Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Episode 82 - 10/18/66

David gazes into his crystal ball when Vicki comes in to work on his math schoolwork. David tells her that Burke knows his father killed Bill Malloy, and that Burke's going to prove it.

Burke finds the Sheriff in the diner reading a detective story. Burke tells him that he had been up to lookout point. He asks if the Sheriff had searched the area up there. He spells out the scenario of the missing pen, noting that if Roger lost it at lookout point, it could confirm his guilt. The Sheriff all but ignores him.

Vicki and Roger work on his homework, and he notices her cool pen.

Burke reiterates that Roger had to have lost the pen between his house and the meeting in his office the night of Bill's death. He implores the Sheriff to investigate the pen, and eventually drives him out of the diner.

David tells Vicki that Mrs. Johnson is coming to live with them. He then says he's going to be a millionaire when he grows up - after he partners with Burke Devlin. Roger walks in on them as Vicki describes finding her pen on the beach. Roger asks to see it as Vicki suggests that perhaps she should post it in a local lost and found. The phone rings downstairs, and Roger goes to get it. David points out that he's taking Vicki's pen and he gives it back to her.

Downstairs, Roger answers the phone. It's Burke, demanding that Roger bring him his fountain pen.

Roger arrives and explains that he lost the pen. He offers to replace it. Burke explains that he thinks Roger lost the pen at lookout point, where he met Bill and pushed him off the cliff. Roger denies it, as the Sheriff walks in, as he forgot to pay his bill when Burke drove him out earlier. Burke thinks someone found the pen, and when word gets out, Roger won't be able to deny his involvement in Bill's death.

David asks Vicki about the pen. He really likes it. She says she may give it to him someday, if he does his lessons and works hard. David pouts that he knew there would be a catch. Roger returns and asks her to meet him in the drawing room.

Roger brings up his prior offer to work for his friends in Florida. She reiterates that she doesn't want to leave. He explains that Burke is still plotting against them. He suggests that she just leave, and that he'd be happy to pay her a few thousand dollars for her trouble. She refuses. David bursts in and after Roger leaves. David closes the door and says he knows she found the pen at lookout point by checking his crystal ball.

Upstairs, Roger sits in front of David's crystal ball. He picks up Vicki's pen and pockets it before slinking out of the room.

Our thoughts

John: Burke tells Roger he's at the Blue Whale, but Roger goes straight to the diner and finds him there. Roger must have known Burke meant to say he was at the diner, as he didn't hear Collinsport's greatest hits on the jukebox.

Christine: That's very observant of you. I didn't catch that. It could be that Roger went to the diner hoping to purposely miss him at the Blue Whale and Burke had the foresight to know that's what he would do.

John: So Roger finally has the pen. All his problems are solved, as long as he can keep David and Vicki away from Burke Devlin. Unfortunately, he's not going to be able to buy off Vicki to get her out of town. So much for their newfound relationship.

Christine: He may be able to restrict David's movements, but it certainly spells doom for Miss Winters. 

John: We're still waiting for Mrs. Johnson to arrive. As if there wasn't enough turmoil in Collinwood already.

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