Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Episode 206 - 4/11/67

Vicki asks Liz about David's schoolwork, but she's otherwise preoccupied. Vicki asks Liz if there's anything she can do, as she seems so worried. Liz says she's fine, and that Vicki seems worried. Vicki explains that she's not worried—she's frightened. Liz admits that Willie may be problematic, but also confirms that Jason said it wouldn't happen again. Vicki says she's not frightened of Jason and Willie. She's frightened by Liz. Liz goes on a rant and says she probably needs to have more guests at Collinwood, since Vicki, Carolyn and Roger all react so strongly to the slightest change in routine.

Willie stares at the portrait of Barnabas while Mrs. Johnson is cleaning the foyer. Willie asks Mrs. Johnson about the jewelry in the portrait. He bets her that the family still has them. He asks her if they have jewels stashed away, trying to find out where they might be. She says she's heard about them, but never seen them. She starts to tell a story and stops herself abruptly. She suggests he get his mind on something else, too.

Vicki stops by Burke's to pick up David's coat which had been left in his car when they went fishing. Burke notices that something's up, and asks her what Willie has done. She says nothing, and then tells him that Carolyn had to use a gun to keep him away. He tells her she needs to tell Liz, and he'll get his walking papers. She says she did and he doesn't believe it. Burke tells her to come on, they're going to Collinwood. She says he can't fight Willie. He says he's not going to see Willie or Jason; he's going to see Liz. Vicki asks Burke why he cares about what happens, if he and Liz are enemies. He explains that if anyone is going to bring her down, it will be him.

Liz tells Burke she doesn't want to discuss it, and asks him to leave. She tells Vicki that she's upset  she dragged Burke into their business. Burke explains that he had to drag the info out of her, and she tried to stop him from coming. He tells Liz that Willie is dangerous. Burke offers her help, and Liz says she doesn't need it. Vicki leaves to get Burke's coat, and Liz thanks him for his offer, sincerely.

Willie bumps into Vicki while she's getting Burke's coat. He won't let her by, saying he wants to apologize. Burke and Liz walk in. Burke tells Willie to stay away from Vicki. Liz asks Willie to leave, and he tells Burke he's lucky the ladies are there. Burke grabs him and throws him up against the wall. Willie tells Burke to take his hands off him. Liz asks him to let go of Willie. He does, and Willie coolly walks to the stairs. Burke tells him not to forget what he said, and Willie replies that he never forgets a thing. At the top of the stairs, he looks down at Burke before going to his room. Burke asks Liz if she'll change her mind about his offer for help. Burke asks her if she saw how he was treating Vicki. He asks her to think of what she's putting Caroline and Vicki through. He says he's sure that Jason must have something over her, and he's willing to help. She says she doesn't need any help and walks out of the room.

Our thoughts

John: I give John Karlen credit for picking up the role of Willie and maintaining the sleazy character that was established by the original actor. And either I missed it, or they made no mention of the substitution.

Christine: It was an easy transition. I like how he tells Mrs. Johnson of seeing someone in New York who resembled Barnabas, except he was a beatnik.

John: It looked for a minute like Willie might have an ally in Mrs. Johnson, but she quickly changed her tune before spilling any family secrets. But Willie probably hasn't given up his pursuit of the Collins family jewels.

Christine: Has Mrs. Johnson really been around long enough to know that many family secrets? I guess she works quickly with her nose for news.

John: I was really looking forward to a throwdown between Burke and Willie. It seems like it's only a question of when that will happen. Only then will we know if Willie is as tough—or crazy—as he seems.


  1. "...he tells Burke he's lucky the ladies are there."

    I wonder how that cliche got started (if it is a cliche exactly).
    All I know is that it's one of those MST3K jokes that they unfortunately reused too many times (during any given movie fight scene, one of the three characters would say "You're lucky my chick's here!")

  2. I can't help liking Willie's "beatnik" remark about Barnabas. I'm sure they get a lot of kidding for it, but it seems like mid-' 60's movies and shows are always kind of jumbling stereotyped hippies and stereotyped beatniks, including the ways they use the two words. Dark Shadows even has its own case of that when Buzz the motorcyclist comes along!

  3. Beatnik :-) I always think of Maynard G. Krebbs, of Dobbie Gillis fame, played by Bob Denver, when I hear beatnik..Hippie didn't enter the wider American vocabulary until after the Summer of Love 1967 some months after this broadcast.