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Dark Shadows Episode 293 - 8/9/67

Barnabas closes his coffin as Willie comes downstairs.

He tells Barnabas that Dr. Hoffman was there during the day. Barnabas tells him that he's going to Collinwood that evening. Willie is concerned about Vicki, and Barnabas says he has no plans to harm her. He also tells Willie to keep an eye on Dr. Hoffman.

Vicki and Burke have coffee in the drawing room. They talk about the house Vicki saw, and she describes seeing a three-masted schooner. Burke says there hasn't been such a ship in years, and she says if he doesn't believe her, she'll have to make up a better story next time. Burke offers to drive her over to the house that night. She says they shouldn't go now and there's a knock on the front door.

Barnabas comes in, and Burke says they're just leaving to look at a house Vicki found. Barnabas comments that the house is empty. Burke asks how he would know. Barnabas expresses interest in seeing it, and Vicki invites him to join them. She suggests that they go there on a picnic with David tomorrow. Barnabas says it would be reckless to go in broad daylight, since there's no trespassing. Burke again asks how Barnabas would know. Vicki agrees with Barnabas, and goes to get dressed to go over. She starts upstairs to check on David, and Barnabas asks if he's okay. She says he's upset that a friend of his didn't join them for dinner.

Burke and Barnabas wait for Vicki. Barnabas comments on how he likes the old houses around here, and how Burke does not. Burke is impatient, and Barnabas says that men should be prepared to wait an eternity for a beautiful woman. Barnabas comments on how Burke has traveled. He says that no one seems to know very much about Burke. He also says he'd like to see what Burke has seen. Burke turns the tables and says no one seems to know much about him. Burke presses him about his history in England. Barnabas asks if Burke knows much about England. Burke asks if he had any friends in England, and Barnabas says he didn't have friends there. Barnabas says he lived a solitary life with his cousin on the outskirts of London. Burke asks for his cousin's name, and Barnabas stumbles before saying his cousin was Nile Bradford.

Vicki comes downstairs and Barnabas comments how lovely she is, and that she was worth the wait.

Our thoughts

John: Barnabas points out that Willie is concerned about how he treats Vicki, but could care less about what happens to Hoffman. Nice double standard, Loomis!

Christine: You may remember that Willie once had a special interest in Vicki:

John: Vicki is obviously not in tune with Burke's signals when she invites Barnabas to join them at the house. As Barnabas seems to be very aware of the property, one must wonder if the house Vicki is in love with is part of his plans to win her over.

Christine: Vicki is not in tune with socially correct behavior, however, Burke is being such a sourpuss that it's easy to understand why she might like to have the very genteel Barnabas around. If it weren't for the kidnapping and forcing women to dress like his dead girlfriend, Barnabas might be quite a catch.

John: Great back and forth between Burke and Barnabas. Of course just when Burke had him on the ropes, Vicki came downstairs to save Barnabas from having to keep answering Burke's questions.

Christine: Barnabas has been so busy looking for a lady to play Josette that he hasn't spent enough time coming up with a convincing backstory about his life in England. He should anticipate that Burke will be getting his investigators on him soon if he continues to crash his dates with Vicki.

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