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Dark Shadows Episode 364 - 11/16/67

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Julia tells Barnabas that she spoke to someone he might be interested in—Sarah Collins. He asks where. She says she saw her at the mausoleum, but not to bother going there, as she won't appear to him. He clutches her throat and the front door of the old house bursts open. He drops Julia's unconscious body and turns to see his sister Sarah for the first time in over 100 years. She gives him a stern look. He tells her he missed her. Julia gets up and sits down in a chair. Barnabas says they'll stay together and everything will be just fine. He steps towards her and she recoils.

She says she's angry. He's hurt people. He says only when he had to, and she says no. She asks if he remembers the rhyme he taught her when teaching her to write. He recites:

                       "That evil is wicked,
                        Is well understood.
                        The wicked are punished,
                        So you must be good."

She says he's forgotten, and his punishment will be that she will leave and never come back until he remembers being good. She disappears and he begs her to stay.

Julia tries to console him, and he tells her not to touch him. She reminds him that Sarah appeared to her, and that if he listens to Sarah, she won't always be angry with him. Julia explains that she's not jealous of Vicki. He tells her he wants to be alone. Julia tells him that Vicki is back from Boston. He says that he can hurt her, and she can hurt him, and for that Sarah will be angry. He says she's angry because he has hurt people without caring about it. He says sometimes there is no other way. He says he hopes that Julia understands how little she means to him, and bids her goodnight.

Vicki tells Elizabeth that she thinks the trip was a success. Liz appears preoccupied. Vicki asks if there's something she wants to tell her. She says she couldn't bring herself to tell her immediately. Burke's plane was found, and all sixteen bodies were on board. Vicki says there must have been a mistake, and Liz says she confirmed it. Liz tells her that it's better that she knows. Vicki says that it's worse to know that Burke is lying dead in the jungle. She says she's not going to believe it until she sees it for herself. Liz says the bodies were burned beyond recognition. Liz asks if she can do anything, and Vicki says she can stop saying Burke is dead.

Barnabas comes to the main house, and is greeted by Elizabeth. He notices she looks upset. He says he came to say hello to David and Vicki. Liz says it's impossible, and then tells him the news about Burke Devlin. Liz explains that Vicki is grieving, and hoping for a miracle. Barnabas agrees that believing that death is not the end. Liz points out that she can't go on loving a dead man, and Barnabas is quick to reply that it has been known to happen. He offers to help distract her from her sorrow.

Sarah appears in David's room. She apologizes for having to leave. He asks her what happened at the old house. She says it didn't happen, and it still could happen if people don't watch their anger. He says the ones who have been here before want to destroy someone in the house. David asks who, and she says the dead. He asks what she means, but she already disappeared.

He calls for her to come back when Liz and Vicki come rushing in. He tells them that Sarah came to warn him about the dead who have come back to destroy someone in the house. Liz says that it doesn't make sense. She says the dead are gone, and can't hurt or destroy them. Vicki asks David who the dead wanted to hurt, and he says she didn't say. Julia enters and says she's been listening outside the door. She says there's nothing wrong with David. Everything he has said is true.

Our thoughts
John: So in true soap opera fashion, the door technically remains open for Burke to come back. I wonder if viewers were surprised that he did not...

Christine: If it were to follow true soap opera fashion, he would only return when Barnabas and Vicki were standing together at the altar exchanging vows.

John: I loved the exchange with Elizabeth where Barnabas makes a case for loving a dead man...

Christine: I thought he was making a case for obsessively loving his dead girlfriend.

John: Wow. Julia appears to be set to tell Liz the truth about Barnabas. But she can't really be planning to do that, can she? Can't wait to see how this develops tomorrow.

Christine: Despite his insistence that she is dirt to him, I think Julia will remain faithful to Barnabas and won't expose him. It doesn't seem like Barnabas will be quick to change his ways to get Sarah back.

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