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Dark Shadows Episode 984 4/2/70

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In the East Wing, Maggie says she wishes she could make Daniel understand. He asks if she wants him to understand that his mother is dead, and tells Maggie that she's coming back. He says he comes to her and his mother comforts him. He asks his mother to sing to him again, and they hear a woman humming a lullaby. Maggie says it's a trick. Daniel says that it's not, and that his mother never left. Maggie runs out of the room and Daniel laughs.

Amy comes in and he tells her she did a wonderful job. She says she never made it to the secret room to do what he asked, and he asks if she's joking. He says they heard her humming, and she says it wasn't her. He wonders whose voice they heard. He tells Amy that it really was his mother. Amy says that's impossible. He tells her that both he and Maggie heard it, and it means his mother is truly coming back. Daniel asks her to sing again, but she does not. Amy runs out of the room. Daniel tells his mother's portrait that he heard her, and that's all that matters.

Maggie runs downstairs and asks Julia to get Quentin. Quentin overhears, and comes in and sends Julia away. He asks Maggie what's wrong. She asks if he meditates in Angelique's room. He asks where she got the idea, and she says Daniel told her that and took her to Angelique's room. Quentin explains that she has replaced Angelique, and that he hasn't been in her room since the day she died. Maggie says it must have been a prank. She says they heard a woman's voice which appeared to come from the portrait. He storms out to talk to Daniel. Julia returns and asks her if everything is alright. Maggie says she's a total failure with Daniel. Julia suggests a more subtle way of dealing with him. She explains that Daniel was spoiled by his mother, and Maggie can do the same.

Daniel tells Quentin to go ahead and punish him. Quentin tells him not to play any more practical jokes. He says that his mother is dead and won't be coming back, and he's not to return to her room.

Quentin is reading the paper when Maggie returns from shopping. He asks her what she bought. He says she bought a lot, including a surprise for Daniel. Quentin goes upstairs to get him. Maggie takes a wrapped record into the drawing room.

Julia checks in on Daniel. She tells him that times are difficult for many people. She asks Daniel if he was responsible for the prank, or if he really heard his mother. She asks if he communicated with her, and he tells her that she sang to him through the portrait. Julia tells him that Angelique will never abandon them. Quentin comes up and tells Daniel that Maggie has a surprise for him. Julia adds that she thinks he'll like it, and he goes downstairs.

Maggie puts a record on the turntable when Amy comes in. She gives Maggie some flowers she picked for her. Maggie thanks her. Amy then apologizes for what happened last night.

Daniel comes in and says his father told him she was looking for him. He comes into the drawing room and closes the doors. She asks them both to sit down, and plays a record for them. When the music starts, Amy is shocked. Daniel smiles. Quentin bursts in and turns off the music. He asks who played it, and when Maggie says she did, he tells her it was a stupid thing to do. She runs out of the room, distraught, and Daniel says that she'll never be his mother.

Julia finds Maggie on the stairs and asks her what's wrong. Maggie accuses her of knowing how Quentin would react to the music, and Julia denies it. Quentin comes out and asks Julia why she didn't tell Maggie how he would react. Maggie runs upstairs. Julia says that she did suggest Maggie buy the recording for Daniel, and she admits that it might have been stupid, but she thought it would help Maggie's relationship with Daniel. Quentin demands that she apologize to Maggie, and see to it that it never happens again. Julia says she understands, and heads upstairs.

Maggie looks at the portrait of Angelique, and wonders how she can fight a mere presence. Julia comes in and asks if she was talking to someone. Julia apologizes for what happened, and explains why she did what she did. She says she wanted Maggie and Daniel to become friends; she just forgot that Quentin loved Angelique so much. She adds that Angelique was a legend in her own life. Maggie says she's the only one she knows who could turn an apology into a testimonial. She lets Julia know in no uncertain terms that she's on to Julia. She leaves, and Julia pleads for Angelique to return.

Maggie comes downstairs, dedicated to rising to the challenge of being the mistress of Collinwood.  She hears someone talking to Quentin in the drawing room. She looks in and sees Angelique. Sure that she's back, she runs upstairs.

Our thoughts

John: Once again, kudos to Grayson Hall for giving us a character to love to hate in parallel time Julia Hoffman! I honestly can't understand why Quentin keeps her around, considering the way she acts, but I'm sure glad he does. I only wish Barnabas was around to play off her.

Christine: I like how Quentin calls her Hoffman, but it was especially great the way Maggie spit that name out when letting her know she was wise to her shenanigans.

John: Quentin's got some anger management issues to deal with. How many times is he going to jump down Maggie's throat over something that he must realize she can't be aware would upset him?

Christine: I expect that will continue, as it adds to the tension, and demonstrates how insensitive he is.

John: So let me guess, Angelique's twin sister, perhaps? I guess Quentin couldn't predict that someone who looks exactly like his dead former wife might freak out his new wife...

Christine: It seems you missed the spoiler in today's end credits. I was just surprised to see that she wasn't sporting a Cassandra wig.

Second Down for the Count:
Barnabas was chained in his coffin 2 episodes ago.

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