Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Episode 203 - 4/5/67

Jason brings Willie into the drawing room and asks what he's doing there. Willie says that he wanted to help Jason. Jason says he might ruin everything. Jason tells him to go back to his room in town. Willie explains he got kicked out. He tells Jason that if he doesn't have the money for his rent, then he's staying at Collinwood.

Willie says the house looks like a museum—pictures and everything. Jason says the family won't take to his staying there, and Willie tells him they'll have to get used to it. He tells Jason that he can talk anyone into anything. Jason says he'll make arrangements for him to stay, but if he ruins this for him, it will be the last mistake he makes. Jason goes to coordinate things with Mrs. Johnson.

He finds her in the foyer. After some small talk, he says she's so efficient, she probably already prepared the extra room. She says that she knows nothing of an extra room. He explains that his guest is in the next room, and she says she'll check with Mrs. Stoddard. He asks why she has to check with her, and Mrs. Johnson says that she's her employer. Jason suggests that Mrs. Johnson prepare the room, and he will talk to Liz. He brings Mrs. Johnson in to the drawing room and introduces her to Willie. They sweet talk Mrs. Johnson, and Willie asks if his room is ready yet. She goes upstairs to work on that, and Jason breathes a sigh of relief.

Mrs. Johnson bumps into Liz on the stairs, and she says that she's making up Mr. Loomis' room. Liz has no idea what she's talking about, and Mrs. Johnson says that Mr. McGuire says that he already cleared it with Liz.

Liz enters the drawing room and tells Jason she needs to speak to him. Jason sends Willie out and closes the door. She demands to know who Willie is, and what he's doing there. Jason said he asked Willie to stay, thinking it would be alright by Liz. She tells Jason to send him away. Jason says he'd like her to invite Willie to stay before he has to demand it. Liz refuses, and says Jason is trying to take over her house. She says she wants Willie out. He tells her they can go down to the basement and discuss whether or not he can stay.

Willie makes himself at home in Roger's study. Vicki walks in to get a book, and Willie asks if she's the governess. He knows her name. He found it out after seeing her at The Blue Whale. Willie is impressed that she reads, because he can't stand dumb women. He says he's looking forward to getting to know her, as he'll be staying at Collinwood. She tries to leave, but Willie won't let her past him. She shouts at Willie, and Liz enters. She tells Willie to get out. Jason comes in, and Liz says Willie was annoying Vicki. Jason interrogates Vicki, who admits Willie didn't actually do anything. Jason takes Willie upstairs, and Vicki asks who the men are. She tells Vicki that they're her guests, and to please not ask her any more questions.

Our thoughts

John: Interesting that one of the first things Willie mentions are the portraits being like a museum. I wonder how soon we'll see a new portrait in Collinwood...

Christine: You have to wonder why Jason keeps Willie around. He seems to do alright on his own.

John: Jason uses his social engineering techniques on Mrs. Johnson. Once again, he masterfully gets what he wants out of an awkward situation.

Christine: I love when Willie asks if the food is any good and Jason responds, "It's atrocious! She burns everything to death!" Back in Episode 140, Roger remarked that he should give her an up-to-date cookbook. Why do you think the Collins' family keeps Mrs. Johnson on at Collinwood?

John: Come on, Vicki! Willie's obviously bothering you, but you make it out like he was no trouble? I think you're going to regret not getting him kicked out when you had the chance.

"You know, I can't stand dumb women. I think women should know about things."  -Willie Loomis

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