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Dark Shadows: The Revival - Episode 10 (3/8/91)

My name is Victoria Winters. A terrifying curse has cast its shadow over Collinwood. While an innocent girl huddles in a prison cell awaiting judgement, death roams free, stalking the night, and a tormented family struggles to comprehend its fate. But that fate is already written and the evil that controls it is relentless.

Peter Bradford asks Ben Loomis why he's armed outside Collinwood. Ben explains that Barnabas was hurt and is dead. Bradford goes inside and Natalie informs him that it's true. He asks how it happened and she explains that he was attacked by some kind of animal in the house. He tells her that it's impossible and asks what kind of animal. She tells him that nobody knows and they have no explanation. She wonders how much more the family can suffer and he says much more.

Natalie is looking through the Collins family history book while Peter peruses Vicki's journal. 

He reads aloud her entry describing how she was thrust backward in time. He says she had no reason to invent it as Trask would use it as evidence that she's a witch. He says the fate of the Collins family is before them and they must act on it, but she questions how they can, since the history book is incomplete. She reads aloud how Barnabas sailed to England after the death of his father, never to return, and Josette fell to her death from Widows' Hill five days later. She asks how they can determine what will happen and suggests it could all be wrong. 

Joshua returns to Collinwood with André and Ben, saying they will organize a hunting party in the morning. Ben offers to keep his post outside the door that night. 

Joshua goes to Naomi's room and tells her there was no sign of anything. He says he cannot accept Abigail's superstitious nonsense but has to admit that something evil is preying on the house. He wonders why it didn't die with Angelique. He tells her that she should not be alone, but she responds that she is alone. He reminds her that the children are her responsibility. She asks where they are and he says they are safe. She says none of them are safe and begins to storm off, but he grabs her and tells her to get hold of herself. She cries and asks what they've done to lose their two, beautiful sons. She sobs and says she doesn't know what to do. 

Joshua meets with the rest of the family in the drawing room, saying he's given instructions that Collinwood will be made available for immediate occupancy and that they will not spend another night in the accursed house. He demands that none of them speak of what's happened outside the family. When Joshua speaks of the murderous beast, Abigail argues that it wasn't a beast but a demon set upon the family by the witch, Victoria Winters. 

Peter reminds her that Victoria is in jail and was put there before any of the monstrous things happened. Abigail asks how he explains what is happening now. André asks what motive Victoria Winters would have and she responds by asking if Satan needs a motive. Joshua silences her and says he will do everything he can to gain her release. She says he should consider his actions carefully. He says the beast will be hunted down and destroyed. He goes on to say that as far as the people of Collinsport are concerned, Barnabas sailed to England to attend to their business.

The Countess and Peter meet up on the stairs, acknowledging that what's written in the history book is coming true. She says they must take Josette away.

Lightning bolts strike the ground outside as Joshua, Peter and Ben carry Barnabas' coffin in to the secret room in the mausoleum.

Joshua tells them that he built the room to hide weapons and ammunition during the war. He kneels by Barnabas' coffin, saying he hopes they might meet again in a better world some day. Peter says goodbye to his friend, and Ben says it was an honor to serve him and that he'll miss him. They leave and the door to the secret room swings shut.

As workers move the family's belongings into the new house, Millicent asks Ben where her trunks are. He explains that some of them were left at the other house because there were so many of them, and that they'll have to make a special trip to get them. She wonders why she's always the last to be considered and he suggests there must be some reason. She tells him to let her know when he goes to get them so she can make sure he doesn't destroy everything.

Natalie asks André  if he's made arrangements to leave and he tells her they sail for Boston in three days. She says she'll tell Josette to begin packing.

Outside, Josette tells Natalie she won't run away and abandon the family or Victoria Winters, especially when it was her maid who was the cause of it all. Natalie shows her the family history book.

Josette goes to see Victoria in jail, and Vicki explains that Peter told her about what happened to Barnabas. She says that she knew his namesake, who was very much like him, in her own time, and thought she was falling in love with him, but it must have been a fantasy. She says she thinks she knows what's in Josette's heart. Josette asks her to sit with her and shares that she wonders if Vicki might be her in 200 years, while Vicki admits that she's wondered the same thing. Josette says she will do everything in her power to help her get out of jail, but Vicki reminds her of the book, saying she must leave, but Josette says she doesn't care about the book. Josette believes that by saving Victoria, she is saving herself. She says she won't leave Collinwood until Vicki is free. 

Inside the secret room of the mausoleum, pounding can be heard coming from Barnabas' coffin. The lid flies off and Barnabas snarls with fangs exposed. He steps outside the mausoleum and is assaulted by the deafening sounds from his acute hearing. He spreads his cape and runs across the cemetery. 


Ben is helping Millicent pack the rest of her trunks at the Old House. She insists that he begin taking them to the new house. 

Barnabas practices snarling outside.

Millicent carries hatboxes downstairs when she hears someone enter the house. She calls to Ben but receives no response as a figure begins walking toward her from down the hall. 

As he comes closer, she realizes it's Barnabas and he displays his fangs. She screams and he grabs her and begins chowing down on her neck. 

Angelique appears and cackles as Barnabas looks down at Millicent's bloody throat, realizing what he's done. 


She asks if he enjoys his new life. He asks what she has done to him. She tells him that he wouldn't come to her in life, so she's given him all eternity to change his mind. She explains that he will feed like a beast in the night on human blood, and that anyone who dares to love him will die. She says her gift to him is a curse that will not be undone. 

He begs her to kill him, but she says she can't because she loves him too much. He sinks to his knees and prays to God for help. 

Ben is loading Millicent's trunks on a cart outside. He goes into the house and finds her on the floor with her throat torn and bloody. He screams and cries as he pounds the floor.

A carriage rolls by in Collinsport as an inebriated lady of the evening offers to show a good time to a gentleman passing by on the street, who ignores her and keeps walking. A wolf howls in the distance. Barnabas approaches and she asks if he's looking for a friend. 

She says he can have anything he likes since Ruby's not shy and he pounces on her, latching on to her throat as she screams. 

Some men run out of the tavern and begin to chase him down the street, but he gets away. They look at Ruby, asking what man could do that.

Barnabas is running through the forest when the sun begins to rise. He snarls in pain and runs to the Old House. He goes down to the darkened basement and collapses on the floor.


Naomi tends to Millicent, who is in a fevered state in bed, repeating Barnabas' name. Natalie enters and asks how she is. Naomi tells her that she keeps saying his name.

Joshua, Peter, and Ben return with the hunting party. Peter tells Ben to dismiss the men but have them stand by in case they go out later. 

Trask in in the drawing room with Abigail when Joshua and Peter arrive. 

Joshua tells him he's not welcome. Trask says that he heard that Millicent was assaulted and had throat wounds and extreme blood loss. 

Joshua denies it, saying that she has the grippe. Trask asks if he knew there was an identical assault in town. He tells them that it appeared to be caused by a vicious animal, but witnesses saw a man. Abigail claims it was a demon in the shape of a man. Trask asks to see Barnabas. Joshua asks if he thinks he is the monster. Trask says he thinks he may be another victim. Joshua looks to Abigail, who admits telling him. Trask says he finds it shocking that he continues to defend the one responsible for the death of his sons, the witch Victoria Winters. Joshua tells him he wants him out of the house and Trask says he'll stop Satan with or without him. 

Peter reiterates that Mr. Collins told him to leave. Before Trask leaves, he turns and yells that the Lord will have his vengeance.

At sundown, Barnabas awakens in the basement, licking his lips. He makes his way through the woods towards Collinwood. 

Josette looks at herself in the mirror as Barnabas stands outside snarling. She goes to the window and peers oustside. Barnabas ducks behind a bush and stares up at her. She leaves the window and he emerges,  baring his fangs. He flips his cape up over his head.

Josette is sleeping in bed when a bat appears at her open window. Barnabas enters and approaches her bed. He goes to bite her neck when Millicent enters the room and tells him to take her. Barnabas moves away from Josette.

Daniel is running through the woods, calling for Sarah, saying they're not supposed to be away from the house and will get in trouble. He continues to call to her, asking where she is. He stumbles and falls, landing next to Millicent's bloody corpse. Sarah emerges from the trees, saying she told him she couldn't find him, and begins screaming as she sees what he's discovered. 

The men of the house carry Millicent's coffin past Trask through the cemetery. 

In 1991, Carolyn is walking outside the house. Joe pulls up in his car and honks at her, but she acts as though she can't hear him and keeps walking. He asks how Miss Wicke is and she says she supposes she's alright, acting distracted. He questions her, saying she was at death's door. She turns to leave and he grabs her, noting the bite marks on her neck as her turtleneck gets pulled down. She tells him to stay away from her and leaves.

At dusk, Carolyn walks through the cemetery as Joe observes her from behind a tree. He watches as Barnabas meets her outside the mausoleum and then bites her on the neck. 

Sheriff Patterson questions Joe in his office, asking if he actually saw Barnabas bite her, or if it could have been a romantic thing. Joe says she had the marks on her neck like both he and Daphne had. Patterson says Barnabas has been on the top of his suspect list since he arrived, but he's been unable to get any information on him. He said there hasn't been an incident since Woodard died, and without evidence he can't do anything. Joe asks if he needs a body for evidence, since that's what he'll get if he sits around waiting. Patterson asks if he can get Carolyn to come in, but Joe scoffs at trying to get Carolyn to come show him her vampire bites. Patterson says it would be difficult for him to confront Elizabeth with this, and Joe asks what he'll do. Patterson tells him not to worry about it, and Joe storms out while Patterson warns him to stay away from Barnabas.

Back in 1790, André is informing Josette and Natalie that they leave for Boston in the morning. Natalie says they must go since death is everywhere and the book says they only have a few days left. 

Josette is crying in Vicki's cell, telling her that they insist she leave. Vicki agrees that she must go before the fifth night. She tells her not to worry about her, since they know about Angelique, and that Joshua is going to help her. She tells her she'll be alright if she leaves. Josette asks how she knows, and Vicki reminds her of what she said earlier, that by saving her, she saves herself. She believes it's the only way she can get back to her own time. Josette cries and they embrace.

Josette is searching through her things when Natalie enters and says she should be sleeping. She tells her she's looking for the music box Barnabas gave her. She thinks she must have left it at the Old House. Natalie thinks it may be best that she doesn't have it since she needs to let him go, that she can't bring him back to life. Natalie tells her to get some rest since they are leaving at the crack of dawn.

Josette carries a lantern as she makes her way to the Old House as wolves howl in the distance. 

She enters and hears the music box playing as she enters her old room. She finds it on the mantel below her portrait as Barnabas enters the room and calls to her. 

He tells her that even death cannot part them. She screams and he tells her not to be afraid. She says he's not real, but he touches her hand and says he is. 

He tells her not to ask him to explain his curse. She says it's enough that he's there. He says he tried to stay away but couldn't resist. He tells her she must leave now, but she doesn't want to. He says it's the only way. She says she will die of a broken heart if she has to leave him. He says that one day, in another time she'll glance across a room and see a stranger she has known forever and it will be him. 

She says she will not leave him and he says she doesn't understand what she's asking. She says she will always love him and wants them to be together forever. He shows her what he has become and asks if she is so certain now, as he cries.

She looks at him and offers her neck to him. He says, "My love. My bride," as he leans in and bites her on the neck. 


Our thoughts:

John: First thing I want to know is how is there lightning flashing within the secret room of the mausoleum? Even after they leave and close the door! That aside, with this week's body count, it seems like no one is safe in Collinwood! Carrying coffins thankfully builds upper-body strength. And with Josette as his vampire bride, doesn't that solve all of Barnabas' problems?

Christine: Perhaps Joshua had a skylight installed when he built the munitions hideaway in the mausoleum, though it could just be Angelique's supernatural lightning. I think we know that Angelique will not be pleased that Josette has become his vampire bride, so his problems are far from solved.

John: Running with a cape? Really, Barnabas? You're a vampire, not Batman. Of course, just to prove me wrong, a few minutes later, he shows up and he is a bat-man.

Christine: I can understand Joe's frustration with Sheriff Patterson. He has definitive proof that Barnabas is the vampire and Patterson won't do anything about it. Then again, Joe can't really take the high ground, since he sat back and watched his girlfriend get her blood sucked out and did nothing about it. 

John: I'm not too fond of the spirit of Angelique's lips not moving when she talks. It just seems odd to me. It's interesting to note that she seems to wear more clothes when dead than she ever did while alive.

Christine: It bothers me also that her mouth doesn't move and her face shows no expression. It really diminishes her fearsomeness. And what is up with the angel wings on her? What would Diabolos have to say about that? While they have been able to condense a lot of story into a small number of episodes, I wonder if they'll be able to fit in Josette's cliff dive, Sarah's death, Vicki's witch trial and hanging, and Trask getting walled up in the basement with only two episodes left, or if we'll be left hanging on the 1790 storyline at the season's end.

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D.Wor said...

I, too, am raising my eyebrow at the diaphanous duds on Angelique. All goes to show this witch needs no broom to fly?

Nice to have Bradford and The Countess on the case. It’s not quite Scarecrow and Mrs. King but it’ll do. Fun to see the lion’s head in the mausoleum.

Oh my heavens, that image of Trask! (the first one) Looks like he was about to wistfully chant a Metal Ballad! Such a thing would likely not have been to Joshua’s taste either. Wow! Millicent is down for the count! I can see why they altered her character to be hostile so we’d miss her even less for this.

Meanwhile Carolyn knows what to wear. I often wonder about turtlenecks being invented for the sake of regular hickies.

Oh the discussion between Victoria and Josette! Go Joanna Going! I think that is my favourite part of this whole episode is having those two communicate with their suspicions they are each other somehow. It’s fulfilling on so many levels to the original since that Victoria celebrated Josette’s birthday, and that Maggie spent so much time wondering who the heck she was. The embrace here seems to bring a nice resolution to all that.

And don’t worry about the music box, Josette! You’ll get it again in your next life. ^_^

BOY! And then Barnabas shows up and practically says so! No wonder people were weirded out but this 91 series! They’re laying out all the cards. Also nicely done that she offers her neck. He’s trying to get away. That’s the Josette I know, by golly.