Friday, March 23, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 455 - 3/22/68

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Daniel doesn't see Vicki inside the mausoleum. From within the secret room, Vicki hears him and opens the door. Daniel rushes in and begs her to close the door, saying someone is outside chasing him.

Noah approaches and enters the mausoleum, finding it empty, leaves.

Vicki asks if Nathan was chasing him, and Daniel explains it was someone else. Daniel asks if he can go with her when she leaves. She explains that they could never come back to Collinwood. Daniel explains that he has money, from Millicent signing over everything to him. Daniel adds that Nathan no longer likes him. She asks Daniel if Nathan is at Collinwood, as she realizes that Peter is on his way there.

Nathan comes downstairs and finds Noah in the drawing room. He tells him to get out, and Noah explains that it wasn't his fault. He says that Daniel got away. Nathan is ready to kill him, but Noah reminds him that everyone in the house will know he's there. Noah describes what happened to Daniel, leading up to his disappearing in the mausoleum, calling for Vicki, but he couldn't find him.

Naomi comes in, interrupting them, and Nathan escorts Noah out, under the guise of giving him Naval orders. Naomi tells Nathan that Daniel has been missing for hours. He's not concerned. Naomi says he acts as if he knows exactly where Daniel is. Nathan then suggests that maybe the witch got Daniel. Naomi refuses to believe that, and asks that he tell Millicent about Daniel. He instead offers to leave and join the search.

After he sees Nathan leave, Peter arrives at Collinwood. Naomi asks where Vicki is, and he tells her that she's hiding on the property. He tells her Vicki wanted her to know she thought Daniel was in terrible danger. She had a dream that led Vicki not to trust Nathan. She asks how she can help. She offers to help when Joshua returns from Boston. She asks how Vicki is, and he explains she was shot. Naomi insists that he bring Vicki to Collinwood to take care of her.

Daniel realizes that Vicki isn't well. He says he's going to get his cousin Naomi. She tries to stop him but cannot. He heads into the night. He makes his way through the cemetery, where he runs right into Noah's arms. He screams for help. Vicki comes to his rescue, and shoots Noah in the back. She calls for Peter, and takes Daniel back to the mausoleum.

Peter comes across the dead body of Noah in the cemetery. He picks up Noah's pistol when Nathan shows up, gun drawn. He takes the pistol and tells Peter that he's taking him back to the jail, with a new charge—murder!

Our thoughts

John: It sure looked like Vicki might accidentally shoot Daniel with her arm in the sling.

Christine: I wasn't sure that bullet was ever going to reach Noah, with Vicki firing the gun before we heard the shot and Noah falling a few seconds after that. Noah mysteriously acquired a beanie after being bare headed in yesterday's episode.

John: Poor Noah, the early beatnik. Died before he ever saw a dime from his pal Nathan Forbes.

Christine: That probably would have been the same result even if he'd died of old age.

John: If Peter plays his cards right, he can say he was bewitched by Vicki. She's going to die either way—might as well spare his own life!

Christine: Peter is no Nathan Forbes. He'll gladly go the the gallows with her since he won't want to go on living without her.  I was surprised Nathan settled for Peter Bradford and didn't try to bag Vicki and Daniel too. Perhaps he intends to circle back for the two of them next.

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