnson confirms that they never slept together. Carolyn stops in to the diner and joins Mrs. Johnson. She tells Carolyn that Bill was always fond of Carolyn. Carolyn asks Maggie if she had seen Burke Devlin. Mrs. Johnson asks if she and Burke are friendly. Mrs. Johnson says she hasn't seen him since he's return, but Carolyn says he told her that they had talked. Carolyn shares her thoughts about Mrs. Johnson working in Collinwood. Mrs. Johnson says she'll accept the job if offered.

Liz calls Roger and admonishes him for not telling her he gave Vicki the day off. Vicki walks in, and when Liz begins to apologize, Vicki tears into her for checking up on her. She explains that she doesn't lie, and she's tired of being badgered. Liz reminds her that she's an employee, and Vicki tells her to fire her. The two end up apologizing to one another, and Liz tells Vicki she plans to hire a housekeeper.

Mrs. Johnson calls Burke to let him know that she spoke to Carolyn, and she thinks their plan is going to work out.

Our thoughts

John: Boy, Carolyn was a real bitch to Vicki today. And while one might think she had torn up her Burke Devlin fan club card, her conflicted feelings for him are surely the source of her rage. I expect the animosity between she and Vicki will be short lived.

Christine: I was thinking that we had the first appearance of a witch on today's episode, but I hate to denigrate witches like that. She did her best to get Vicki fired so she could have Burke to herself. She is only trying to get Mrs. Johnson hired to please him. As long as Vicki doesn't cash in her rain check for dinner with Burke, Carolyn will be apologizing and declaring her BFF once again. 

John: We now have confirmation that Mrs. Johnson is a nutbag. And a lousy tipper. She should fit right in at Collinwood.

Christine: Mrs. Johnson is not a nutbag. She is acting in accordance with the middle aged lady club. Really, can you blame her for making sure the roast beef is cooked, the lettuce is washed and the mayonnaise is fresh on her sandwich? She can't afford to be sick with evil walking the streets of Collinsport. Makes sense to me. I'm not sure that we really needed to know that she never shared a bed with Bill Malloy, though obviously she wanted to.

John: Good for Vicki. While it took her 72 episodes (that's what, about 3 days in LST - local soap time?), she's finally stopped letting everyone push her around. I hope this isn't the last we've seen of the new and improved Victoria Winters.

Christine: It was nice to see her stand up for herself on Pick-on-Vicki-Day, though I expect it will be short lived. It surely won't be the last time a member of the Collins family has to apologize to her. Poor little governess.

I wonder...


  1. I don't remember - did Mrs. Johnson say in so many words that she and Bill didn't share a bed? As opposed to some euphemism, I mean? That would be a little surprising - not so much because it's 1966 as because of the kind of character she is.

    1. She sure said it alright. Here is the actual exchange.

      Maggie: It's a terrible thing being lonely.
      Mrs. Johnson: You're young. You haven't spent years knowing that a man was coming home to supper, trying to fix what he likes, thinking up ways to make him smile.
      Maggie: I guess in a lot of ways being a housekeeper for one man for so many years is almost like being a wife.
      Mrs. Johnson: We never shared the same bed and I didn't have his name or wear his ring but I was as close to Mr. Malloy as anyone could have been. He should have lived another 30 years!

      Glad you're still with us, Grant. Thanks for commenting.