Thursday, February 22, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 434 - 2/22/68

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Nathan sits at his desk, feeling bad about turning on Vicki. Peter bursts in on him and asks why he lied to the judges. Nathan denies it. Peter tells him he's going to win the case, despite his testimony. He asks him to come to the jail to see Miss Winters. He asks why he agreed to testify on Vicki's behalf, and then changed his mind. He asks how the Collins family is bribing him. Nathan explains that they don't even speak to him. He is no longer welcome at Collinwood. Peter tells him that if Vicki hangs, Nathan will be responsible. They get into a fight.

Naomi finds Joshua brooding in the drawing room. He tells her to leave him alone, and she refuses. They speak of Abigail, and Joshua says it was a senseless death, and Naomi counters that she led a senseless life. She says Abigail loved Joshua and tolerated the rest of the family. Joshua says she led the life she chose. He gets up to go the the shipyards. He mentions he's scheduled to meet with Trask.

Trask tells Nathan that he'll be meeting with Joshua Collins soon. Nathan asks if he'll speak about him, as Joshua plans to write a letter to the Navy about him. Trask explains that he understands his desire that he speaks with Joshua about him. Nathan says he did them a great favor. Nathan tells Trask that Bradford visited him earlier, and asked him to reconsider his testimony.

Trask suggests that Joshua and Naomi make an appearance at the trial, as it would help on an emotional level. Joshua says he's not interested in impressing the judges on an emotional level. He says he assumes the witch will be found guilty without any additional input from his family. Trask mentions that Nathan Forbes provided a motive for Vicki to be responsible for Abigail's death. Joshua says he doesn't care, as Forbes is a liar. Trask says he has done them a great favor, and Joshua should reconsider writing a letter to his superiors. He says that if Vicki hangs, it will be because of Forbes testimony. He says Nathan is outside, and asks if he will see him. Joshua refuses. Trask accuses him of having no respect for his sister's memory. Joshua agrees to meet with Forbes, but tells Trask to leave them alone.

Joshua asks why Forbes asked to see him. Nathan explains that he loved Millicent. He asks if Joshua may have made mistakes when he was younger. Nathan suggests that despite his bad choices, Joshua knows that he's capable of doing his job. Joshua says he understands he should thank Nathan for what he did in the court. He agrees not to send a letter as long as Nathan requests a transfer out of Collinwood.

At Collinwood, Peter tells Naomi that Nathan lied in his testimony. He tells her that if she doesn't testify on Vicki's behalf, she may very well die.

Naomi paces in the drawing room. Joshua comes in as she takes a drink. He says he brought his work home so he could do it without interruption. She tells him Peter Bradford was there, and that Nathan Forbes lied in court, saying Vicki wanted to kill Abigail. She tells him he knows that's not true. She tells him that she has to testify. He says she will not.

She explains that they must make amends for what they have done. She goes to get her cloak, and the threatens to lock her in her room. She tells him that if he tries that, she will get out, and she will never return to the house. Despite his protests, she gets in a carriage and leaves.

Our thoughts

John: Quite a tussle between Nathan and Peter today. Though does anyone really believe that Bradford could have bested Forbes?

Christine: I tend to think they're pretty evenly matched. We finally see Lt. Forbes without his long overcoat, only to realize during the fight scene why he wears it all the time.

John: Gotta love Trask. He'll go to whatever lengths he deems necessary in order to ensure the world is protected from the likes of Witchy Winters.

Christine: He's clearly not as pious as he'd have everyone believe.

John: Naomi finally takes a stand, even going so far as to threaten leaving Joshua for good! But I have a hunch it may be too little, too late, when it comes to saving Vicki.

Christine: Her testimony may not be granted much weight if she goes to court smelling of sherry and keeps calling Vicki's lawyer 'Peter Brandon'.

"I'm afraid that physical love is beyond my comprehension." -Reverend Trask

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