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Episode 208 - 4/13/67

Willie comes downstairs and checks out the portrait of Barnabas.

In the drawing room, Liz fastens a pin to her dress as Jason walks in. He says Mrs. Johnson asked him to come see her. Liz says she wants Willie out of Collinwood and Collinsport. Jason says he assumes she heard about the unfortunate events of The Blue Whale, and that he agrees with her, and that Willie is no longer a friend of his. She's somewhat surprised to hear him say that, and says that the matter is settled. Jason explains that Willie needs the means to leave. If Liz wants him to leave, she should furnish the money. She offers his bus fare, and he asks for $1000 for Willie's inconvenience. She says she won't pay a bribe. Her pin falls off and Jason admires it. She says she'll call the police, and he can tell her whatever he likes. He realizes she's not bluffing, and says he'll get him to leave for $500. She agrees and goes to get the money.

She leaves and Willie enters. Willie says he should have just killed Burke privately. Jason says he's getting Willie $500, and he has to leave immediately. Willie says he won't leave for that little. He says Jason can fix it for him to stay. He spots Liz' pin and tells Jason that he'll leave when he gets the $500. Jason tells him to start packing, and Willie says he wants to finish his coffee. When Jason leaves, he pockets the pin.

David lies on the couch in the drawing room, reading. Liz comes in and looks around. She asks if he's seen her pin. He points out that it was the one her great grandmother gave her when she was 18. She suddenly says that she knows what happened to it.

Jason looks through books in Roger's study when Liz enters and asks for her pin. She says if he didn't take it, then he surely knows who did. If he can't find it, she'll have to notify the insurance company, who will come to investigate it. He says that won't be necessary, and leaves.

Jason finds Willie in the kitchen and asks about Mrs. Stoddard's pin. He tells Willie to stand up. He grabs his vest and feels the pin. He gives Willie to the count of five to hand it over. He says he'll call the police and insurance investigators, and  tell them where to find it. Willie reluctantly hands it over. Jason tries again to explain the difference between the right and wrong way of stealing. He should focus on things that won't immediately be missed.

Jason sneaks back into the drawing room, and feigns finding it as Liz walked in. She says he planted it, but he denies it. She says she's going to call the police. Jason asks what will happen to Carolyn and David—and the Collins name. He assures her that everything will be better once Willie is gone.

Willie asks David to show him pictures of his ancestors. They go through a book of portraits, and David details the family history. Willie points out the jewelry in the portraits. He asks what happened to all the jewels. David says they wouldn't have been sold. They'd be handed down from generation to generation. He also says that some were buried with their jewels. Willie is intrigued, and asks if they're buried in Collinsport.

Back downstairs, Willie once again admires the jewelry in the portrait of Barnabas Collins. As he stares at it, he hears a heartbeat, and the eyes in the portrait begin to glow.

Our thoughts

John: Interesting that Jason finally admits that he also doesn't want Liz to call the police. Sadly, she doesn't think to use this leverage against getting him out of Collinwood as well.

Christine: I can't wait to see that emerald pin in color!

John: So thanks to David, Willie's plan is set in motion. Now he just needs to find out where the bodies—and hopefully the jewels—are buried.

Christine: David shared that Abigail Collins was given jewels by a pirate. The Collins family has a long history of being associated with crime.

John: Are we to believe the portrait of Barnabas is actually reacting to Willie, or is he just imagining that? While we all know what's coming, audiences 50 years ago probably never could have dreamed what was coming in the next few days...

Christine: We've seen a ghost step out of a portrait and a head float out of another, so it's not a stretch to believe that the portrait of Barnabas is reacting to Willie's greed, perhaps calling him to release him.

Willie just wants to touch the family jewels.

David's Great Great Great Great Grandmother Abigail Collins

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