Friday, June 23, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 260 - 6/23/67

A bell rings three times, and Willie realizes that Maggie has only two hours to live. He tells the portrait of Barnabas that he should die, and that he should take the hammer downstairs and take care of him. He then realizes that he can't do it.

Maggie hears footsteps, and Willie enters her cell with food. He sees she's holding a doll, and he asks her where she found it. He asks to see it and she gets defensive. He asks her to drink milk he brought for her, and when she starts to he stops her. He says it's poison. He wanted her death to be easier than whatever Barnabas had planned. He leaves it with her, and says she has a few hours to decide how she wants to die. She says he can escape with her. He refuses and leaves, locking the cell behind him.

Maggie hears the music of London Bridge, and looks up to see the girl. Maggie asks if she's real, or if she's just imagining her. Sarah offers to let her keep her doll. Maggie pleads for the girl to help her. Maggie asks her to tell her how she can get out of her cell. The girl says her father told her she isn't supposed to tell anyone, not even her brother. The girls says a rhyme, and tells Maggie she has to figure it out on her own. She gets up, and when she turns, the girl is gone again.

Sam works on a portrait when the girl appears in the house. She says she's looking for Sam Evans, and he says that's him. She asks if he'd paint a picture of her. He offers to draw a picture of her. He says he will as long as she doesn't tell the other kids in the neighborhood. He asks her name and she says it's Sarah. He said he doesn't recognize her, and she says she was gone for a long time, and now she's back. She asks if he has a little girl. He tells her about Maggie. She asks if he misses her. She asked where he's looked, and Sam says everywhere. She asks if he looked on the beach below Widow's Hill. She says he might find her there tonight. He finishes off the drawing, and looks up to find her gone.

Barnabas lays in his open coffin as the sun sets.

Maggie continues to work through the puzzle the girl left her with, in an attempt to escape from her cell.

Meanwhile. Barnabas stirs in his coffin.

Maggie thinks the grate high on the wall is what the girl was referring to.

Barnabas sits up in his coffin.

Maggie touches the bricks beneath the grate, searching for a secret exit.

Barnabas makes his way towards Maggie's cell.

Maggie pushes a brick as she hears Barnabas approach. The wall opens up, and she ducks in.

Barnabas enters her cell and calls to Maggie, who is nowhere to be found. He sees the open wall panel, and enters.

Maggie works her way through the subterranean passageways.

Barnabas calls to her, telling her she won't escape.

Our thoughts

John: What was the source of the bell ringing? Is there a bell tower on the property?

Christine: I believe they had it installed some time around Episode 222, to herald Barnabas' appearance at dusk.

John: Sarah stopping by to see Sam was a pleasant surprise. And her message that he could find Maggie at the base of Widow's Hill is rather ominous. Will Sam find her after she's leapt off Widow's Hill?

Christine: That hadn't occurred to me. I assumed Sarah went to see Sam at Maggie's request in an effort to save her by leading him to where the secret passage let out.

John: Yeah, it ultimately played out that way, though I thought they missed an opportunity for greater suspense. That said, it's a great third act! Now the burning question is if Maggie escapes, how will Barnabas not be implicated? Between this and yesterday's revelation, this is another milestone week in Collinsport.

Christine: It bothered me that Maggie didn't close the secret passageway to stall Barnabas' pursuit, though it was suspenseful to have him following so closely behind her. It has certainly been an exciting week on Dark Shadows!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 259 - 6/22/67

Liz thanks someone on the phone and then hangs up. She calls for Roger, and Vicki says he just went to town. Liz says she just got a call from the sheriff, and Carolyn has been arrested for almost killing a woman. She was driving drunk and almost hit a woman on the side of the road. The woman saved Carolyn from the car before it burst into flames. Liz says she's fine other than a sprained wrist. Vicki asks if she was alone, and Liz says yes, Buzz was not with her. Vicki offers to go get her, but Liz says a family member has to get her.

Vicki says that Liz should go, to prove that she cares for her daughter. Liz says she's only left Collinwood once in 18 years, when she was very sick. Vicki says she doesn't know why Liz won't leave, and suggests that if anything, she should leave to get Carolyn. Liz asks Vicki to drive her.

Carolyn walks around the sheriff's office, bored. The sheriff tells her that someone is coming to get her. He's shocked when Liz arrives to get her. He says he was expecting to see Roger. He goes to get Carolyn, who is equally shocked to see her mother out of the house. Carolyn dismisses her mother's action. She says she never left Collinwood because of her father, and now she can, as she can forget about him as she gets married again. Carolyn says that her father, and now she, doesn't mean anything to Liz anymore. She calls for the sheriff to lock her up in the cell. He refuses, and tells her she has to go with her mother. Carolyn tells her mother that her plan to try and convince her that she cared didn't work.

Liz tells Jason what happened, and he says there's little she can do for Carolyn. He says there's nothing Liz can do, and she corrects him. He says they agreed that she can't do that, and she says she has to tell the truth or she'll go mad. She threatens to scream it out, and Jason tells her to get a hold of herself. Jason tells her to wash her hands of Carolyn. Liz refuses to stop caring for Carolyn. She tells him that if she doesn't care for Carolyn, then she wouldn't have to marry Jason. She says she wants to scream the truth but she can't.

Vicki hears Liz sobbing, and asks through her door if she's alright. She allows Vicki to come in. Liz apologizes for waking her. Vicki apologizes for making Liz leave Collinwood. Liz asks why Carolyn won't believe her. Vicki points out that Carolyn needs to act like an adult. Vicki says that Liz didn't almost kill someone. She gets Liz to admit that Jason has something over her. Vicki says it can't be worse than marrying Jason McGuire. Liz admits to murdering Paul Stoddard—her husband and Carolyn's father!

Our thoughts

John: Wait a second, is Carolyn Liz's daughter, or Roger's daughter? This drunk driving story sounds all too familiar.

Christine: Thank goodness Buzz wasn't in the car with her. I wonder why she was already drunk before meeting up with him. Was she tanking up by herself at the Blue Whale before their date?

John: Liz' exit from Collinwood is quite the epic shot. Of course it would be more epic if she hadn't sat out for 30 episodes while in the hospital a few months back.

Christine: I think it portrays the intense level of anxiety she has about leaving the grounds, which is quite different than being removed in a catatonic state. The sound of the ocean was a nice touch, though it's funny we've never heard it from the entrance before.

John: The truth is out there! Liz drops a major bombshell, and it's not even Friday! It's a whole new ballgame in Collinwood.

Christine: How satisfying to have her finally blurt out the truth to Vicki, though it remains to be seen if it will resolve the situation with Jason. The first time I saw this episode, I had not yet seen the pre-Barnabas episodes, so my perspective of the police station and Sheriff Patterson is quite different now that I'm aware of all the past events that have happened there. This is the first time he's been seen sporting a mustache.

"...the stones of Collinwood are not impregnable to the thrusts of love..." -Vicki's Opening Narration

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 258 - 6/21/67

In her cell, Maggie calls out for the little girl, who is nowhere to be found. Maggie suddenly hears her singing, and turns to find her in the cell with her. Maggie asks how she got in the cell. She says she came to visit Maggie. She said she heard her crying, and came to see her again. She asks why she was crying. She tells Maggie that a long time ago, there was a lot of crying; her parents, and her older brother. Maggie tells her she won't cry any more. She said she was crying because she was frightened and lonely, but she won't be anymore. Maggie asks how she got in through the locked door. She says she has a way, and asks to hear her music box. Maggie plays it and the girl says she likes it. Maggie offers to give it to her. The girl refuses to take it.

Maggie asked if she told anyone about her, and the girl said she couldn't find anyone she knew. She says they all went away. Maggie asks if she has any friends, and she says she has one, but she doesn't know where he is. She asks if Maggie will be her friend, and play with her. Maggie says yes and they start playing catch. Maggie asks her again how she got in the room, but the girl ignores her, instead asking her to sing with her. The two start singing London Bridge until Maggie tells her they have to be quiet, or the bad people in the house will hear them. She tells the girl she had better go, and asks her to take her with her. Maggie looks out the cell door, and turns around to find the girl has disappeared.

Maggie paces in her cell signing London Bridge when Barnabas comes to see her. He places his hand on her shoulder and she tells him to leave her alone. She says he's going to kill her, and he says she has an opportunity to live for a long, long time. He reiterates that if she rejects him, she'll lose her life. She tells him she's going to get out. He asks how, and she says it's a secret. He tells her that she can escape if she'd like. Maggie says that someone knows she's alive. Barnabas asks who, and she says it's her secret friend who comes to play with her in her cell. Barnabas says, "goodbye, Maggie," and Maggie clings to the fact that he called her Maggie. She continues talking about her special friend, which clearly confuses Barnabas. He leaves her alone in her cell.

Upstairs, Willie tells Barnabas he has to bring Maggie food. Barnabas tells him that she's going out of her mind. He mentions her ramblings of a secret friend. He says Maggie Evans will never fit into his plans, so he must dispose of her. Willie asks if he's going to let her go, and Barnabas says they must kill her. He says she'll be disposed of in a way that cannot be traced. Willie pleads for mercy, and Barnabas says he begged for mercy from those who could have easily given it, but chose not to. Willie says she doesn't deserve to die, and Barnabas grabs him by the neck, telling him that Willie's fate can be the same as hers, and that he will dispose of her tomorrow.

Maggie continues to sing London Bridge, and then gets up and calls out for the little girl again. She says she wants to play. Willie comes downstairs with food and asks who she's talking to. She says it's her secret friend. Maggie starts eating the food he brought. Willie asks her to knock off the secret friend business. He says he's trying to help her. She mentions how her secret friend comes into her cell, and Willie tells her that she can't go crazy. She starts singing and he yells at her to stop.

He leaves, and Maggie finds the girl's doll on the floor, proving that she's real.

Our thoughts

John: Maggie actually touched Sarah, so even as a ghost she's got a physical form.

Christine: Her doll looks like a couple of Popsicle sticks wrapped in cloth.

John: I thought that the London Bridge connection was going to mean something to Barnabas, but he didn't seem surprised to hear Maggie singing it. Of course, by now he thinks she's nuts...

Christine: He gave up on her pretty quickly. She did say she would go mad if he locked her down there. Maybe if he had let her stay in Josette's room she would have started acting more like Josette. At least give the poor girl some shoes to wear. Now he's broken two women. Barnabas has all the wrong moves.

John: Willie's getting frustrated by Maggie, and also fears that she's close to losing her mind.

Christine: Barnabas says she'll be disposed of in a way that can't be traced and that there will be no trace. What does he have in mind?

Goodbye, Maggie.

Barnabas throttles Willie again.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 257 - 6/20/67

Buzz comes by to see Carolyn, and Liz makes him wait outside. She tells her mother that not only is Buzz her fiancé, he's going to be her son in law.  Carolyn brings him inside and tells him to wait while she talks to her mother.

Liz tells Carolyn that despite her charade, she's still going to marry Jason. She tells Carolyn that she knows she's too smart to marry Buzz. She says she'll work to have the marriage annulled if they go through with it. Carolyn tells her not to worry about her problems when she has problems of her own. Carolyn tells her mother that she and Buzz won't have children, to ensure she won't cop out on the child like her mother is. Carolyn suggests a double wedding, making Liz extremely uncomfortable. She asks if she doesn't marry Jason, will it put an end to Carolyn's idiocy. Carolyn tells her to try her.

Jason runs into Buzz sitting on the stairway smoking. He asks Buzz to make space for him to pass, and after a brief tête-à-tête, he makes way.

In the drawing room, Liz tells Jason that Carolyn isn't bluffing, and that she was only agreeing to marry him to prevent Carolyn's life being ruined by finding out the truth about her father. She says if her life will be ruined if she marries him, it's no different. Jason tells her she needs to call Carolyn's bluff. He offers to give Carolyn some fatherly advice.

Upstairs, Carolyn fixes her hair when Jason enters her room. He offers her fatherly advice, and she scolds him for using the term with her. He tells her she's acting like her father. He tells her she shouldn't prejudge him and she says he makes her sick. He tells her that no matter what she does, he's marrying her mother.

Liz is pacing in the drawing room when Jason returns. He tells her things went nicely with Carolyn. She asks if he talked her out of marrying Buzz. He tells her it will take time, and that he's handling the situation. He says he'll chat with Buzz next. She tells him that if he doesn't clear it up, he'll be in as much trouble as she is.

Carolyn and Buzz dance at The Blue Whale, where they have the bar almost to themselves. Buzz suggests going to Logansport. Carolyn goes to powder her nose when Jason McGuire arrives.

He sits down with Buzz, and asks how long he's known her. Buzz says they've known each other a couple of years, but they hadn't gone out until recently. Jason asks him if he finds that odd, and Buzz says he thinks she always liked him. Jason explains that she's using Buzz to get her mother to break up with him. Buzz says he knows, and isn't worried about it. Jason tells him not to take her marriage talk seriously. He suggests that Buzz should go out with her a few more times, and then break it off with her. Buzz asks just how much it would be appreciated. Jason says if he spent more time with his friends than Carolyn, he could afford a new motorcycle. Buzz tells him he likes the bike he's got, and the chick he's got. Carolyn returns, and Buzz tells her that he could get a new bike by breaking up with her, but he's not going to. She laughs at Jason's failed attempt to buy Buzz off. Buzz tells her they should go to Logansport before he offers him a sidecar, too.

Our thoughts

John: Replace the leather jacket with a plaid shirt, and Buzz could almost pass for a young George Lucas.

Christine: Almost. I'm surprised that Liz treated Buzz so rudely. She should have known it would only provoke her rebellious daughter. Also, it wasn't very gracious, which is unlike her. I hope she decides to be a "good girl" so she can take him up on his offer for a ride on his bike.

Just the thing Liz needs.

John: Liz once again remembers that Jason too has a bluff to be called. If she'd only use that leverage, I think we might see the last of Jason McGuire.

Christine: Carolyn just might drive her to it. 

John: Turns out Buzz wasn't quite the easy sell Jason was anticipating. Oddly enough, Buzz is starting to grow on me.

Christine: I enjoyed his power struggle with Jason on the stairway. Jason may have won that round, but Buzz triumphed in the end. Buzz truly is the perfect guy for Carolyn. He doesn't care that she's using him, he doesn't mind waiting around for her while she powders her nose, and he does whatever she wants to do. She's never looked happier.

She never looked like this with Joe.

Bartender Bob Rooney shakes his head at the crazy kids.

Carolyn: "How does the powder on my nose look?"
Buzz: "Who looks at your nose?"

Interested parties will note that the portrait of Isaac Collins is no longer hanging in the study and has once again been relocated to his original site. No doubt Isaac is displeased with current events at Collinwood.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 256 - 6/19/67

Maggie hears a child singing, "London Bridge is Falling Down." She gets up and sees a girl outside of her cell. She calls to her, but the girl doesn't acknowledge her. She tells the girl to stop singing, so she doesn't call attention to herself. She then tells her to leave and tell someone she needs help before they find her. The girl finally stops singing, but still doesn't acknowledge Maggie's presence.

She walks away, and Willie comes downstairs. He opens her cell door and brings her a bowl of food. He tells her that he heard her talking to someone. She said she would have seen if there was someone else there. Willie opens the music box and tells her she's supposed to keep playing it. She says she doesn't want to, and he closes it. She asks for his help escaping. He says he can't help her. He says if he could escape, he would have. After Willie leaves, the little girl is back outside Maggie's cell.

Vicki is working with David when Carolyn walks in. Vicki sends David outside to play, and Carolyn tells her she plans to go all the way with Buzz. She says she's going to marry him on the day her mother marries Jason McGuire. Vicki asks her why she wants to ruin her life. Carolyn tells her Buzz is saintly compared to the men her mother chose: her father and Jason McGuire.

While David swings on a swing, the girl who was outside Maggie's cell calls him over to play with her. He asks if she has any friends, and she says she can't find them. He asks if she lives around here, and she says yes. She introduces herself as Sarah. She says she knows his name. They start playing catch, and Sarah sings London Bridge. She asks if he knows the song, and he says he does, but doesn't want to sing it. She says she's got to find her friends, and leaves him alone outside the old house. Willie comes outside and asks who he was talking to. David says he was talking to another kid, and Willie says he shouldn't bring kids around. He says he didn't, and Willie tells him to go home.

David returns home and tells Carolyn Buzz is outside. He tells her he likes his motorcycle. Carolyn leaves, and David finds Vicki in the drawing room. He tells her he wants a motorcycle like Buzz has. David tells Vicki that he ran into a girl named Sarah by the old house. He tells her she was singing "London Bridge". Vicki asks why he didn't bring her home. He said her hair and clothes looked like they were from a long long time ago.

Maggie hears footsteps outside her cell, and Willie comes in. He points out that she didn't eat her food. Maggie tells him she'd rather die of starvation than by 'his' way, referring to Barnabas. Willie takes the bowl and leaves. Maggie opens the music box and paces in her cell when she hears the girl singing again. She closes the music box, and again tries to get the girl's attention. She asks the girl if she told anyone that she saw her. The girl turns to Maggie and tells her if she sees her big brother, not to tell him that she saw her.

Our thoughts

John: It's worth pointing out that listening to Sarah's singing could be considered a fate worse than death.

Maggie: "You've stopped singing. That's good. That's very good."

Christine: Maggie may end up begging to become Barnabas' vampire bride to escape the singing. It's also worth noting that Robert Cobert has 23 London Bridge music cues. I'm afraid this tune is going to be stuck in our heads for some time. Little Sarah traded her doll on Friday for a ball today. I guess she couldn't have asked David to play dolly with her.

John: Buzz didn't make the cut for this episode, but who needs him when you have good motorcycle sound effects anyway.

Christine: He really brings some joie de vivre to the show. David is likely to be the only one who will be happy about Carolyn's marriage to Buzz. He could be the big brother that David sorely needs.

John: So Sarah Collins would appear to be Barnabas Collins' younger sister. Has she been lurking around the old house all these years, or is she part of Barnabas' baggage?

Christine: It would be cool if she were a little vampire, but since she was out playing with David during the day, I guess she's not. I wonder why the Old House has a dungeon in it anyway.

David impresses Sarah by imitating an awkward kangaroo.

Then he teases her about her favorite song. No wonder he doesn't have many friends.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 255 - 6/16/67

As Maggie remains locked in her cell, Willie brings Barnabas flowers for Josette's room. Willie asks is Barnabas is going to let Maggie out of her cell, and he tells Willie perhaps, but that he'll kill her if she resists him again.

Joe runs into Sam in The Blue Whale. He asks Sam if he wants to join him in visiting the sheriff. Sam says he's got to go up to Collinwood to see Barnabas about his commission. Neither of them has given up hope that Maggie is still alive.

Willie comes down to see Maggie, who is thrilled to see him. Willie tells her that she's going to get another chance. He's come to bring her up to Josette's room. He encourages her to make Barnabas think he's won, but she doesn't want to be one of the living dead. Willie warns that it will be her last chance.

Barnabas fixes things up in Josette's room when Willie escorts Maggie in. Willie is sent away, and Barnabas asks if she's happy to be back in her room. She says yes, and begs him to let her stay in the room. He tells her Josette was above begging, and she must be like Josette in every way. He notices that she has the music box, and asks her to play it. She does, and says that it makes her happy.

He asks if she's happy because she's in the room, and happy to be with him. She says yes. He gets her to say she'll be happy with him, as his bride through eternity.

He tells her he's waited for her for so long, and that he will make her happy until the end of time. When he goes to kiss her hand, she recoils and upsets Barnabas.

She closes the music box and says she'll always be Maggie Evans. Willie bursts in and says Sam Evans is approaching the house. Barnabas gives him a handkerchief to tie his mouth shut. He tells Willie to bring her into the hall so she can hear his discussion with her father. He also threatens to kill her, and Sam.

Downstairs, Sam brings the completed portrait inside. Barnabas is quite pleased with it. He says he couldn't be happier, and then apologizes for not asking about Maggie.

Sam updates him when Joe comes in to see Sam. He says he's come from the sheriff's office. They found a girl's body on the beach 50 miles north. They haven't positively identified her, but they think it's her. Sam too readily believes it. Barnabas extends his condolences, and Sam and Joe leave.

Barnabas comes back upstairs and asks Maggie if she heard what they said. He says they think she's dead, and no one will come looking for her. He tells her Joe will find someone else, and her father will drown his sorrows in alcohol. He tells her Maggie Evans no longer exists. He tells Willie to take her back to her cell, noting that the sight of her offends him.

Willie returns Maggie to her cell. She pleads with him to stay for a while, but he locks her in. After she's gone, she hears a young girl singing, "London Bridge is Falling Down." Maggie looks outside her cell and sees a girl sitting with a doll, singing.

Our thoughts

John: Maggie appears to have blown her last chance at mending fences with Barnabas. If she only had a chance to spend more time with the nice, gentle Barnabas that hangs out with his cousins up at the main house...

Christine: He told her she had to be more like Josette, who also didn't want to become a vampire. Too bad Maggie doesn't know the story of how she threw herself off the cliff at Widows' Hill so she could use it against him. I guess Barnabas was so irritated with Maggie that he forgot to be mad at Willie for allowing Maggie's ring to fall into David's hands in Episode 253.

John: Wow. No positive ID on the body found on the beach, but Joe and Sam have already given up on Maggie!

Christine: It's like the body of Laura Murdoch Collins in Phoenix all over again. No, wait. It's like the opposite of that.

John: On the bright side, Maggie may have found herself a savior. Unfortunately, she appears to be a creepy kid that likes to sing more than talk. I wonder who she could be?

Christine: I'm surprised you didn't check the credits to find out.