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Dark Shadows Episode 303 - 8/23/67

Burke shows up at Woodard's office, and is shown to a private office. He calls Blair for his research on Nile Bradford in London. Blair tells him that the only Nile Bradford died 130 years previously. He hangs up and Woodard enters. He apologizes for keeping Burke waiting. Burke tells him that it's not every day he finds a 130 year-old skeleton in somebody's closet.

Burke says he'd like to review Maggie's case files. Woodard says he can't allow that. He asks what it's about, and Burke says he can't explain. Woodard asks if he has a lead on who kidnapped Maggie. Burke asks about Maggie's neck wound. He says that the blood samples were stolen, but it was his opinion that the bite was from an animal. Burke asks if the kidnapping and the neck wound are related. He says the bite was not from any indigenous animal in this area. Woodard says that if Burke has a hunch who kidnapped Maggie, he needs to take it to the sheriff. Burke says that suppose the man they're looking for is an outwardly sane, rational member of the community. Someone they'd never suspect.

Joe asks Maggie if she wants to play cards. She snaps at him, sick of being cooped up in the house for days. Joe says she still needs to be protected. Maggie says that if she's at risk, it would be at night, like before. She says she could work they day shift at the coffee shop. Joe tells her she needs to do what he and the doctors are asking. They sit down to play cards. She asks Joe how Dr. Hoffman got involved in the case, and if it's been effective. Joe says Dr. Woodard suggested it, and things seem to be working.

As they play cards. there's a knock at the door. Joe lets Burke in, who asks to speak to Maggie. He asks if her memory is improving. She says she doesn't remember anything. Burke points out that Woodard says she knows less than that night. Burke says that she told Woodard that she was locked in a room in a house with a man who wanted her to die. She told him that she described the man coming into the room, and seeing his face, only to be interrupted when the other doctor arrived. She still doesn't remember anything. Joe mentions how Vicki, some folks from town, and Barnabas Collins have been by to visit. He's surprised to hear that Barnabas stopped in. Maggie says there is one thing she remembers, soft music, but she doesn't know if there's any connection.

In the drawing room, Vicki sits and listens to Josette's music box. Burke arrives for their date, and Vicki points out he's late again. He says he's been doing detective work. He tells her to go upstairs to get a sweater. She grabs the music box and Burke asks about it, remembering that it's the one Barnabas gave her. Vicki points out that it's been behaving strangely. She closes it at night, and in the morning she finds it open. He asks her to play it, and she does. He describes it as light and playful, thinking of Maggie's description. He asks why Barnabas would give it to her, and she says because he's thoughtful. Burke opens it and listens to it one more time.

Our thoughts

John: Since when does Burke know Woodard well enough to make himself at home in his office, making calls and asking to review private patient records?

Christine: My thoughts exactly. Was that a contrived excuse to have them put their heads together about Maggie's abduction?

John: Burke has turned into a regular private eye, pulling together all the clues to point to Barnabas as Maggie's abductor. That should make for an interesting confrontation in the near future, and one that I don't expect Burke will come away from as successfully as Dr. Hoffman did.

Christine: Maybe the fangs will finally come out.

John: I also get the sense that Joe and Maggie's relationship is going to be on the rocks soon if they plan on keeping her locked up for the rest of her days.

Christine: It's a bit ridiculous. If Joe can take off work to babysit her at home, then why can't he take her out for a grand ol' time at the Blue Whale? If Sam's not at home painting, then it's probably where he's at too. 

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