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Episode 65 - 9/23/66

Burke forces his way into Collinwood in search of Roger. Liz says he's not there, and asks Burke to leave. He refuses, and wanders into the drawing room to sit and wait for his return. Liz explains the Sheriff asked her to call if Burke showed up. He tells her to go ahead, but she doesn't. She says they'll both wait for Roger.

Roger calls Maggie from the Blue Whale looking for Sam. Evans enters the bar, and Roger tells him to join him at a table. Roger asks Sam what he told the Sheriff. Sam tells him he said exactly what they agreed. Roger then asks what he told Burke. Sam says Burke was asking if he killed Bill Malloy. Roger says he didn't kill Bill, they were good friends. Sam said the only time Bill was Roger's friend was when he conveniently died.

Liz prepares tea for Burke, and makes small talk. Vicki steps in, and Liz asks her to entertain Burke while she gets the tea. Vicki asks if he came to accuse Roger of being involved in Bill's death. Burke asks about David, and Vicki suggests he should think of David before he does anything to Roger.

Sam tells Roger that after running out, he went back to Burke's apartment. He says he was able to convince Burke he was innocent of Bill Malloy's murder. He also said Roger is next on Burke's list. Roger tells Sam that if Burke learns anything from any source, Sam will also suffer. Sam asks about Roger's offer for money to skip town. Roger says the offer is off the table.

Sam calls Maggie from the Blue Whale to let her know he's coming home. Roger says he's reconsidered giving him money to leave town. Sam also waffles about wanting it. He says that it would look odd if he ran out during the investigation of Bill's murder. He hadn't thought about that before meeting with Roger.

Roger returns home and Liz lets him know Burke is there to see him.

Our thoughts

John: The mood swing from Liz was a bit much, going from anger that Burke stormed his way into the house to her fixing him tea and talking about the good old days.

Christine: I saw it more as a change of tact. When she couldn't intimidate him with her formidable behavior, she switched over to turning on the Collins charm to try and have her way with him. Although she is obviously flustered and calls him Roger while imploring him to sit down for tea with her, her strategy ends up throwing Burke off guard.

John: Roger missed his opportunity to both get Sam out of town, and to make him appear like the guilty party. Who would have thought Sam would have even picked up on that. A functioning alcoholic, indeed!

Christine: There's another non-Cobert tune playing on the Blue Whale jukebox when Roger reconsiders his offer of money to Sam. I wonder if this is a trend and if it's the last we've heard of the Robert Cobert standards on the jukebox. Burke and Vicki have the opportunity to get to know each other better. I expect he'll be picking up the rain check on that dinner date soon.

John: Ah, another Friday, another impending confrontation between Burke and Roger. If only I could believe that come Monday the conflict between the two men would reach a conclusion...

Christine: I feel cheated. I thought surely the confrontation would occur on a Friday, but let's hope Monday's episode does not disappoint.

Burke notes Isaac's portrait, which has moved once again to the left of the bay windows.

There's a new portrait in the drawing room hanging in Isaac's former spot.

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