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Dark Shadows Episode 989 4/9/70

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Cyrus comes downstairs into his lab wearing a colored robe. He notices that his desk is a mess. He finds a bottle in a coat pocket, and a broken pair of glasses on the floor. He picks up a note that says, "I owe you One Hundred Dollars. John Yaeger.' Cyrus wonders who that is. He can't remember what happened the night before. He checks his other coat pockets and finds a matchbook for the Eagle Bar.

A policeman, Paxton, arrives at the lab to ask Cyrus some questions about last night. Paxton says he has something unpleasant to tell him, and mentions Sabrina. Cyrus asks what happened to her. He says that she had a bad scare, but wasn't physically hurt. Carolyn Loomis found her wandering on the Collins estate. Sabrina said a strange man attacked her. A neighbor saw the attacker, and Paxton asks Cyrus left his house last night. He clarifies that Cyrus doesn't fit the description, but there was another attack by what sounds like the same person.

A policeman saw someone who matched the description, and he let himself into Cyrus' house. Cyrus says that's impossible. Paxton asks if anything was disturbed in the house. He says he had men stationed on the front and back doors, so the stranger should still be in the house, unless there's another way out. Cyrus points out another exit to a courtyard. Paxton says he had better have his locks changed. Paxton says it was a big man with broad shoulders, and very well dressed. He says all three witnesses commented on his moustache. Paxton leaves him, and Cyrus again examines the IOU and matchbook.

Carolyn asks Sabrina if she wants anything, and she says she wants Cyrus. Carolyn goes to call him again when Cyrus arrives.

Sabrina tells him that she's been waiting fro him. He asks her what happened. She says it was evil, and it makes no sense, but he took her engagement ring. He goes to call and order her a sedative. He's surprised to find her wedding ring in his pocket.

Sabrina sleeps, and Cyrus tells Carolyn that she can leave. He thanks her for her help, and Carolyn leaves. Cyrus looks at the ring and realizes that he had to be the attacker. There's no other explanation as to how he got the ring. He wonders what else he did last night.

Carolyn arrives home, and Will asks about Sabrina, and if they found the guy who attacked her. She tells him no, and asks why he's all dressed up. He combs his hair, and explains that he was invited to meet Angelique's sister. Carolyn says Alexis is Angelique's twin sister, and says she can't go through this tacky little drama again. Carolyn adds that he should be in the middle of a new book like last time—something she can lure him away from. He says he will be in the middle of a book soon, thanks to Barnabas, in the coffin in the basement. He asks why she's so anxious to get him out of the coffin. He asks what the society editor would think if he found out she had become intimate friends with a vampire. She says it's cruel to keep him locked up. He says Barnabas is his way to the top, and she'll be sorry if she unchains him. Carolyn asks him not to go to Collinwood. He says he has to prove he lived her down, and he leaves.

Sabrina dreams of returning home and having her ring stolen from her.  She bolts up from her dream.

Will gives Alexis a drink. She tells him that he hasn't made her feel ill at ease the way all the others have. Will explains that he was good friends with Angelique. He offers to help Alexis know her sister better.

He asks if she'd like to have dinner with him. He doesn't see Carolyn watching from the foyer. She explains that she's not available tonight. He tells Alexis she can reach him any time.

He tells her that writers accept any and all distractions. He holds her hand, and she says it has been a pleasure meeting him.

Carolyn goes to see Sabrina, but she's gone.

In his lab, Cyrus reviews his notes. Carolyn comes into the lab and tells him that Sabrina isn't in her room. She's upset that he left her alone. She asks him what if the man who attacked her came back. He says that's impossible, and when she questions him, he admits that he doesn't know. They go looking for Sabrina.

Sabrina goes to Collinwood, and realizes that's where it all began. She goes into the drawing room and goes through the motions of starting a seance...

Our thoughts

John: For a minute, I thought the colored robe was going to be the sign of an evil man. Apparently the true sign of an evil man is a moustache?

Christine: The Mustache Man has just taken on a greater significance! I can't wait to see how they turn Cyrus into a mustachioed giant ring stealing Hyde. I hope we get to meet John Yeager in tomorrow's episode.

John: It's one thing to have skeletons in the closet, but quite another to have a vampire chained in the basement. Isn't it odd that Will and Carolyn discuss Barnabas so matter of factly? And call me crazy, but if I didn't have a good relationship with my wife, I don't know how comfortable I'd be having her vampire boyfriend in the house. Sooner or later, I think she's bound to let him loose. And we still don't know just how Will plans to use his vampire prisoner to re-launch his writing career...

Christine: Fortunately for you there's no room for any vampire boyfriends to be stashed away in your house. He does seem to be counting on her inability to undo the chains while he's out cavorting with the twin of a woman with whom he was enthralled. I suspect that William H. Loomis may be planning to write some sort of interview with a vampire or maybe even some vampire diaries of a sort. If only he could let the right one in, perhaps it could be made into a major motion picture. Let's just hope he doesn't do it at twilight, though he may have to work from dusk till dawn to make it happen.

John: So do you think Sabrina is being possessed by someone (Angelique), or was she present at the seance in which she died? Most importantly, does this register on our seance tracker (perhaps with an asterisk)?

Christine: I don't think this can officially count as a séance on the tracker until she attempts to contact someone from beyond. I'm waiting to see what happens tomorrow before documenting it. It's all very mysterious. Was Sabrina present at the séance where Angelique supposedly died? Did her traumatic assault by the mustache giant recall a suppressed memory? Let's hope we get some bombshells dropped on Friday!

Second Down for the Count:
Barnabas was chained in his coffin 7 episodes ago.

Calm down everyone. Barnabas has not left the show. Here's his portrait.

In case you forgot where he is, here's the coffin again. 

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