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Dark Shadows Episode 1176 12/28/70

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Flora tells Gerard that she's worried about Quentin. Gerard says Desmond is doing enough. She tells him they all should be doing more. He assures her that he's doing everything he can. Flora asks where Barnabas has gone, pointing out he's been missing for three days. Leticia rushes in, crying. Flora asks her what has happened. She tells Flora that Desmond has been arrested for witchcraft. Leticia says it's all her fault. Flora asks why they arrested him. Leticia says they asked her about the head of Judah Zachery. Gerard is shocked to hear that the head was in the house, but realizes that's why Desmond had Zachery's journal. Gerard points out that the head had certain powers, and could possess people. Leticia explains that's what happened to her. She doesn't understand why they arrested Desmond instead of her. Flora asks where the head is. Leticia says that the head was destroyed, but Dawson says it's possessing Quentin. Flora goes to see Desmond. Gerard tells Leticia that if they can prove the head was destroyed, it can't be possessing Quentin.

Leticia visits Desmond. He says he assumes his mother will arrive shortly, now that she knows. Leticia points out that if they can prove the head was destroyed, Gerard says it will end it all. Desmond tells her that Zachery is possessing Gerard, he just can't prove it. She says she's going to talk to Gerard, but Desmond stops her, saying he doesn't want her to get hurt. He points out that things might be different if Barnabas were there...

Angelique tells Julia that she'd give up her powers if she could only see where Barnabas is. Julia asks her if she's really in love with him. She says she is, and she thinks he finally understands that. Leticia runs in and tells Julia they must go to Zachery's tomb. She says if the head isn't in the tomb, then Desmond thinks he knows where it is.

In the jail, Flora asks Desmond why he didn't tell her about the head. She assures him she'll find a lawyer to overpower Dawson. He says he doesn't understand how Dawson found out so much about Zachery, and assumes it was Gerard. She says Gerard only just heard of Zachery. Desmond says that he found the journal in Gerard's room. He's sure he planted it in Quentin's lab, but can't prove it.

Angelique is sure that Gerard is Zachery, and therefore knows where Barnabas is. She decides to play upon his love for Miranda. She finds him in the drawing room, and she asks if Barnabas might have given some clue as to where he is. She cries, and Gerard comforts her. He reminds her that she and Barnabas were estranged. She asks Gerard if he were ever in love. He says he was, once, very long ago. She asks if he still remembers her, and he says he does. She asks if he would try to save her if he could, and he says he never would. He says he dreams about her only because he hates her. He says he would never help her now. 

Julia confirms the head is not in the tomb. Angelique says Gerard has it. Leticia says she wishes she could be as sure as they are. Julia asks if it would be in Gerard's room. She says he just left for Rose Cottage, so she can go searching for it now. She leaves, and Leticia asks Julia if they can go to the lab and make sure there's nothing else there to cause trouble for Quentin. 

Leticia says Quentin's staircase is crazy. Julia tells her it was an experiment to transcend time. Leticia says she knows that it's true. The stairs lead from 1840 to another time. Julia yells at her to stop as she ascends thee stairs. Julia grabs her. Leticia says it was like someone was calling her. She says they must get rid of the stairs. Angelique comes in and says the head is not in Gerard's room. Leticia says that maybe Gerard is not possessed, and leaves. Julia asks where she's going. Julia tells Angelique that she was afraid. Julia says she never thought anything like this would happen when she came down them. Angelique asks what she means. Julia explains that's how she arrived in 1840. On the night in 1970 when the ghost of Gerard had killed the two children. She says she doesn't know whether to be grateful, or hate the stairs.

Leticia is reading her cards when Gerard comes in. She tells him to sit down for a reading. She pulls a queen of hearts suggesting there will be another woman in his life, followed by the queen of spades, saying she will replace the one he loved and lost. And then the ace of clubs, saying she will marry him, hating him. He accuses her of making things up, and gets up and walks out on her. 

Desmond tells Leticia not to play games with Gerard. She says she saw his future as himself, and today she saw the future of Judah Zachery. Desmond says there's only one way to end it — to get out of jail and kill Gerard himself. She reminds him that she wouldn't have killed her when she was possessed. They must try to save Gerard from Zachery.

Julia and Angelique continue to search Quentin's lab. Angelique suggests that she should go to town to talk to Trask, leaving Julia alone to search. She hears footsteps, and calls out, asking who it is. She realizes that it's someone coming down the stairs.

Our thoughts: 

John: I thought it was great for Angelique to think she'd use her historic relationship with Zachery to get the low-down on Barnabas' location, only to find out that Gerard still thinks of his lost love every night, but not for the reason she was hoping!
Christine: I thought it was disappointing. Her spell casting has always been superior to her love magic, so she really couldn't have expected a different result, especially since she was responsible for his beheading. It would have been much more fun to see her throw a spell his way to make him do her bidding. 

John: Do you think it was an error on the part of the property master that Leticia only had a standard Bicycle deck of playing cards to read the future with? Of course we all know that Bicycle playing cards were not introduced until 1885, so we'll have to assume someone brought this deck back in time through Quentin's magic staircase at some point.
Christine: Desmond was seen with Collinwood's standard tarot deck last in Episode 1141. Leticia's Bicycle deck reading will be the last tarot reading on the show, so it's possible the 1JJ Swiss tarot deck used throughout various time periods may have ended up in the same hands as the original portrait of Barnabas.  

John: Hmmm... who could it be coming from the future? Barnabas? I highly doubt that. Do you think Professor Stokes has found the staircase? Not that we haven't seen Thayer David several times in 1840 already...
Christine: It could be Barnabas. Since he came to 1840 by way of I Ching, his body is still hanging out in 1970. Perhaps his 1840 persona croaked behind the wall, and snapped him back to consciousness in 1970, and then he took the Stairway through time back. Though, if he died in 1840, would he still remain alive in 1970? Was the zoom in on his portrait as the ladies went to Quentin's lab a clue? Or do the disco lights indicate that someone is arriving from the late 70s in platform shoes and Angels Flight pants? 

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