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Episode 56 - 9/12/66

Carolyn wakes up late, and Liz calls her into the drawing room. She gives Carolyn her lost watch that Joe found. She then tells Carolyn that she and Vicki were right. There was a dead man at the foot of the cliff. The phone rings and Carolyn answers it; it's the Sheriff saying they just found Bill Malloy's body.

Carolyn is distraught at the news. Liz explained why Matthew lied. Liz tries calling Roger at the office but he's not there.

Roger stops in the Blue Whale looking for Sam, and finds him drinking. Sam is upset over Bill being dead, but Roger says until a body is found, they don't know it was Bill Malloy. But Roger is unaware why Sam is on his latest drinking binge.

Vicki is making her bed when Carolyn comes to see her. She tells Vicki that Bill Malloy is dead.

Roger gets off the phone confirming the Coast Guard found the body. Roger says there will be an autopsy and Sam gets defensive. Roger says if it turns out Bill was murdered, he'll work to find out who was responsible. Sam asked why he was telling him. Roger than says he told the Sheriff about their meeting. Roger tells Sam that he's to tell the Sheriff exactly what he tells him to say.

Carolyn tells Vicki Bill's dream was to spend a month on a tropical island. Liz interrupts them and asks Carolyn to go into town looking for Roger. She tells Vicki to send David outside, and that she can do what she wants for the day. Vicki says she's been meaning to do something about Sam Evans.

Sam asks Roger how long they can go on telling lies. Roger asks if Sam would rather tell the Sheriff that he has evidence that would prove Roger had something to do with Burke's conviction. Roger says Sam has a lot to gain from Bill's murder. Sam says the same of Roger, and Roger says that's why they must stand together. It will be their two stories against Burke Devlin's.

Carolyn flips through the Collins history book. Vicki asks if she'll drive her into town. She asks if Carolyn knows Sam Evans. She says Maggie invited her to dinner with her and her father, but Roger discouraged it.

Roger returns to Collinwood. He suggests to Liz that they close the plant for the day. Carolyn gives Vicki the keys so she can go into town. Roger asks where she's going, and Carolyn says to see Sam Evans. When she asks if he cares, he says not at all, he hardly knows the man. Carolyn says that's what she told Vicki, and Roger gets that oh so familiar look of fear.

Our thoughts

John: Shame on them for making it look like the ghost was back, turning the pages of the Collins history book, only to then show that it was Carolyn.

Christine: It's all in good fun, but there's only so much supernatural teasing a fan can take. Give up the ghost, Dan Curtis!

John: What's the deal with Roger's hat. Is he trying to go incognito?

Christine: He looks quite dapper. I think it indicates a change to cooler fall weather. Sam engages in some rather impressive two fisted drinking in this episode. I really like the way flickering light is used on the window at the Blue Whale to give the appearance of shimmering reflections of the ocean.

John: I think Roger's treading on thin ice with an alliance with Sam. Assuming Burke tells the truth, I don't think it will be a clear cut case of he said-she said. Sam has already proven unreliable in that regard. But other than offing Sam, he seems to have little choice.

Christine: I expect Roger will do what he can to pin the murder on Sam in order to absolve himself and he should probably expect Sam to do the same.

John: Sounds like our friends at Dan Curtis Productions took a week off last week. From the beginning, they've been recording shows two weeks before their air date. Today's episode was shot just one week before air date. Actually, thanks to Nicholas Mooneyhan's great website,, I discovered the week off was due to a move to a new, permanent studio.

Now that they have a permanent studio, perhaps the portrait of Isaac Collins will stay in one place.

The ghost of Josette may not have been turning pages, but she may have rolled the teleprompter into this shot.

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