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Dark Shadows Episode 1151 11/23/70

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Daphne and Quentin prepare for the seance. She is reluctant, but sits down at the table. He explains the process, and holds her hands. He begins the ritual, and calls for Joanna to communicate through one of them. He asks her to appear to them, or give them a sign. Lightning flashes outside. Quentin asks her to appear to them and speak. The drawing room doors swing open, and a figure stands in the shadows. Daphne asks if it's Joanna. Quentin gets up and Daphne tries to stop him. The figure in the shadows is gone. 

Quentin says they have to try and contact her again. She says Joanna came, and that should be enough. She says Joanna will never be at peace if she stays in the house. He asks if she thinks Joanna doesn't want them to be together, and she says she does. He kisses her, and Daphne tells him no. He promises to follow her if she leaves. He says they'll find a way to bring Joanna the peace she deserves. He asks her to tell him that she'll stay. She asks him to promise that they won't see each other alone. She says that by being together, they've drawn Joanna from her grave. He says it will be very difficult.

Desmond finds Judah Zachery's journal in Gerard's room. Gerard walks in and asks what he has. He says it's the journal he asked him about, that he said he had never seen. Gerard says he found it on the table the other night. Desmond doesn't believe his excuse. Gerard asks if he's threatening him again, Desmond says he intends to do more than just send him away. Gerard asks if he can finish reading the journal, and Desmond tells him to imagine the rest. 

Gerard goes to see Flora. She tells him that she's found an exciting new subject to write about — vampirism. She says that Roxanne came back from the dead as a vampire. She tells him that she's at peace now. She says Barnabas and Randall found her and put her to rest. Gerard asks how Barnabas got involved. Flora says Roxanne kidnapped Julia, and he tracker her down. She says it will be her best book yet. He asks if she's seen Desmond, and he says he came in, put something in a cabinet, and then left. Gerard asks her if she has a key to the cabinet, and she says Desmond must have it.

Trask tells Gerard that Quentin is involved in the ways of witchcraft with Barnabas. Gerard asks why Barnabas would use Roxanne as a vampire. Trask says in order to destroy their enemies, like him. Gerard points out that Barnabas also was responsible for her destruction. Trask says that was only because she disobeyed them and attacked Julia. He says they will try to stop them, so they must strike the first blow, Trask adds that Lorna had the mark of the Devil on her forehead. He adds that it's the same as the one on Quentin's ring. Gerard explains that he gave Quentin that ring. 

He asks Trask why Quentin would be interested in witchcraft. Trask says it's do he can twist their minds to do his bidding. Gerard reminds him that Quentin is a very good friend. Trask says that his case against Quentin is becoming more and more clear. Trask leaves, and Gerard takes out his sigil matching Quentin's ring. 

Desmond asks for Quentin's help with his mother. He says that Gerard must leave the house, because he's a dangerous, evil man. Quentin asks if he has a reason for saying that. Desmond says he found Judah Zachery's journal in Gerard's room. Quentin asks if someone else could have put it there. Trask interrupts them. He points out that evil is a corrupting agent. He tells Quentin that soon everyone will know what he knows. 

Gerard tells Quentin that Desmond should apologize to him. Quentin asks him to get along with Desmond. Gerard asks if Quentin found more letters. He says he did, and points out that he and Daphne are in love. Gerard asks him to tell him more about her, and Quentin says he shouldn't have mentioned it. He leaves and Gerard says Quentin always got what Gerard wanted... and he says that he, Judah Zachery, wants Daphne, and he will have her. He grabs his sigil and calls for Daphne to sleep. 

Daphne is reading in the drawing room when she suddenly grows tired. 

Gerard calls to Daphne, telling her that she will be completely his.

Daphne falls asleep and dreams. In her dream, she sees Gerard. She goes to him and they kiss. He tells her that when she wants to see him, she will have to come to him. They kiss again. He pulls away from her and tells her to come to him whenever she wants to see him. She calls to him as he leaves, and wakes. She gets up and leaves Collinwood.

Daphne arrives at Rose Cottage. Gerard tells her that he was expecting her. She says she doesn't understand why she's there. He asks if she's come to see him. She seems confused. He asks if she realizes how important he is to her. He asks why she's always fighting him. They hear the door, and Desmond comes in. Daphne excuses herself and runs off. 

Desmond asks Gerard what he's up to now. Gerard says he only wishes that he had the powers Desmond thinks that he does. He leaves, and Desmond remobes the journal from the locked cabinet. He wonders what Gerard could have learned from reading it. He hears Flora and Gerard outside his room, and calls his mother in to see him. He tells her that he wants Gerard out of the house. She tells him Gerard is invaluable.

Gerard wraps a cloth around the neck of a tiki idol. He tells Desmond that it's his last chance before tightening the cloth around the doll's neck.

Desmond begins to choke. Flora calls for help and Gerard rushes in. Desmond tells him to get out. Before he leaves, Gerard picks up Judah's journal.

Our thoughts: 

John: That sure look liked Angelique's silhouette in the doorway... what a cop out to just have her 'disappear.'
Christine: I'd still like to believe it was Laura Collins, but it's most likely the person who is impersonating Joanna. After Samantha's histrionic performance the other day when Quentin played his Joanna tune on the piano, it's looking more and more like she may be the one responsible for the Joanna notes. 
John: I can't wait to read Flora's vampire book! Do you think it will be a novel? Or a non-fiction interview with the vampire a la parallel-time's Will Loomis?
Christine: I'm rather intrigued by "The Call of the Wild Goose" by Flora Collins, which surely inspired Jack London. I expect she will be penning a vampire novel to inspire Bram Stoker next. 

John: Thanks for reminding us that you're possessed by Judah Zachery, Gerard. But doing so raised another question. Why is it he would need to read Judah's journal to know what's in there?
Christine: Maybe he just doesn't want Desmond to read all his entries about how much he loves Daphne and wants to make kissy face with her.  

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