Thursday, September 1, 2016

Episode 49 - 9/1/66

Maggie talks to her Dad on the phone from the restaurant. She explains to him that she hasn't seen Bill Malloy, but will let him know if she does.

Burke arrives and orders breakfast. He asks if she's seen Bill Malloy. She says he's the third person to ask today; first Carolyn Stoddard, then her father, and now Burke. She asks if he thinks something  happened to Bill. Burke asks if that's how her Dad sounded. She said no, he just asked where he was.

Joe arrives at the restaurant and orders a doughnut and black coffee. Maggie says his lady friend was in an hour ago and left. He asks how long Burke has been there and she says a half an hour. Joe asks if Maggie has seen Bill. Burke answers for her, and asks if he's looking for Bill Malloy on Roger's behalf. Carolyn arrives and Burke leaves.

Burke visits Sam and asks where Bill Malloy is. Burke suggests Bill's disappearance got Sam off the hook. Burke suggests that maybe somebody stopped Bill.

Carolyn and Joe talk about Bill Malloy. Joe says maybe Burke had something to do with Bill's disappearance. Maggie asks Carolyn if Burke mentioned her father. Maggie leaves and asks them to watch the restaurant. Joe asks Carolyn to marry him, and then tells her that David got a crystal ball, and told him she'd marry Burke.

Sam has a drink. As he and Burke talk about Bill, Burke calls him out for saying Bill was one of the best men in town; in the past tense. Maggie walks in on them and Burke leaves.

Carolyn and Joe return to Collinwood. She calls him an idiot for loving her. They start making out when there's a knock on the door. They ignore it at first, and then Carolyn answers to find Burke Devlin. He demands to see Roger. Carolyn explains he isn't at home, so Burke leaves.

Maggie tells her Dad she was checking in on him because of the connection between him, Roger, Bill and Burke. He fixes himself another drink, and suggests she go back to work. She asks him what ties all of them together. Sam ignores her. Upset, she leaves.

After she leaves, Sam says, "we're all headed towards death," and splashes paint on the very rough portrait of Burke.

Our thoughts

John: Everyone's looking for Bill Malloy. Roger Collins, who doesn't make an appearance (perhaps the show's alcohol budget can't sustain both Sam and Roger in the same episode), is certainly the focus of speculation on the disappearance.

Christine: Odd that Roger should be missing from today's episode. He must be off disposing of a corpse and concealing evidence.

John: Referring to Bill, Sam says he's one of the best. Burke calls him out for saying 'was', which Sam didn't actually say. But being drunk, he didn't seem to know any better.

Christine: Sam's alcohol fueled Jackson Pollock style has really improved Burke's portrait.

John: Joe wants to prove David's crystal ball wrong when it comes to his marrying Carolyn. While she seems to swing like a pendulum, right now she does appear to be on Team Joe.

Christine: Carolyn was right about one thing. Joe is an idiot.

More wisdom from Burke: "Joe. Remember, dig up the dead bodies first."


Grant said...

Burke's portrait has a sort of Charlton horror comic look to it. (I have the worst trouble matching comic artists with their work, so that's the only description I can give.)

John W. said...

Maggie must always feel so welcome when she comes home.