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Episode 60 - 9/16/66

Vicki and Maggie arrive at the Evans home for dinner. Maggie goes to find her dad while Vicki looks at his paintings. Vicki finds a portrait that she thinks looks like her. Vicki asks if Maggie knows who it is. She doesn't, but says her father might when he gets home.

Burke arrives to see the Sheriff. He asks what Roger and Sam said. He says he wants the person responsible for Bill's death held accountable, and if the Sheriff doesn't do something about it, he will.

Maggie and Vicki relax while they wait for their dinner to cook. Maggie asks if Vicki ever saw a ghost at Collinwood. She describes the shadow she saw the night of the thunderstorm. Maggie starts to talk about Burke Devlin's trial 10 years ago when her Dad arrives. Maggie sends him to get washed up.

Burke says he won't leave until he gets some kind of answer. He sees the map where they think Bill entered the water—which the Sheriff explains was drawn by David Collins. Burke presses the Sheriff, who says that someone is lying. The Sheriff says both Roger and Sam said Burke was lying. The Sheriff tells Burke if he tries to take the law into his own hands he'll lock him in a cell and throw away the key.

Sam asks how he can help Vicki. She asks who the model was in the painting that looks like her. He says it's about 25 years old. He says she was a local girl, Betty Hanscomb. Maggie says wasn't Hansen the name of the guy that Burke killed. Maggie asks her Dad to tell Vicki about the accident. Vicki is very interested to hear the details. Sam said Burke was driving, he hit someone and kept going, was tried and convicted. Maggie says Roger Collins and his wife were with him. Sam explains she wasn't his wife yet. Laura was Burke's girl, he introduced her to Roger, and they ended up together. Sam said they were drinking, and Burke insisted on driving. A man was hit and killed, but the car didn't stop. Burke denied he was driving, but Sam says he was drunk. Roger and Laura both testified that Burke was driving.

The Sheriff calls Sam and asks if Burke has come to see him tonight. He encourages Sam to call if Burke is any trouble.

As they're sitting down for dinner, Burke Devlin arrives and asks if they have room for one more.

Our thoughts

John: It took 60 episodes, but we finally know the story of what happened 10 years ago. And we know enough to figure out the real story of what happened. The only thing we don't know is how Sam figures into the story.

Christine: We also don't know how Roger was able to get Burke's girl to testify against him and hook up with Roger. It is a mystery as to why she would throw Burke over for Roger. I understand the woman is ill...

John: A bit of a coincidence for Vicki to stumble across a painting that looks something like her at the Evan's house. I hope Sam's quick story of Betty Hanscomb's demise proves not to be the only mention we hear of her. For Vicki's sake, anyway.

Christine: According to Sam, Betty Hanscomb died before Vicki was born and had no relatives other than her parents, so she can't be Vicki's mother unless Sam has some reason to lie and throw Vicki off track. He did state that he "knew a great deal" about Betty Hanscomb in those days--implying knowing in the biblical sense. Could Vicki and Maggie be sisters?!

John: While I appreciate the Sheriff not wanting to jump to conclusions, it sure seems like Burke's story warrants further investigation. And again, I think anyone would see that Sam is the one to squeeze for the truth. Of course, that's probably what Burke has in mind over dinner.

The Sheriff investigates his sandwich.

It looks a bit like Vicki, especially around the nose and mouth, though truly it looks exactly like Alexandra Moltke.

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