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Dark Shadows Episode 287 - 8/1/67

Barnabas enters Josette's room and hovers over Vicki's sleeping body. He looks back at Josette's portrait, leans in, fangs bared, and hesitates. He backs away from Vicki, glancing at the portrait one last time before leaving the room.

Willie escorts Vicki downstairs. He offers her breakfast and asks if anything disturbed her during the night. She says she didn't see or hear anything, and that she had a wonderful night. She says she did have a feeling that someone was in the room, but she wasn't afraid, because it was a dream. She then asks him if it was a dream, and asks if he was in her room. He gets defensive, saying he wouldn't do anything to hurt her. She says she felt safer in Josette's room than anywhere else in her life.

In the main house, Liz is meeting with Julia Hoffman. Liz acknowledges that she agreed to meet, but says it's not a good time because she's very disturbed. She mentions the horrible things around Collinsport, and Julia references Maggie. Liz says that Vicki didn't sleep in her room, as Vicki enters. She apologizes that she upset Liz. Liz says if she knew she was with Barnabas, she wouldn't have worried. Julia is particularly interested in that. Liz says she's not interested in cooperating with Julia. Hoffman says that the public is fascinated with the Collins family. Vicki says if people knew the truth, they wouldn't make up stories. Vicki uses Josette as an example. She says people only know of her death. Julia confirms the research would not go into the living family members. Julia says she's hoping to get Liz and Barnabas to cooperate. Vicki says she mentioned it to Barnabas, and he was also reluctant. Julia says she plans to speak to Barnabas next. Liz says Barnabas may decide to help her, but she will not. She leaves, and Vicki says she was sure that she would say yes. Julia suggests that Vicki talk to her again. Julia says she thinks her work is very important.

Later, Vicki speaks to Liz, and encourages her to give Julia a chance. Liz accuses her of being romantic again.

Vicki speaks of her peaceful night in Josette's room. Liz says that Julia's research would be detached, and not so romantic. Based on that, it might be good to have her work with Ms. Hoffman. Liz says she'll agree to cooperate with Julia, for Vicki.

Julia stops by the old house and forces her way in. Willie says she can't stay, but she ignores him. She wonders how Barnabas managed to restore the house to period. It's as if he lived through the time.

Willie continues to try and get rid of her when Barnabas arrives. He sends Willie away. They discuss Julia's interest in the family history. He says her work is interesting, but he is not interested in cooperating. He appreciates her interest, but feels no obligation to answer her questions. Julia says that she's done some research of her own, and might have some information about his family history that would interest him. He assures her that he knows much more than she ever could. She tells him to let her know if he changes his mind, and leaves. Barnabas is clearly perplexed.

Our thoughts

John: We have apparently witnessed the birth of the reluctant vampire. Is Willie going to have to go after fresh livestock again? At this point, it's hard to imagine Barnabas going after other young girls in Collinsport.

Christine: He's got to be a little unnerved about Julia digging into the Collins family past, since part of that history may reveal his unnatural ailment and subsequent incarceration in his coffin.

John: I'm curious what Julia is referring to. Is it possible she's figured out that there's no lineage connecting the Collins family to England? Surely she doesn't have enough data to put together that he's a vampire... yet.

Christine: I think she's bluffing to find a way in. She may not know he's a vampire, but is probably putting together the clues that he has detailed knowledge of the past that goes beyond what can be gleaned from books, and that he's only available during the daytime, which may lead her to suspect his true nature.

John: Julia is a great strong character, perhaps the strongest yet to go up against Barnabas. That said, it seems a bit excessive to go undercover at the depth she's proposing purely to treat Maggie. Even if she didn't have other patients, spending time digging up family history with Vicki isn't a straight path to getting the details that potentially link Barnabas to Maggie...

Christine: As noted before, her methods are quite unorthodox, however, she is on to Barnabas and seems to be getting closer to the truth.

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