Monday, July 17, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 276 - 7/17/67

Willie tells Jason to take the jewels and leave. Jason says he thinks the jewels are in the coffin. Willie tells him that it's Barnabas' coffin. Jason insists, and Willie steps back and tells him to go ahead and open it. Jason lifts the lid, and is grasped by the throat by Barnabas.

Barnabas walks around the body of Jason, lying on the floor. Barnabas tells Willie that Jason is dead. Barnabas closes the lid to his coffin. Willie is shocked that Barnabas killed Jason.

Barnabas asks what they were doing in the basement. Willie explains that Jason saw them through the window, and broke in the next day to steal the jewels. Barnabas threatens Willie, but puts that on hold so they can deal with Jason's body. He says they'll bury Jason in the secret room of the Collins' Family Crypt. Barnabas says they'll dispose of the body as soon as it's dark. Willie can't bring himself to pick up Jason's body. Willie asks if Barnabas ever had a friend die. Barnabas explains that he did, once, long ago. Long before Josette. Someone who died while young and innocent. He says he mourned her death for a long time. The two pick up Jason's body, and carry him upstairs. As they do, we see the little girl in the basement playing with a ball. She picks up Jason's hat and puts it on Barnabas' coffin.

Doctor Woodard asks Julia if she's shown Sam's drawing of the little girl to Maggie yet. She explains that she has not. She explains that she'll see the sketch in time. He insists that they show Maggie the sketch today. A nurse brings Maggie in to the room. Maggie sits down at Julia's desk, and Woodard asks her to look at the sketch he brought. He asks if Maggie recognizes her. Maggie struggles with it before saying she doesn't know. Then she says it's Sarah. They try to get more information from Maggie. She says she came to the room. Julia says he's pushing her too far. Woodard asks where the room was. Maggie starts singing London Bridge until the nurse drags her away.

Willie and Barnabas sneak Jason's lifeless body into the crypt. Barnabas tells Jason's dead body that his greed destroyed him. Barnabas is upset he had to resort to defiling the family tomb with the likes of Jason McGuire. Willie walks through the names in the crypt. Willie asks about Sarah, and Barnabas describes mending a broken doll for her the day before she died. Willie asks if that's the friend he was referring to earlier. Barnabas confirms that it was. They leave, and the ghost of Sarah appears in the crypt, doll in hand. She sits down in front of her tomb.

Our thoughts

John: I think it's going to take a while to get used to these rotating narrators. Is that Maggie's voice? Did Vicki finally get some vacation time? You'd think she could have recorded the opening bits in advance if they were written.

Christine: Did Sarah get another doll, or did she take back the one she gave to Maggie? I was hoping the Caretaker at the Eagle Hill Cemetery might pop up while Willie and Barnabas were lugging Jason McGuire's corpse around the cemetery, though he never would have seen them through that dense fog. It was so thick it was creeping into the mausoleum.

John: Well, I can't complain in that I got what I wanted with Jason dying at Barnabas' hand... but I was hoping for something a little more grandiose.

Christine: It was a bit of a let down. I would have liked to have seen Jason at least attempt to fight back. He was dispatched much too quickly. Barnabas is quite fond of strangling people. His vise-like grip seems to have a paralyzing effect.

John: So for anyone not paying attention, the little girl who has been making herself at home in and around the old house is Barnabas' younger sister Sarah. In time, we'll probably hear exactly how she died.

Christine: I wonder if we'll also find out why his dear little sister has appeared to everyone but him so far. I was surprised Maggie was able to recognize Sarah in Sam's sketch, since he drew her without her long hair hanging down.

Sam's sketch of Sarah looks more like David.

Barnabas and Willie share personal feelings with one another.

Barnabas does not have a very luxurious coffin.

Farewell, Jason McGuire.


  1. "But I was hoping for something a little more grandiose."

    Thanks to the movie JOE, I associate Dennis Patrick with dramatic final scenes!

  2. As for Jason's death, remember, this was 1967 daytime TV. They couldn't be very explicit (they haven't even used the "V" word yet to describe Barnabas). I think it was creepy enough that they were shown carrying the corpse around.

    I love the Sarah story line. It's the first real step towards Barnabas becoming the "reluctant" vampire, to be pitied rather than feared.