Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 478 - 4/24/68

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Cassandra is coming downstairs when there's a knock at the door. She answers it and is shocked to see Maggie Evans—the spitting image of Josette duPres. She introduces herself, and Maggie explains that she heard the good news about her and Roger. She asks if there's something wrong, and Cassandra explains she bears a striking resemblance to someone she knew. Vicki comes in, and she and Maggie retire to the drawing room. Cassandra glares at Barnabas' portrait, and says that Maggie shall be the first to have the dream.

Vicki and Maggie sit in the drawing room, where Maggie appears to be preoccupied. She says that Cassandra kept staring at her when they met. Vicki says she can see why. She asks Maggie if she said she reminded her of someone. Maggie is surprised that Vicki knows this. Vicki adds that she didn't say who she resembled, which Maggie confirms. Vicki says it's too fantastic. The way she came into Roger's life so suddenly. Vicki asks Maggie if a friend of hers could stay in the extra room in the cottage. Maggie says she thinks her father will be fine with that, and Vicki clarifies that it's a man. Maggie asks about him, and Vicki isn't able to tell her much more than his name. Maggie asks if she's in love with the man, and she says she's not sure.

Cassandra interrupts them to tell Vicki there's a phone call for her from Jeff.

Dr. Lang prepares a syringe while Jeff talks to Vicki on the phone. He agrees to meet her in an hour. Lang tells him he's making a mistake, and Jeff says he's told Vicki everything he knows about himself. Lang asks about the things that he knows—that Jeff is a murderer. Jeff denies it, and Lang tells him he has the proof. Jeff threatens Lang to keep quiet. He says if Lang tells Vicki about him, he'll report to the police about Lang's experiment. Lang offers him a deal. He says he needs Jeff's help for one more day to complete the experiment.

Jeff tells him no, and starts to leave. Lang says if he leaves now, all they will do is destroy each other. He reiterates that he only needs one more day.

Jeff goes to call Vicki back, and Lang grabs the syringe he prepared. Jeff calls Vicki, but she's not there. Lang stabs him with the syringe, and after chasing Lang around the lab, he collapses.

Cassandra calls to Barnabas, telling him the time has come. She calls for the dream curse to begin tonight. She grabs a leaf from a tree outside the drawing room, and a similar leaf appears on Maggie's pillow where she sleeps.

In what appears to be a dream, Maggie goes to the door and finds Jeff standing there. He then draws her away, into darkness.

Suddenly, she finds herself locked behind a door. She's then in a cloudy room, where she can hear the melody from Josette's music box.

She goes through a door and sees a grinning skull with eyes. She screams, and wakes up from the dream.

Lang prepares his surgical gear as Jeff lies unconscious on the table. Jeff wakes and asks why he's strapped to the table. Lang says he would be stupid to trust him. Jeff tells him he's insane, and Lang agrees. Jeff asks why he didn't just kill him, and Lang explains that he has plans for Jeff.

Lang gives him another injection that knocks him out. He tells Jeff that he should feel honored that Barnabas has chosen him through which he will see and speak.

Our thoughts

John: Nice zoom into a wide-eyed Cassandra when she sees Maggie for the first time. Of course I'm thinking they had a new camera operator today, as there were a number of excessive zooms.

Christine: What excessive zooms? I was too preoccupied with Maggie's appearance to notice. I had forgotten what she looked like after not seeing her since Episode 360.

John: I like how the first stage of Angelique's dream curse ends. Another nice zoom - this one into a nice looking skull with eyes. I'm curious if that's a Renwal model kit, the same kind used to create the corpse at the top of the stairs in Night of the Living Dead.

Christine: That zoom I did notice. It could be the same skull from Maggie's first really bad dream in Episode 224, as well as the skull that was gifted to Barnabas and Josette for their wedding in Episode 374, though it looks a lot nicer with eyeballs added to the sockets.

John: Ah, poor Jeff. He thought he was going to show Dr. Lang who was boss. Unfortunately for Jeff, the position was already filled.

Christine: Dr. Lang has an unusual way of strapping Jeff Clark to the table. 

Christine: I love the psychedelic dream overlay during the end credits.

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Paul Haney said...

This is what, the third different hair color for KLS now? She started as a blonde, went brunette and now auburn. Of course, I'd love her with any color hair!